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Steam Turbine Generators (STGs)

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蒸氣渦輪 Steam Turbine Generators (STGs)
出版日期: 2017年08月24日 內容資訊: 英文



  • 市場業績
  • 各國和各地需求
  • 市場佔有率:訂單台數
  • 市場佔有率:訂單容量


  • 中國市場
  • 中國之外的市場
    • 石化燃料
    • 複合循環
    • 再生能源


  • 技術所有者的佔有率:訂單容量、訂單台數
  • 製造商的佔有率:訂單容量、訂單台數
  • 各國佔有率:訂單容量、訂單台數


  • 製造商
  • 國家、地區
  • 客戶名
  • 單位名稱
  • 單位類型
  • 數量
  • 單位容量
  • 相容量
  • 計劃
  • 燃料
  • 計劃號碼等



McCoy Power Reports (McCoy) surveys steam turbine manufacturers for each manufacturer's orders (of at least 5 MWe unit capacity) twice annually. This order data is then compiled, reviewed for accuracy, and put into a database, the name of which has become McCoy's Steam Turbine Database. McCoy's Steam Turbine Database has been released each year for the past 23 years. The most recent version of McCoy's Steam Turbine Database was released on March 12, 2014 and was accompanied by McCoy's 12M'13 Steam Turbine Report, a report which details the most recent trends in the steam turbine industry, globally.

The March 12, 2014 edition of McCoy's Steam Turbine Database contains detailed information on 13,707 steam turbines with combined capacity of 2,526 GWe that has been ordered between January of 1980 and December of 2013. Due to its original structure, McCoy's data is most accurate since 1980, but the Steam Turbine Database also contains another 5,082 steam turbine units for 1,307 GWe of combined capacity that was ordered between 1908 and 1979.

McCoy's Steam Turbine Database contains all types of steam turbine technologies, utilized across all project types including Nuclear, Combined Cycle (including IGCC), Fossil (or coal fired), Biomass, Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Diesel Combined Cycle, and Waste to Energy. Up to 2012, McCoy's Steam Turbine Database only contained Steam Turbine Generators (steam turbine units deployed for power gen purposes) but in 2013, McCoy began tracking mechanical drive steam turbines.

According to McCoy's Steam Turbine Database (all reference for 1980 though 2013), Of the 11 global regions (North Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Indian Sub Continent, Europe, North America, Saudi/Gulf Stream, Africa/East Mediterranean, Africa, North Africa, and Latin America), North Asia is the most active. North Asia has claimed over 80% of all steam turbine awarded capacity in some years and recently has been trending between 45% and 65%. According to McCoy's Steam Turbine Database, units awarded has also been dominated by North Asia but by a slightly smaller portion, 45% to 60%. The primary catalyst for North Asia's leading global position is China, which, according to McCoy's Steam Turbine Database, has ordered 3,968 steam turbine units of 1,141 GWe combined capacity.

The second most active region for steam turbines according to McCoy's Steam Turbine Database is Indian Sub Continent. In capacity terms, Indian Sub Continent has commanded annual shares of as high as 31% of capacity and 36% of units, and recently (over the last five years) has been averaging between 10% and 20% of capacity and 10% to 25% of units.

Table of Contents

  • Summary of Most Relevant Observations
  • Global Market Summary
  • Market Share Discussion
  • 6M'17 Official League Tables
    • Technology Owner: Share of Ordered Capacity and Ordered Units
    • Manufacturer: Share of Ordered Capacity and Ordered Units
  • STG Order Data, 6M'17 (the “Data”)
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