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Mineral Sands Industry Data report

出版商 TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd 商品編碼 644823
出版日期 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
礦砂產業資料報告 Mineral Sands Industry Data report
出版日期: 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文



各地區的進口資料 - 原料和鋯石產品的原產地,外銷處,進口量,價格等的詳細資料所構成的表與含對美國、中國、歐洲的出貨情形相關說明的PDF形式的文件:

  • 合成金紅石和金紅石
  • 鈦鐵礦和白鈦石頭
  • 鈦渣
  • 鋯石
  • 精礦 (中國)

附錄 - 為了比較3個主要地區的前一年及本年的年度累計進口量的圖表

Excel文件 - 各國的每月資料所構成的2個試算表:供給國,原產地,原料的種類,運費,HS編碼,價格,進口國,客戶/工廠等,提供彙整近期的月份的資料的出口商品的詳細清單。


‘Mineral Sands Industry Data report (MSID)’ provides a comprehensive global review of trade data for titanium feedstocks and zircon in PDF and Excel format.

Table of Contents

  • REGIONAL IMPORT DATA - a PDF document containing tables detailing origin, destination, volume and prices of feedstock and zircon products, plus commentary on shipments into the US, China and Greater Europe including:
    • Synthetic rutile and rutile
    • Ilmenite and leucoxene
    • Titanium slag
    • Zircon
    • Concentrate (into China)
  • APPENDICES - charts showing comparative previous and current cumulative YTD volumes covering imports into the three major regions.
  • EXCEL FILE - Two spreadsheets complete with monthly data availability for each country; detailed list of exports by supplier, origin, feedstock type, freight rate, HS Code, price and importing destination, customer/plant for the most current month of available data.