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Instrument Business Outlook Newsletter

出版商 Instrument Business Outlook 商品編碼 914238
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
設備業務展望(IBO) Instrument Business Outlook Newsletter
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文




  • 根據市場數據(戰略方向(SDi)的黃金標準)對80多個技術市場進行的兩年年度預測
  • 突發新聞分析,包括獨家評論,見解和公司訪談
  • 跟蹤不斷增長的終端市場和應用程序,最新的業務趨勢
  • IBO自己對行業併購,高管薪酬,研發投資和企業生產率的年度審查
  • 對實驗室利益相關者的獨家調查,涉及趨勢主題,例如預算和產品偏好
  • IBO自己的每月股市指數
  • 會議報導
  • 按地區分列的最終市場和發展狀況摘要
  • 和許多其他


  • 年度預測:10個技術領域的銷售預測和市場細分
  • 公司研發費用,高管薪酬和併購活動的年度審查
  • 每年兩次,針對行業高管的商業環境調查
  • 對新聞發佈庫的特殊訪問

隨著IBO Online的推出,以下便利性得到了改善:

  • 擴展內容
  • 增強的搜索功能和新的搜索選項
  • 在線訪問可搜索檔案已有10年以上
  • 立即按需下載過去的問題
  • 通過平板電腦或智能手機進行移動訪問

IBO (Instrument Business Outlook) is a twice-monthly newsletter aimed at providing decision-makers with the latest and most complete information available on the scientific tools industry.

IBO provides you with a uniquely comprehensive overview of the analytical instrument and laboratory products industry with market data, exclusive interviews, industry analysis and the latest company news. IBO is designed to deliver the maximum in industry insight with a minimum time investment for executives and investors.

Content includes:

  • Annual forecast issue with two-year market forecasts for over 80 technology markets, sourced from
  • Strategic Directions' (SDi) gold-standard market data
  • Analysis of breaking news, including exclusive commentary and insight as well as company interviews
  • In-depth articles tracking growing end-markets and applications and the latest business developments
  • IBO's exclusive annual reviews of industry M&A , executive compensation, R&D investments and company productivity
  • Exclusive surveys of laboratory personnel about trending topics, such as budget and product preferences
  • IBO's exclusive and one-of-a-kind monthly stock market indexes
  • Conference coverage
  • Summaries of end-market and regional developments
  • And much more

Benefits include:

  • Annual forecast issue: sales forecast and market breakdown for 10 technology sectors
  • Annual reviews of company R&D spending, executive compensation and M&A activities
  • Biannual business climate survey of industry executives
  • Exclusive access to our indexed press release library

With the launch of IBO online, subscribers now have an improved user experience, specifically:

  • Expanded content
  • Full search capabilities and new search options
  • Online access to 10+ years of searchable archives
  • Instant, on-demand download of any previous IBO issue
  • Mobile access by tablet and smartphone