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果汁飲料的創新 (2014年)

Juice Innovation

出版商 Zenith 商品編碼 326172
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 103 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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果汁飲料的創新 (2014年) Juice Innovation
出版日期: 2016年07月01日 內容資訊: 英文 103 Pages



第1章 簡介、調查範圍

第2章 類別概要

  • 全球果汁市場概要
  • 主要的革新趨勢
  • 分析、市場機會
  • 課題與障礙

第3章 品牌簡介

  • 功能性
  • 無砂糖、卡路里
  • 兒童取向
  • 新口味、品種
  • 原產地等
  • 限量版
  • 包裝
  • 創新的提案、概念
  • 跨類別


Product Code: 11461

Zenith's ‘Juice Innovation 2016’ report provides a comprehensive overview of current trends in new product development in fruit juices. By featuring 75 innovative brand profiles this report provides an ultimate guide to understanding key factors shaping the global fruit juice market and to explore opportunities.

Background and report description

In the global soft drinks market, fruit juice, nectars and drinks represent the third biggest category following bottled water and carbonates. Consumption of global fruit juice continues to rise, with the market exceeding 80 billion litres in 2015, up 4% from 2014 levels. Matured juice markets in North America and Western Europe are characterised by high consumption levels per capita but limited scope for growth, with the market having declined in these regions in 2015. However, these regional markets play a particularly important role in driving innovation within the category with a specific focus on developing products which offer added value either through some functional benefit or technological advancement.

Zenith's report on Juice Innovation examines the key trends and themes driving innovation and new product launches during 2014-2016. The report provides an ultimate guide of some of the most innovative and leading products in a user-friendly presentation format to help you quickly gain an understanding of new product development worldwide.

What this report covers

  • Category overview: Overview of key global market trends highlighting consumption trends in the main geographic regions. A broad overview of insights and opportunities, as well as challenges and barriers in the juice market, are also included.
  • Key trends in new product development: an overview of main themes driving product development and innovation worldwide.
  • Brand profiles: Detailed profiles of 75 innovative juice products across 5 regions, including product image, detailed product information, date of launch, packaging size & type, pricing, key ingredients and description of variants.

Brand profiles featured by 8 key categories: flavour innovation, vegetable juices, reduced/low/no sugar, texture innovation, functional offering, premium positioning, child-oriented, and packaging innovation.

Scope and definition:

For the purpose of this report, Zenith has limited its research scope using the following definition:

  • Ready to drink still beverages made of fruit and fruit-vegetable blends including pure juices (100% fruit content), nectars (25-99% fruit content) and fruit drinks (5-24% fruit content). Both juices made from concentrate and not from concentrate are covered.
  • Although the report predominantly covers fruit juices, it also refers to some vegetable based products featuring an innovative trend worth highlighting in the context of the fruit juice market.
  • Some cross-category products are also featured as a number of recent innovations have combined juice with other soft drinks categories to bring the juices' natural nutritional benefits or fine fruity taste.
  • Excluded: Smoothies, sparkling juices, schorle, limonaden, pressé drinks, malt beverages, and fruit flavoured still drinks.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and scope

2. Category overview

  • Commentary: Category overview
  • Commentary: Functional innovation
  • Commentary: Global trends and developments
  • Commentary: Key innovation trends
  • Commentary: Sector challenges and benefits

3. Brand profiles

  • 3.1. Brand profiles: Flavour innovation
  • 3.2. Brand profiles: Vegetable juice
  • 3.3. Brand profiles: Reduced/low/no sugar
  • 3.4. Brand profiles: Texture
  • 3.5. Brand profiles: Functional offering
  • 3.6. Brand profiles: Premium positioning
  • 3.7. Brand profiles: Child-oriented
  • 3.8. Brand profiles: Packaging innovation
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