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東歐的水冷卻器市場 2016年

East Europe Water Coolers 2016

出版商 Zenith 商品編碼 224426
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 507 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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東歐的水冷卻器市場 2016年 East Europe Water Coolers 2016
出版日期: 2016年07月01日 內容資訊: 英文 507 Pages

本報告提供東歐的水冷卻器及POU (使用點式:point of use) 水冷卻器的市場詳細調查分析,市場及各市場區隔的指標和預測,東歐的主要參與企業的詳細介紹。

調查對象國家 (15個國家)

  • 白俄羅斯、保加利亞、克羅埃西亞、捷克、愛沙尼亞、匈牙利、拉脫維亞、立陶宛、波蘭、羅馬尼亞、俄羅斯、塞爾維亞、斯洛伐克、斯洛維尼亞、烏克蘭

第1章 概要

  • 市場摘要
  • 瓶裝水冷卻器及飲水機/幫浦
  • POU (使用點式) 冷卻器
  • 水的種類
  • 包裝形態
  • 直銷店:瓶裝水冷卻器
  • 直銷店:POU冷卻器
  • 出租 vs 銷售用POU冷卻器
  • 從瓶裝水冷卻器切換到新POU冷卻器商務
  • 處理能力
  • 設備的種類:瓶裝水冷卻器,飲水機/幫浦,及POU
  • 維修、附加服務
  • 價格結構與市場價值
  • 價格結構與市場價值:瓶裝水冷卻器
  • 價格結構與市場價值:POU冷卻器
  • 廢除
  • 契約期間
  • 產業結構:整體裝機量:各主要群組
  • 產業結構:瓶裝水冷卻器
  • 產業結構:POU冷卻器
  • 產業結構:M&A
  • 法規環境
  • 主要產業的發展、課題
  • 預測

第2章 各國簡介

  • 市場概要:瓶裝水冷卻器、POU
    • 產業的發展
    • 整體冷卻器台數
    • 冷卻器的佔有率:各國
    • 冷卻器的台數:各國
    • POU裝置數:各國
    • 整體冷卻器台數的預測
    • 整體冷卻器台數的預測:各國
    • 水冷卻器數
    • 整體瓶裝水市場冷卻器佔有率
    • 水的種類
    • 主要的瓶裝冷卻器企業
    • 主要企業:各水銷售額規模
    • 主要POU企業
    • 水冷卻器規模的預測

第3章 圖

第4章 表格

第5章 企業簡介

第6章 附錄


Product Code: 11304

Zenith's report on East Europe Water Coolers provides the most comprehensive report available on water coolers in the region. A full analysis of the point-of-use (POU) market is also included for each of the 15 countries covered in the report increasing its value extensively.

Zenith's report on East Europe Water Coolers provides a comprehensive analysis on both bottled and POU water cooler markets in 15 countries. The report sets out market and segment totals, alongside detailed rankings and profiles of Europe's leading industry operators, providing the only report available on home and office delivery and POU market trends in the region. A full analysis of the point-of-use (POU) market is also included for each of the 15 countries covered in the report.

Countries include: Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine

What this report covers

  • Regional market overview: Trends and developments of the bottled water cooler industry in East Europe including units, consumption, water types, packaging and throughput, machine types, outlets, regulatory environment, industry structure covering leading companies, mergers and acquisitions, price structure and revenue analysis, key market developments and issues for the future, forecasts to 2020.
  • 15 individual country sections: Trends and developments of the bottled water cooler industry including bottled water cooler units, water consumption, throughput, water types, cancellations, contract lengths, machine types, outlets, legislation, maintenance and additional services, pricing structure and revenue analysis covering average monthly rental, average bottle price and total revenue, leading coolers companies by installed units and water volume sales, leading water brands, market consolidation, market forecasts to 2020.
  • Over 60 overview charts and tables: Comprehensive data interrogating the entire East European bottled water cooler and POU cooler markets in full.
  • Over 90 company profiles: Analysis of Europe's leading operators including company description, structure, sales volume, unit placements and marketing.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Overview

  • Market summary
  • Bottled water coolers and dispensers/pumps
  • POU coolers
  • Water types via coolers
  • Packaging formats
  • Outlets - bottled water coolers
  • Outlets - POU coolers
  • Rented versus sold POU coolers
  • Conversion of bottled water coolers versus new POU business
  • Throughput
  • Machine types - bottled water coolers, dispensers/pumps and POU
  • Maintenance and additional services
  • Price structures and market value
  • Price structures and market value - bottled water coolers
  • Price structures and market value - POU coolers
  • Cancellations
  • Contract lengths
  • Industry structure - total installed base by leading groups
  • Industry structure - bottled water coolers
  • Industry structure - POU coolers
  • Industry structure - mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulatory environment
  • Key industry developments and issues
  • Forecasts

Section 2 - country profiles

Commentary and charts showing:

  • Market overview - bottled watercoolers and point of use
    • Industry developments
    • Total cooler units, 2011-15
    • Cooler share by country, 2015
    • Cooler units by country, 2015
    • POU units by country, 2015
    • Forecast total cooler units, 2015-20
    • Forecast total cooler units by country, 2019
    • Water cooler volume, 2011-15
    • Cooler share of total bottled water market, 2011-15
    • Water types, 2015
    • Leading bottled cooler companies, 2015
    • Leading companies by water volume sales, 2015
    • Leading POU companies, 2015
    • Forecast water cooler volume, 2015-20

Section 3 - Overview charts

Section 4 - Overview tables

Section 5 - Company profiles

Section 6 - Appendices

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