新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 對全球電子商務及在線支付的影響

COVID-19 Impact on Global E-Commerce and Online Payments, April 2020

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新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 對全球電子商務及在線支付的影響 COVID-19 Impact on Global E-Commerce and Online Payments, April 2020
出版日期: 2020年04月01日內容資訊: 英文 68 Pages/Charts

全球許多國家的國民為了阻止新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19)的蔓延,各國的衛生醫療部門或是行政部門下令民眾需留在家中。 由於消費者被限制移動,為了維持家庭所需消耗品,大家都是仰賴線上購物。

本報告是針對新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 對全球電子商務及在線支付的影響進行調查分析,針對地區、各國的市場趨勢、業績績效及預測、市佔率場、產品項目、顧客、普及率等提供有系統的資訊。


第1章 重點摘要

第2章 全球趨勢

  • COVID-19對B2C 電子商務的影響
  • COVID-19對線上支付的影響
  • COVID-19對線上旅行的影響
  • COVID-19對線上食物外賣的影響
  • 線上購物頻率變化實際狀況
  • FMCG (日用消耗品)的電子商務一週業績較去年同期相比、主要國家
  • COVID-19大爆發後增加的購物行動:加拿大、英國、美國
  • COVID-19大爆發後購物行動的變化:加拿大、英國、美國

第3章 亞太地區

  • 整體地區
    • 行動支出對於主要產品、服務的增加 (平均)
    • 新冠病毒爆發後對於食物外賣服務需求的變化
  • 中國
    • 電子商務銷售額度、零售總額與去年同期相比的變化
    • 食品、民生必需品、衣服的電子商務銷售額與去年同期相比的變化
    • 電子商務在零售總額當中的佔有率
    • 主要業界的網路使用者消費變化
    • 冠狀病毒大爆發後傾向於在網上購入日用品、生鮮食品的消費者市佔率
    • 線上醫療平台使用的增加
  • 韓國
    • 電子商務總銷售額與主要項目的電子商務銷售額
  • 印度
    • 冠狀病毒爆發後的三大數位支付頻道、相較去年成長
  • 泰國
    • 線上食物外賣平台銷售額預測
    • 由於對COVID-19的恐懼,食物外賣平台使用者的市佔率

第4章 歐洲

  • 整體地區
    • 冠狀病毒大流行對於電子商務事業目前的影響
    • 由於封城的關係,教育情報、家族、青少年教育的網站及應用程式的流量增加:德國、法國、義大利、西班牙、英國
  • 英國
    • COVID-19導致主要項目的線上購物品項有所變化
    • COVID-19獲得控制後,消費者關於購物行動的期待
    • COVID-19爆發高峰期時,對於B2C電子商務市佔率的零售銷售額的預測
  • 德國
    • 電子商務業者的市佔率強烈感受到來自COVID-19的影響
    • COVID-19目前對電子商務業者的影響
    • COVID-19預計對電子商務業者會有什麼影響
  • 法國
    • 在冠狀病毒大爆發期間上線的電子商務網站市佔率
    • 由於COVID-19導致電子商務網站銷售額增加或減少之市佔率
    • 由於COVID-19導致配送延誤的電子商務網站市佔率
    • FMCG的一週銷售額相較去年同期變化
  • 義大利
    • FMCG的一週銷售額相較去年同期變化
    • 因應冠狀病毒封城一個月後,消費者對特定項目的支出有所期待
  • 俄羅斯
    • FMCG的一週銷售額相較去年同期變化

第5章 北美

  • 美國
    • 冠狀病毒導致購物行動變化
    • 冠狀病毒對於電子商務帶來預想中影響的細項
    • 由於冠狀病毒讓電子商務零售業者有了最大期待及採取行動
    • COVID-19的爆發導致食物服務喜好的變化預測
    • 冠狀病毒大流行導致線上食物購物行動變化之細項
    • 主要的食品雜貨外賣應用程式下載數之變化
    • 食品雜貨外賣、食物外賣網站的平均一週網站流量相較去年同期之變化
    • 點擊旅行網站的平均一週網站流量相較去年同期之變化
    • 對於信用卡的非接觸性能重要性有所認知

第6章 拉丁美洲

  • 巴西
    • 藉由電子商務購入的數量與金額相較去年同期變化
    • 電子商務銷售額當中的保健、醫療產品品項相較去年同期變化

第7章 中東、非洲

  • 全體地區
    • 由於COVID-19大爆發,網路使用者頻繁下單訂購食品、食材雜貨送到自家之市佔率
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"Coronavirus pandemic drives increase in online shopping."

As consumers are told to stay at home due to the coronavirus, they turn to online shopping

Citizens in many areas of the world are being told by health or political authorities to remain in their homes to help halt the spread of COVID-19. As consumers are restricted in movement, they turn to online shopping for essential items to sustain their families. With schools closed and workers encouraged to work from home wherever possible, online sales of health products, food, and some educational and home office items have surged. The yStats.com report cites the increase in such product categories in various countries around the world in the first quarter of 2020

Increase in online sales of essential items amidst the pandemic offset by drop in travel, big ticket items

Even though the number of online orders in some nations has increased greatly, the decrease in purchase of travel arrangement and higher priced items could contribute to lower total online revenues, as projected in the yStats.com report. Brick and mortar sales are projected to undergo an even greater decrease because of the economic uncertainty triggered by the coronavirus outbreak, which is expected to contribute to E-Commerce garnering an even greater share of total retail sales globally.

Online payments increase in the COVID-19 crisis

The worldwide spread of the coronavirus has led to a movement to digital alternatives to cash in stores as well as for payment of orders initiated online. Some consumers avoid cash as a COVID-19 vector, others simply move to plastic or digital payments as a consequence of ordering online. However, the yStats.com report suggests that even though the number of online payment transactions has spiked, the total value of online payments will likely be lower for the current fiscal year as fewer big ticket items and less travel arrangements are purchased by consumers.

Covered Regions:

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Companies Mentioned:

Alibaba Group Holding Inc, Amazon.com inc., Booking Holdings, Expedia Group, Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd., Instacart Inc., Mastercard Inc, Meituan Dianping, Next Plc, PayPal Holdings Inc, Qunar.com Inc, Skrill Ltd., Square Inc., Trip.com Inc, Trivago NV, Uber Technologies Inc., Visa Inc, Walmart inc.

Table of Contents

1. Management Summary

2. Global Developments

  • COVID-19 Impact on B2C E-Commerce, March 2020
  • COVID-19 Impact on Online Payment, March 2020
  • COVID-19 Impact on Online Travel, March 2020
  • COVID-19 Impact on Online Food Delivery, March 2020
  • Breakdown of Perceived Changes in Frequency of Buying Products Online That Were Normally Bought In-Store, in % of Internet Users, March 2020 vs. February 2020
  • Year-on-Year Change in Weekly E-Commerce Sales of FMCG, By Selected Countries, in %, End of February/ Early March 2020
  • Shopping Activities Done More Often Than Usual Since the Coronavirus Outbreak, in % of Consumers in Canada, the UK, and the USA, March 2020
  • Expected Change in Shopping Behavior Due to Coronavirus Outbreak According to Consumers in Canada, the UK, and the USA , in % of Consumers, March 2020

3. Asia-Pacific

  • 3.1. Regional
    • Average Increase in Mobile Spending on Selected Products and Services, by 1st Week of Containment and 1st Week of a Lockdown Following the Outbreak of COVID-19, 2020
    • Expected Changes in Demand for Food Delivery After the Coronavirus Outbreak, in % of Consumers, By Selected Countries and Territories, March 2020
  • 3.2. China
    • Year-on-Year Change in E-Commerce Sales and Total Retail Sales, January/February 2019 - January/February 2020
    • Year-on-Year Change in E-Commerce Sales of Food, Necessities and Clothing, January/ February 2019 - January/February 2020
    • E-Commerce Share of Total Retail Sales of Goods, in %, Jan/Feb 2019 - Jan/Feb 2020
    • Change in Consumption of Internet Users in Selected Industries, by Perceived Change During Coronavirus Outbreak and Expected Change 1 and 3 Months After, in % Compared to 2019, February 2020
    • Share of Consumers Who Said They Would Be More Willing to Buy Daily Necessities and Fresh Products Online After The Pandemic, in %, February 2020
    • Growth in Usage of Selected Online Medical Platforms, in %, December 2019 - January 2020
  • 3.3. South Korea
    • Total E-Commerce Sales and E-Commerce Sales of Selected Categories, in KRW billion, and Year-on-Year and Month-on-Month Change, in %, January 2020
  • 3.4. India
    • Top Three Digital Payment Channels by Year-on-Year Growth During Coronavirus Outbreak, in %, February/March 2020
  • 3.5. Thailand
    • Online Food Delivery Sales Projection, by Pre-Pandemic (2019 Forecast) and Post-Pandemic (2020 Forecast), March 2020
    • Share of Food Delivery App Users Who Use These Services Due To Fear of COVID-19, in %, by Generation, March 2020

4. Europe

  • 4.1. Regional
    • Current Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on E-Commerce Businesses According to E-Commerce Associations and Industry Participants, March 2020
    • Growth in Traffic to Education Information and Family & Youth Education Websites and Apps During the Lockdown, by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, in %, March 16-22 Compared to December 30, 2019 - January 5, 2020
  • 4.2. UK
    • Breakdown of Perceived Change in Online Shopping for Selected Categories Due to COVID-19, in % of Adults, March 11 and March 25, 2020
    • Consumer Expectations Regarding Their Shopping Behavior After COVID-19 Is Over, in %, March 2020
    • Expected B2C E-Commerce Share of Retail Sales During Peak COVID-19 Pandemic Period, in %, Compared to Normal, March 2020
  • 4.3. Germany
    • Share of E-Commerce Merchants Who Have Felt the Impact of COVID-19, in %, March 2020
    • Current Effects of COVID-19 on E-Commerce Merchants, in % of E-Commerce Merchants Who Felt The Impact of COVID-19, March 2020
    • Expected Effects of COVID-19 on E-Commerce Merchants, in % of E-Commerce Merchants, March 2020
  • 4.4. France
    • Share of E-Commerce Websites in France Remaining Open Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, in %, March 2020
    • Share of E-Commerce Websites With Increased or Decreased Sales Due to COVID-19, in %, March 2020
    • Share of E-Commerce Websites Reporting Delivery Delays Due to COVID-19, in %, March 2020
    • Year-on-Year Change in Weekly Sales of FMCG, by Selected Channels, in %, February 24 - March 1, March 2 - 8, March 9 - 15 (Before Confinement Due To COVID-19), 2020
  • 4.5. Italy
    • Year-on-Year Change in FMCG Sales, by E-Commerce & Offline, Week 1 - Week 12 of 2020
    • Consumer Expectations Concerning Spending on Selected Categories One Month Following the Coronavirus Lockdown, in % of Consumers, March 2020
  • 4.6. Russia
    • Year-on-Year Change in Weekly E-Commerce Volume Sales of FMCG, by Categories of FMCG, in %, Calendar Weeks 6-11 in 2020

5.North America

  • 5.1. USA
    • Changes in Shopping Behavior Due to Coronavirus, By Shopping Actions, in % of Consumers, March 2020
    • Breakdown of Expected Effect of The Coronavirus on E-Commerce Businesses, in % of E-Commerce Retailers, March 2020
    • Top Expectations and Actions Taken by E-Commerce Retailers Due to Coronavirus, in % of E-Commerce Retailers, March 2020
    • Expected Change in Preference for Food Services Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, in % of Consumers, Week Ending March 6 & Week Ending March 13, 2020
    • Breakdown of Changes in Online Food Shopping Behaviors Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, in % of Grocery Shoppers, March 2020
    • Change in Number of Downloads of Selected Grocery Delivery Apps, in %, Mid-March 2020 Compared to February 2020
    • Year-on-Year Change in Average Weekly Web Traffic to Grocery Delivery & Food Delivery Websites, in %, Q1 2020
    • Year-on-Year Change in Average Weekly Web Traffic to Travel Websites, by Online Travel, Hotels & Accommodation Services, and Airlines, in %, Q1 2020
    • Perceived Importance of the Contactless Feature in Credit Cards, in % of Consumers, by Pre COVID-19 and on March 3, 2020

6. Latin America

  • 6.1. Brazil
    • Year-on-Year Change in Number and Value of E-Commerce Purchases, by Selected Categories, in %, February/March 2020
    • Year-on-Year Change in E-Commerce Sales of Selected Health & Hygiene Product Categories, in %, February & March 2020

7. Middle East and Africa

  • 7.1. Regional
    • Share of Internet Users Who Have Food or Groceries Delivered to Their Homes More Frequently Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, by Selected Countries in MENA, March 2020"