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Global Online Gaming Market Snapshot 2014

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全球線上遊戲市場概要 Global Online Gaming Market Snapshot 2014
出版日期: 2014年03月03日 內容資訊: 英文 38 Pages/Charts



第1章 經營管理摘要

第2章 趨勢

  • 線上遊戲趨勢
  • 手機遊戲趨勢
  • 社群遊戲趨勢
  • 線上遊戲付款趨勢
  • 線上遊戲的M&A趨勢

第3章 收益、市場佔有率

  • 線上遊戲收益:與去年同期比較變化
  • 全球遊戲收益明細:各市場區隔
  • 手機遊戲收益:與去年同期比較變化
  • 手機遊戲佔電玩遊戲收益全體的市場佔有率
  • 手機遊戲收益:估計與預測
  • 手機遊戲佔遊戲整體市場的市場佔有率
  • 手機遊戲收益:智慧型手機,平板電腦及總合
  • 手機遊戲收益,與去年同期比較成長率、手機遊戲用戶總數、收費手機遊戲用戶數、用戶每人的月平均支出額:各地區
  • 線上遊戲購買的平均交易額:遊戲主機型的遊戲及應用型的電玩遊戲
  • 社群遊戲在社群遊戲收益及線上遊戲、電玩遊戲整體市場所佔的市場佔有率

第4章 遊戲玩家

  • 網路消費者佔線上遊戲玩家的市場佔有率
  • 線上遊戲玩家的明細:性別
  • 每日的線上遊戲玩家的平均數:各地區
  • 線上遊戲來客每人的每日的平均利用時間:各地區
  • 線上、手機遊戲活動,網路用戶比率

第5章 企業、遊戲

  • 前15大公司:遊戲各收益
  • 主要手機遊戲企業:收益10億美元以上
  • facebook遊戲應用的前五名:月平均用戶估計
  • 線上遊戲的前10名:基本遊戲免費遊戲的各收益
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Online gaming increases worldwide, with trends toward social and mobile games.

The online gaming market is forecasted to grow by a high one-digit percentage point annually in the years leading up to 2017. By then, online gaming spending is expected to almost reach the level of console spending. At the same time, mobile games are predicted to be the fastest growing segment of the video game market. Game-plalying on mobile devices has already become a major activity of Internet users worldwide, slightly ahead of online gaming. Also social gaming is a fast growing industry, taking up an increasing share of the total video gaming market. Both segments are forecasted to outpace the total online gaming market in terms of growth, increasing by around 20% annually.

Worldwide, over 40% of internet users play games online, with males accounting for slightly more than half of the total gaming audience. The Asia-Pacific region has the largest number of players, but North America and Europe lead in terms of regular engagement in game-playing. Regarding payment for playing, credit cards still dominate the gaming landscape, but the use of alternative payments such as EWallets is on the rise, and alternative payments dominate in emerging markets.

The top three gaming companies by revenues worldwide in 2013 were Tencent, Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts. Companies specializing in the fast-growing mobile gaming market are DeNA, GnugHo Online and Supercell. The leading online games by free-to-play revenues were CrossFire, League of Legends, Dungeon Fight Online and World of Tanks. In the social game category, the most popular gaming apps last year were Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.



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Table of Contents

1. Management Summary


  • Online Gaming Trends, 2014
  • Mobile Gaming Trends, 2014
  • Social Gaming Trends, 2014
  • Trends in Online Gaming Payment, 2014
  • Online Gaming Mergers and Acquisitions Trends, 2014

3. Revenues & Shares

  • Online Gaming Revenues, in USD billion and in % Year-on-Year Change, 2012-2015f
  • Breakdown of the Global Gaming Revenues, by Segment, in % and in USD billion, 2013e
  • Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion and in % Year-on-Year Change, 2012-2015f
  • Share of Mobile Gaming on Total Video Gaming Revenues, in %, 2012 - 2015f
  • Mobile Gaming Revenues, 2013e & 2018f
  • Share of Mobile Gaming on Total Gaming Market, 2013e & 2016f
  • Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion, by Smartphones, Tablets and Total, 2012, 2013e, 2016f
  • Mobile Gaming Revenues, in USD billion, Year-on-Year Growth, in %, Total Number of Mobile Gaming Users, in millions, Number of Mobile Gaming Users who Pay, in millions and Average Monthly Spending per Player, in USD, by Region, 2013e
  • Average Transaction Value of Online Gaming Purchases, by Console-Based Games and App-Based Video Games, 2013
  • Social Gaming Revenues, in EUR billion, and Share of Social Gaming on Online Gaming and Total Video Gaming Market, in %, 2012 & 2016f

4. Gamers

  • Share of Online Gamers on Total Internet Users, in %, 2013
  • Breakdown of Online Gamers, by Gender, in %, 2013
  • Average Number of Daily Online Gamers, in millions, by Region, April 2013
  • Average Time Spent per Visitor on Online Gaming Daily, in Minutes, by Region, April 2013
  • Gaming Activities, Incl. Online and Mobile, in % of Internet Users, Q2 2011 & Q3 2013

5. Companies & Games

  • Top 15 Companies by Gaming Revenues, in USD million, H1 2013
  • Leading Mobile Gaming Companies with Revenues over USD 100 million, 2013
  • Top 5 Facebook Gaming Apps, by Estimated Monthly Average Users, in millions, November 2013
  • Top 10 Online Games, by Free-to-Play Revenues, in USD million, 2013
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