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海上風力發電基礎、支撐構造市場分析 (2015年):基礎市場機會評價、成本削減法、今後的海上計畫商業可行性

WEU Offshore Foundations & Supporting Structures Report 2015: The Ultimate Guide to Assessing Foundation Market Opportunities, Cost-Reduction Pathways and Commercial Viability in the New Era of Offshore Projects

出版商 New Energy Update 商品編碼 264748
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 190 Pages; 144 Figures/Graphs; 42 Tables
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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海上風力發電基礎、支撐構造市場分析 (2015年):基礎市場機會評價、成本削減法、今後的海上計畫商業可行性 WEU Offshore Foundations & Supporting Structures Report 2015: The Ultimate Guide to Assessing Foundation Market Opportunities, Cost-Reduction Pathways and Commercial Viability in the New Era of Offshore Projects
出版日期: 2015年09月03日 內容資訊: 英文 190 Pages; 144 Figures/Graphs; 42 Tables

海上風力發電產業持續年年擴大、市場環境也隨之變化。發電計畫持續擴大至更遠的深海域、渦輪機容量也繼續增加。另外海上風力發電基礎、支撐構造市場不儘對風力發電市場發展、也對技術進步與商業可行性具有側面影響。特別是資本支出 (CAPEX) 和均等化能源費用 (LCOE) 該如何減少的問題方面有極大的作用。


第1章 海上風力發電市場概要

  • 計畫環境
  • 海上風力發電設備容量
  • 建設中施設發電容量
  • 未來計畫與市場展望
  • 市場佔有率

第2章 基礎市場概要

  • 產業概要
  • 石油、天然氣產業
  • 基礎、支撐構造物市場最新情勢
  • 基礎市場的進化
  • 市場動向促進、阻礙因素

第3章 樁型構造物

  • 單樁
  • 導管架樁
  • 三腳基樁/三腳樁
  • 樁型基礎評價表

第4章 重力式基礎構造

  • 桅桿基礎範例
  • 變電所/轉換用基礎
  • 重力式基礎構造物評價表

第5章 吸筒型 (商用化前)

  • 單一型吸筒
  • 導管架吸筒
  • 三腳型吸筒
  • 吸筒型基礎評價表

第6章 浮動結構 (商用化前)

  • 浮標/圓柱浮標
  • 半潛式鑽油台
  • 張力腳式鑽油台 (TLP)
  • 其他浮動結構
  • 浮動結構 評價表

第7章 海上風力發電建設船、設備:最佳組合設定與可行性評價

  • 船舶種類
  • 建設機械
  • 船舶市場展望
  • 海上風力發電船舶地區分佈



Sustained growth in the offshore wind energy industry demonstrated in the year-on-year additional capacity coming on-line is coupled with key changes in the offshore landscape as new markets are set to enter the industry, projects move to deeper waters farther offshore, and turbine unit capacities continue to increase.

The offshore foundations landscape will not only be shaped by these key expansions and changes but the technological and commercial development of wind turbine foundations - as well as other substructures - will play a pivotal role in reducing both CAPEX and LCOE.

Harnessing over 12,000 pieces of data, exclusive company case-studies and interviews, 450+ survey responses and a proprietary foundations compatibility scorecard, this is the only report dedicated to helping you:

  • Foundations market opportunities analyzed: Identify what exactly the evolving offshore wind project landscape means for foundation requirements and opportunities, including key data on water depths, turbine capacities and distances from shore at the global region and market level.
  • Foundation option assesment: Access quantitative strategic intelligence on the suitability of foundation technology option in accordance to variations in the key project parameters of turbine capacity and water depth.
  • Supply chain and logistic landscape examination: Get to grips with the alignments needed in supply-chain and logistics to service the new era of foundation deployment

Essential offshore wind foundations knowledge targeted to your business needs

This report is relevant to all companies and individuals who are working in offshore wind energy:

Company types

  • Utilities & developers
  • Foundation designers, manufacturers, suppliers & installers
  • OEMs
  • Logistic service providers - port services, port authorities & vessel owners & contractors
  • Insurers, Investors & R&D organizations

Job titles

  • Head of Offshore Wind
  • Construction Manager
  • Installation Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Strategy


In order to fully unlock innovation in foundation design, manufacturing & installation, key issues on risk absorption of novel technologies, project-foundation suitability assessment, supply-chain readiness and the optimum route to commercial deployment will need to be addressed.

  • Market Sizing: Complete and up-to-date offshore wind energy capacity data by geography (global, continental and country breakdown) and project status (operational, under construction, construction authorised, consent authorised, consent application submitted, concept/early planning, and development zone), also including share and size (MW) of dormant, failed and cancelled projects by country market
  • Foundation Market Sizing, Share and Project Pipeline: Comprehensive analysis of the offshore foundations landscape size (MW) and share by turbine, substation, HVDC converter station and met mast foundations; geographical market; and project status; including identification of commercial opportunities where projects have yet to have decided on foundation type
  • Foundations - Installation Options, Concepts and Designs: Techno-economic evaluation of the complete foundations portfolio (Floating, Suction Bucket, Monopiles, XL Monopiles, Gravity-Based, Jacket, Tripod, Tripile, High-Rise Pile Cap) including commercial deployment trajectory, vessel suitability and availability, installation logistics and supply-chain explained
  • Foundation & Structures Matrix: Quantitative configuration of foundation/structure suitability for an offshore project based upon the following parameters; water depth, seabed hydrogeology, distance to shore, serialised manufacturing, cost, logistics, erection, O&M costs and track record

Table of Contents

1. Offshore wind market overview

  • Project landscape
  • Installed offshore wind capacity
  • Capacity under construction
  • Future projects and market outlook
  • Market share

2. Foundations market overview

  • Industry overview
  • Oil and gas parallel
  • Current foundation and supporting structure landscape
  • Foundation market evolution
  • Drivers of change and challenges

3. Piled structures

  • Monopile
  • Jacket
  • Tripod/Tripile
  • Piled foundation scorecards

4. Gravity base structures

  • Demonstration for met-mast foundations
  • Substation/Converter foundations
  • Gravity base foundation scorecard

5. Suction bucket (pre-commercial)

  • Mono suction bucket
  • Suction bucket jacket
  • Tripod suction bucket
  • Suction bucket foundation scorecard

6. Floating structures (pre-commercial)

  • Spar buoy/floater
  • Semi-submersible platform
  • Tension-leg platform (TLP)
  • Other floaters
  • Floating foundation scorecard

7. Offshore wind installation vessels and equipment - Configuring suitability and assessing availability

  • Vessel types
  • Construction equipment
  • Vessel market outlook
  • Geographical distribution of vessels for offshore wind
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