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European Blood Banking Market 2014: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK Innovations, Trends and Opportunities for Suppliers

出版商 Venture Planning Group 商品編碼 263623
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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歐洲的血液銀行市場:法國,德國,義大利,西班牙,英國 European Blood Banking Market 2014: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK Innovations, Trends and Opportunities for Suppliers
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 簡介

第2章 全球技術·市場概要

  • 主要的血型·分類·傳染病篩檢
  • 檢查裝置檢討:主要的自動/半自動分析設備的操作性·功能·銷售價格
  • 主要的體外診斷技術與其潛在性應用

第3章 法國

第4章 德國

第5章 義大利

第6章 西班牙

第7章 英國

第8章 主要產品開發的機會

第9章 替代性的市場普及策略

第10章 加入市場的潛在障礙與風險

第11章 競爭企業的評估

第12章 附錄


Product Code: VPBB4180-2-3

Complete report $19,700.  DataPack (test volumes, sales forecasts, supplier shares) $12,800.

European Blood Banking Market 2014: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK Innovations, Trends and Opportunities for Suppliers” is a new five-country strategic analysis prepared by Venture Planning Group in order to help current suppliers and potential market entrants identify and evaluate emerging opportunities and assist industry executives in developing effective business, new product development and marketing strategies. 


During the next five years, the European blood banking market is expected to undergo significant transformation, which will result from the convergence of several trends, including more stringent regulations; advances in diagnostic technologies, IT, system engineering and automation; and intensifying competition.  Some segments will start resembling commodity markets, where product positioning and differentiation are more critical than underlying technology. 

The changes in the marketplace will create exciting opportunities for new instruments and reagent systems, as well as auxiliary products, such as specimen preparation devices, controls, calibrators, and innovative IT applications.

Strategic Recommendations

- New product development opportunities with significant market appeal.
- Alternative market penetration strategies.
- Potential market entry barriers and risks.

Geographic Coverage

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK

The report explores future marketing and technological trends in Europe; provides estimates of the test volume, instrument placements and sales; compares features of major automated and semi-automated analyzers; profiles leading and emerging competitors; and identifies specific product and market opportunities facing suppliers during the next five years.

Blood Typing and Grouping Tests

ABO, Antibody Panels, Antibody Screening/Indirect Antiglobulin,
Antigen Typing (C, c, Duffy, E, e, I, i, Kell, Kidd, Le a, b, MN, P, S, s),
Antiglobulin (Direct, C3 + IgG, IgG,  C3),
Crossmatching (Immediate Spin, Full Crossmatch), Rh (D, Du).

Infectious Disease Screening Tests

AIDS (HIV NAT, HIV-1/2), Cytomegalovirus,
Hepatitis (HAV NAT, HBV NAT, HBs Ag,  
Anti-HBc, HCV NAT, HCV, ALT/SGPT), HTLV-I/II, Parvovirus B19 NAT,
Syphilis, West Nile Virus NAT.

Sales and Market Share Analysis

Sales and market share estimates of leading
suppliers of blood banking of reagents
and instruments, by country and individual

Competitive Assessments

Strategic assessments of major suppliers and
emerging market entrants, including their sales,
product portfolios, marketing tactics, and new
products in R&D.

Market Segmentation Analysis

- Comprehensive market segmentation
analysis, including review of the market
dynamics, trends, structure, size, growth,
and key suppliers by country.

- Test volume and sales forecasts for over 40
blood banking tests, including NAT, by country and market segment:

- Blood Centers
- Hospitals
- Commercial/Private Laboratories

Current and Emerging Products

- Analysis of current and emerging blood banking tests.

- Review of automated and semi-automated
analyzers, including their operating
characteristics, features, and selling prices.

Technology Review

- Assessment of current and emerging technologies,
and their potential applications for the blood banking market.

- Comprehensive lists of companies developing
or marketing new technologies and products by test.

Contains 600 pages and 170 tables

Table of Contents

I.       Introduction

II.      Worldwide Technology and Market Overview

          A.  Major Blood Typing, Grouping
                and Infectious Disease Screening Tests

          B.  Instrumentation Review: Operating Characteristics, Features and Selling Prices
                of Leading Automated and Semiautomated Analyzers

          C.  Major In Vitro Diagnostic Technologies
                and Their Potential Applications

III.     France

IV.     Germany

V.      Italy

VI.     Spain

VII.    U.K.

VIII.   Major Product Development Opportunities

IX.     Alternative Market Penetration Strategies

X.      Potential Market Entry Barriers and Risks

XI.     Competitive Assessments

XII.    Appendix

Contains 600 pages and 170 tables

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