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Mobility Spurs Security Ecosystem Expansion: Fortifying Your Perimeter is Required, But is More Complex

出版商 VDC Research Group, Inc. 商品編碼 368928
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 52 Pages; 28 Exhibits
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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行動使安全生態系統擴張:領域的強化複雜的放大 Mobility Spurs Security Ecosystem Expansion: Fortifying Your Perimeter is Required, But is More Complex
出版日期: 2016年09月06日 內容資訊: 英文 52 Pages; 28 Exhibits

本報告提供企業行動的時代的行動安全對策趨勢調查,工作模式的變化和新的安全對策的必要性,不過被重視的功能,主要的行動安全方法比較,EMM (企業行動管理) 解決方案的企業的使用趨勢,主要安全供應商,新的經營模式等彙整資料。


  • 本報告
  • 摘要整理
  • 市場概要
  • 界線模糊化
  • 業務形態的變化和強迫企業變化
  • 安全的行動支援企業
  • 安全的行動引進方法沒有正確的解答
  • IoT/內建式解決方案的安全對策
  • 供應商分析
  • 關於VDC Research


  • 近幾年的安全相關交易前11名:各交易規模
  • 界線模糊化
  • 行動工作人員的管理、支援的課題
  • 行動解決方案供應商的選擇標準前3名
  • 在行動應用程式的設計、開發中最重要的功能/特徵
  • 行動應用程式的引進的主要疑慮
  • 主要的行動安全方法比較
  • 現在企業的EMM解決方案的使用趨勢

The security landscape is in a state of constant change. Chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) must constantly assess the best ways to secure and manage mobile devices and new applications while ensuring their data is protected. Changing work styles increase employees' desire or need to work at any time, from any location, with data that is accessible from the company network, the Web, or the cloud. IT departments are thus dealing with a moving target and require a broad range of protective measures. Due to the multi-layered security dynamics of mobile platforms, neither an ideal hardware configuration nor one type of communications network can reliably catch all threats and assure security. Going forward, operating systems, applications, devices, and networks are all impacting security requirements - particularly for organizations that are moving forward with IT modernization initiatives.

Mobile security remains a hot topic for obvious reasons - once devices are provisioned with access to corporate applications and data, they become an immediate security threat. Investing in (and partnering for) IT staff with mobilefirst expertise that is specific to security is essential, as is implementing the appropriate infrastructure to enable secure remote access to pre-existing data stores and application platforms.

This report integrates selected findings from VDC's recent enterprise mobility survey (survey data is provided as a separate Excel spreadsheet) of IT decision-makers in both midmarket and enterprise organizations. It contains a comprehensive market segmentation and competitive assessment of key security vendors, emerging business models, and analysis of their capabilities and relevance in the market.

What questions are addressed?

  • Who will enterprises turn to for their mobile security?
  • How is the mobile security landscape evolving?
  • Just how critical is application security?
  • How are cloud security vendors differentiating their solutions?
  • How have enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors positioned themselves to cater to the mobile security needs in the enterprise?

Table of Contents

  • Inside This Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
  • Wither the Perimeter
  • Changing Work Patterns Forcing Organizational Change
  • Securing a Mobile-Enabled Enterprise
  • No Correct Approach to Securing Mobile Deployments
  • Securing the IoT/Embedded Solutions
  • Vendor Insights
  • About VDC Research


  • Exhibit 1: Top 11 Recent Security Transactions by Deal Size
  • Exhibit 2: The Demise of the Perimeter
  • Exhibit 3: Challenges Encountered When Managing and Supporting a Mobile Workforce
  • Exhibit 4: Top Three Selection Criteria Used in Evaluating Mobility Solution Providers
  • Exhibit 5: Most Important Functions/Features When Designing/Developing Mobile Applications
  • Exhibit 6: Primary Concerns Relating to Mobile Application Deployments
  • Exhibit 7: Comparison of Prominent Approaches to Mobile Security
  • Exhibit 8: Current Enterprise Usage of EMM Solutions
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