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Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems: Safety, Security and Virtualization Converge in the IoT

出版商 VDC Research Group, Inc. 商品編碼 353964
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 26 Pages; 10 Exhibits
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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超管理器及安全操作系統:IoT的安全性、安全、虛擬化匯流 Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems: Safety, Security and Virtualization Converge in the IoT
出版日期: 2015年12月12日 內容資訊: 英文 26 Pages; 10 Exhibits







  • 圖表1:全球超管理器&安全操作系統及相關服務的收益
  • 圖表2:全球超管理器&安全操作系統及相關服務的收益,各技術的區分
    • 近幾年的發展趨勢


  • 圖表3:全球超管理器&安全操作系統及相關服務的收益,垂直各市場的區分
  • 圖表4:全球超管理器&安全操作系統及相關服務的收益,垂直各市場的區分 (收益比)
    • 航太、國防
    • 工業自動化
    • 汽車
    • 醫療


  • 供應商考察
  • Wind River
  • Green Hills Software
  • QNX Software Systems
  • Lynx Software Technologies


  • 在圖表9:目前計劃中安全不「重要」的理由 (受訪者比)
    • 安全「重要」但不是「不可或缺的」
  • 圖表10:過去、現在、未來預測的虛擬化軟體的利用 (受訪者比)
    • 引進 & 不確定性

附錄:定義 & 調查手法

VDC 關於Research


Safety has long been a top priority for many embedded operating system vendors. Much of the world's most important infrastructure, machinery, and vehicles have been built with certified-safe software at their cores. The drive towards the IoT and connectivity-based business models is bringing the security of these (often life-critical) systems to the forefront of customer, vendor, and regulatory attention in a dramatic fashion. Embedded hypervisors present a compelling solution for increasing system security through partitioning and virtualization. This report analyzes and quantifies trends in the market for hypervisors & secure operating systems, providing data-driven guidance for organizations across the embedded ecosystem.

What questions are addressed?

  • What are the main challenges for developing and selling security-oriented embedded software?
  • How has the use of virtualization technology in the embedded market changed over the past few years?
  • Which regulatory agencies are vendors and engineers turning to for security-specific guidance?
  • How has the virtualization and security landscape changed across industry verticals?
  • What are the potential implications of Wind River's restructuring on the market landscape?

Who should read this report?

  • CEO or other C-level executives
  • Corporate development and M&A teams
  • Marketing executives
  • Business development and sales leaders
  • Product development and product strategy leaders
  • Channel management and channel strategy leaders

This research program is written for those making critical business decisions regarding product, market, channel, and competitive strategy and tactics. This report is intended for senior decision-makers who are developing embedded technology, including those in the following roles:

Vendors Listed in this Report

  • Express Logic
  • General Dynamics (OK Labs)
  • Green Hills Software
  • Harman (Red Bend Software)
  • Lynx Software Technologies
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Micrium
  • QNX Software Systems
  • Real-Time Systems GmbH
  • Sierraware
  • Wind River

Executive Summary

VDC expects revenues for hypervisors and secure operating systems to see substantial growth through the year 2019. While the majority of OEMs recognize the growing need for secure solutions - especially in the safety-critical automotive, industrial, and medical markets - regulators have been largely content to allow the IoT market to develop unhindered thus far. Consequently, the awareness and adoption of security solutions has been somewhat muted. We expect to see strong growth in the hypervisor and secure OS market as IoT automotive and gateway solutions mature and a new wave of increasingly-connected, life-critical devices begins to be deployed, used, and hacked.

Key Findings

  • Revenue growth in the global market for embedded hypervisors & secure operating systems in 2014-2019 will far exceed that of the overall IoT & embedded OS market.
  • Total embedded hypervisor revenue is substantially smaller than secure operating system revenue, but is expected to grow at more than double the pace to 2019.
  • Adoption of virtualization software has grown from 4.4% of embedded projects in 2008 to 14.2% in 2012, and further to 19.8% in 2015.
  • Vendors will continue to fight both a general lack of OEM awareness, as well as engineer uncertainty regarding the future role of hypervisors and virtualization solutions in the embedded market.
  • Regulation combining safety and security standards and best practices remains top of mind for vendors, OEMs, and regulatory agencies in the IoT space, but has yet to materialize in a substantial manner.


Adoption & Uncertainty

As noted previously, embedded engineers have adopted virtualization solutions at a quick pace from the 2008-2015 timeframe. Much of this awareness is undoubtedly due to the prevalence of virtualization in the enterprise/IT world. Despite growing adoption, engineers are uncertain of the future applicability of the technology in the embedded realm.

In 2015 19.6% of engineers were working on an embedded project that required virtualization software. Only 17.5% of the same engineers expect virtualization to be a required part of the software stack for a similar project in three years. At the same time, the percent of engineers who responded "Don't know" for the current project more than doubles from 5.1% on the current project to 10.6% for the future project. We observe a general trend of high uncertainty among embedded engineers regarding changes to the software stack in three years. There is an expectation among many embedded developers that an increasing number of future projects will require cloud agents and that fewer projects will require file systems but there is little agreement on changes across other parts of the embedded software stack, as the magnitudes of expected change do not indicate a strong consensus in either direction.

Table of Contents

Inside This Report

  • What questions are addressed?
  • Who should read this report?
  • Vendors Listed in this Report

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings

Global Market Overview

  • Exhibit 1: Global Revenue of Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems and Related Services (Millions of Dollars)
  • Exhibit 2: Global Revenue of Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems and Related Services, Segmented by Technology (Millions of Dollars)
    • Recent Developments

Comparative Forecast by Vertical

  • Exhibit 3: Global Revenue of Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems and Related Services, Segmented by Vertical Market, 2014-2019 (Millions of Dollars)
  • Exhibit 4: Global Revenue of Hypervisors & Secure Operating Systems and Related Services, Segmented by Vertical Market (Percent of Revenue)
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Industrial Automation
    • Automotive
    • Medical

Competitive Landscape

  • Vendor Insights
  • Wind River
  • Green Hills Software
  • QNX Software Systems
  • Lynx Software Technologies

End User Insights

  • Exhibit 9: Reason Why Security is not "Important" in the Current Project (Percent of Respondents)
    • Security "Important" But Not "Critical
  • Exhibit 10: Past, Current, and Expected Future use of Virtualization Software (Percent of Respondents)
    • Adoption & Uncertainty

Appendix: Definitions & Methodology

  • Definitions
  • Scope & Methodology

VDC Research

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