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AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture) 的社會化

Socializing the AIDC World

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 18 Pages
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AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture) 的社會化 Socializing the AIDC World
出版日期: 2015年09月18日 內容資訊: 英文 18 Pages

一個以上的社群媒體平台的存在感,正逐漸成為對全球B2B企業來說的必需條件。AIDC (Automatic identification and data capture) 解決方案供應商也相同,應該對應目標對象的需求,開始建立、維持、管理社群媒體的參與度,社群媒體急速變為所有組織的數位行銷策略上不可缺少的部分。




  • 圖表1:促進自產內容的內環的數位行銷策略的內環
  • 圖表2:社群媒體的最佳業務實踐概要:各平台

B2B 技術企業:社群媒體策略分析

  • 圖表3:主要的B2B技術企業的社群媒體利用
  • 圖表4:AIDC供應商:社群媒體的存在感
  • 圖表5:AIDC系統廠商:社群媒體的存在感


  • 圖表6:AIDC產業 - 平均參與度率,10家公司的平台
  • 圖表7:社群媒體平台的AIDC產業的用戶/追隨者/愛好者區分方法
  • 圖表8:參與度率概要,刊載內容各類型
  • 圖表9:AIDC參與度率,社群媒體各平台
  • 圖表10:參與度率不一定依據刊載頻率而上升


關於VDC Research


Presence on one or more social media platforms is becoming a requirement for B2B companies across the board. AutoID and Data Capture (AIDC) solution providers are also starting to establish, maintain, and manage their social media engagements to better serve the needs of their target audiences, and social media is fast becoming an integral part of every organization's digital marketing strategy. This report explores how some of the leading and emerging AIDC vendors and integrators are currently using these platforms and provides VDC's recommendation as some of the best practices to maximize ROI.

Speed Read

  • Social media is an integral part of organizations' overall digital marketing strategy, which also includes search engine optimization, email marketing, and online banner advertising
  • Fast emerging as an opportunity for AIDC solution providers to earn customers' (and, potentially, partners') trust by being the platform-of-choice to deliver useful, highly valuable content
  • Leading vendors starting to take steps by hiring talent exclusively dedicated to managing content creation for these platforms and having targeted, specific, and measurable goals outlined for social media engagement
  • Short-term returns associated with social media activities may be limited but consistently posting the right type of content for the target audience (on each individual platform) will help generate an attractive ROI

The Situation

Over the past three years, social media has taken the B2B industry by storm. Social media strategy, which once singularly dominated the B2C marketing playground, is now relevant across all sectors. IT technicians and purchase decision-makers are increasingly influenced by a brand's market messaging on online platforms. Social media is an integral part of organizations' overall digital marketing strategies, which also include search engine optimization, email marketing, and online banner advertising. These platforms have pushed the boundaries from individual interactions to envelope business relations and now serve as an essential "external ring" of gravity on the web, drawing in engagements through different networks to an organization's "internal ring" of self-produced content, which comprises blogs, forums, webinars, and product portfolios. In return, customers have the opportunity to engage with brands and communicate based on requirements.


Within the Auto ID space, leading vendors and brands have been using the four primary social media platforms-Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn-for several months, if not years. Organizations seek to stand out from the crowd and create a notable voice online, where technical professionals spend a considerable amount of time conducting research prior to making purchase decisions. Social media is fast becoming an opportunity to earn customers' (and, potentially, partners') trust as the platform-of-choice to deliver useful, highly valuable content.

AIDC solution providers mentioned in this report

Barcoding Inc., Barcodes Inc., Cognex, Datalogic, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (now part of Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions), Lowry Solutions, SICK, System ID, Wasp Barcode Technologies, and Zebra Technologies

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Situation

  • Exhibit 1: External ring of digital marketing strategies promoting internal ring of self-produced content
  • Exhibit 2: Social Media Best Practices Overview - by Platform

B2B Tech Performers - Social Media Strategy Analysis

  • Exhibit 3: Top B2B Tech Performers' Social Media Usage
  • Exhibit 4: AIDC Vendors - Social Media Presence
  • Exhibit 5: AIDC Systems Integrators - Social Media Presence

Social Media Best Practices and VDC Recommendations

  • Exhibit 6: AIDC Industry-Average Engagement Rate by Platform for 10 Market Participants
  • Exhibit 7: How AIDC industry subscribers/followers/fans split across social media platforms
  • Exhibit 8: Outlining engagement rates by type of content posted
  • Exhibit 9: AIDC engagement rates by social media platform
  • Exhibit 10: Engagement rates do not necessarily increase with a higher posting frequency
  • Conclusion

VDC Research

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