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The Global Market for Smartphones & Tablets

出版商 VDC Research Group, Inc. 商品編碼 294680
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 37 Pages; 30 Exhibits
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球智慧型手機及平板電腦市場 The Global Market for Smartphones & Tablets
出版日期: 2014年02月04日 內容資訊: 英文 37 Pages; 30 Exhibits





  • 概要
  • 見解、洞察:企業行動促進的趨勢


  • 各地區的企業、政府智慧型手機出貨台數預測
  • 南北美洲:行動工作人員只會擴大
  • EMEA(歐洲、中東、非洲):BYOD及多樣平台支援成長了
  • APAC(亞太地區):對新興,低成本企業的市場開放


  • 概要
  • 競爭情形:各作業系統
  • 競爭情形:各硬體設備


  • 概要
  • 見解、洞察:促進消費者趨勢利用,容易訓練



  • 概要
  • 見解、洞察:平板電腦急速成長的尺寸規格


  • 概要
  • 見解、洞察:平板電腦的要求擴大超過iOS


  • 概要
  • 競爭情形:各技術





This report covers the overall market opportunity for smartphones and tablets used by commercial and public organizations to support their mobile workers. Sizing is provided for organization-issued mobile devices and mobile devices owned by the employee and supported by the employer (BYOD). The report includes market sizing and forecasts by region, operating system, vendor, and industry. It talks about current trends driving investment in smartphones and tablets and what the future looks like for enterprise mobility hardware and solution providers.

What questions are addressed?

  • What is the overall opportunity for smartphones and tablets within commercial enterprises and government organizations?
  • How large is the opportunity for devices being purchased and deployed directly by enterprises in comparison to the employee-owned, enterprise-supported devices (BYOD)?
  • What is the opportunity for smartphones and tablets in the enterprise by target industry and application?
  • To what extent are these devices being used to support specific enterprise workflow and applications beyond email, messaging, and calendaring?
  • What is the current and projected market share by mobile OS for smartphones and tablets used in commercial enterprise and government organizations?

Executive Summary

Smartphones purchased and supported centrally by enterprise and government organizations make up half as much of the global smartphone market as employee-owned, enterprise-supported (BYOD) smartphones. The tablet market shows similar dynamics, reflecting the massive scale of BYOD policy rollouts in both markets. Growth for smartphones and tablets is projected to be strong through 2017, including to enterprise and government users. Of note is the overall outlook for consumer-grade tablets, which is expected to grow at a much faster rate than any other mobile device form factor. As the economy continues to improve and new business use cases for consumer-grade tablets are developed, investment will increase substantially.

[Data available in full report.]

Key Findings Key Findings

  • Although many enterprises are expected to reevaluate their BOYD policies in the coming year, growth of devices supported through a BYOD program is expected to be higher than enterprise issued devices through 2017.
  • As mobile device sales increase, so will IT spending to support these devices, which, in turn, will boost spending on the overall enterprise mobility market. Expect the market to continue to be flooded with new entrants from a mobile software and service provider perspective.
  • The smartphone OS market primarily will remain an Android versus iOS (or Samsung versus Apple) contest through 2017. Microsoft's Windows Phone has edged BlackBerry as the No. 3 platform in the market though Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia has soured its relationship with other OEMs.
  • The influx of devices with enterprise software features and capabilities such as water and dust-proof design and daylight readable displays are directly challenging the value proposition of many enterprise-designed devices, especially higher-priced ruggedized devices.
  • The tablet market is more open territory as Apple's first-mover advantage with the iPad wanes. While some of Apple's early fast followers have left the market, new players are entering the market almost daily, mainly with Android-based products of varying display sizes and capabilities. The openness of this platform and the endless opportunities associated with device features and pricing will continue to make it very attractive for organizations. The ability of the Windows 8 platform to crack even the enterprise market remains unclear. Enterprise and government organizations continue to be hesitant in making further investment in Windows-based platforms as of yet. On the hardware front, expect Microsoft to consolidate its next-gen Surface and Nokia's entry into the tablet market in the near future

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings

Smartphones Global Market Forecast

  • At a Glance
    • Global smartphone forecast by user type in shipped units (millions)
  • Ideas & Insights: Enterprise mobility drives trends

Regional Forecasts

  • Regional enterprise and government smartphone shipments forecast in units (millions)
  • The Americas: Mobile workforce will only expand
  • EMEA: BYOD and multi-platform support growing
  • APAC: Market open for emerging, low-cost players

Competitive Landscape by Technologies

  • Overview
  • Competitive Landscape by OS
    • At a Glance
      • 1H 2013 smartphone enterprise and government market share by OS (% of units)
    • Vendor Insights
  • Competitive Landscape by Hardware
    • At a Glance
      • 1H 2013 smartphone enterprise and government market share by hardware (% of units)
    • Vendor Insights

Forecast by Vertical

  • At a Glance
    • Global enterprise and government smartphone shipments by vertical in units (millions)
  • Ideas & Insights: Consumer trends drive usage, ease training

Smartphone End-User Trends and Insights

Global Market Overview and Forecast

  • Global Market at a Glance
    • Global tablet forecast by user type in units shipped (millions)
  • Ideas & Insights: Tablets are fastest-growing form factor

Regional Forecasts

  • At a Glance
    • Forecast of regional tablet shipments to enterprise and government in units (millions)
  • Ideas & Insights: Tablet appetite growing beyond iOS

Comparative Landscape

  • Overview
    • On OS front, Apple iOS continues to dominate but Android gaining fast
    • In hardware, iPad feeling heat from other competitors
    • Having a device is not enough; you need the ecosystem too
  • Competitive Landscape by Technology
    • At a Glance
      • Global forecast of tablet unit shipments to enterprises by OS (thousands)
      • Shipments of tablets to enterprises and government by hardware vendor (percent of units)
    • Vendor Insights by OS
    • Vendor Insights by Hardware

Tablet End-User Trends and Insights

Additional Exhibits

  • Global enterprise and government tablet unit shipments by major industry (millions)
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