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Data Centre Landscape Bundle: France, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom

出版商 Tariff Consultancy Ltd. 商品編碼 497555
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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資料中心市場形勢:法國,德國,荷蘭,英國 Data Centre Landscape Bundle: France, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom
出版日期: 2017年04月25日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供歐洲的4大資料中心市場,即法國、德國、荷蘭、英國的資料中心市場形勢調查分析,各國市場資料 (供應商數,設施數,佔地面積,顧客電力,經營模式等) 相關的系統性資訊。

資料中心分析數據表 (Excel)

  • 資料中心供應商的總數
  • 資料中心設施的總數
  • 資料中心設施的主要定位 (各都市)
  • 資料中心的總建築面積 (m2)
  • 資料中心的顧客整體電力 (MW)
  • 資料中心的機架空間平均價格:各地理叢集
  • 資料中心擴張新聞等

New Data Centre Landscape Service reveals that the UK is the largest 3rd Party Data Centre Country Market with over 738,000 m2 of Data Centre raised floor space

This new service provides a complete analysis of the four largest Data Centre Country Markets in Europe namely France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

The launch edition of ‘Data Centre Landscape ’ shows the following trends:

  • The largest 3rd party Data Centre Country Market is the UK - with over 738,000 m2 of Data Centre raised floor space and 908 MW of DCCP, and 113 Data Centre Providers.
  • Average Data Centre Pricing varies by geographical cluster, with the lowest cost facilities to be found in Germany, with average rack space as low as Euro €669 per month.
  • Although the main Data Centre business models vary by each Country Market, with the most common being either the Specialized Data Centre Provider or the Telecoms Based Data Centre Provider.

With the partial exception of France and the Netherlands, there is fragmentation of Data Centre capacity, with significant clusters appearing outside the London/M25 area and the Frankfurt areas.


A detailed excel based model of each Country Market, with a number of categories listed for each country including - Data Centre Provider, Data Centre Facility, Data Centre raised floor space (in m2), Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP in MW) and the Data Centre Business Model indicated for each country.

The excel spreadsheet is a search function for each category which allows the user to perform his or her own analysis. Across the four Data Centre Landscapes, DataCentrePricing.Com has included details of over 280 Data Centre Providers with more than 640 facilities.

Analysis section DataCentrePricing.Com also provides aggregated average rack space pricing by the key Data Centre geographical clusters in each of the 4 Country Markets

Additional Benefits:

DataCentrePricing.Com also provides an indicative facility tier grade, Data Centre power density and additional notes on each Data Centre provider.

Each Data Centre Landscape excel spreadsheet also includes a Methodology section and an Analysis section. Under the Analysis section, DataCentrePricing.Com highlights the key trends in each Country Market and the key new Data Centre facility build outs in each country since the last subscription service was published.

The Data Centre Landscape is based on DataCentre.Com's database of information and provides a unique overview of the complete Data Centre market in each country - based on 3rd party Data Centre facilities - with the total Data Centre raised floor space and Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP) also highlighted.

The data can be searched by:

  • Data Centre Providers
  • Data Centre Facilities (with the main city location)
  • Carrier Based or Carrier Neutral Data Centre
  • Data Centre Business Model (Specialized Data Centre, Hosting or Cloud Data Centre or Telecoms Based Data Centre)
  • Data Centre Tier Grade (1 to 4) - based on claimed the Data Centre facility grade
  • Data Centre Raised Floor Space (by m2)
  • Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP - by MW)
  • Data Centre Power Density - (DCCP divided by Data Centre raised floor space in kW per m2)
  • Data Centre Notes - may include additional information on expansion plans, business model, services offered or historical information.

Additionally, the Data Centre Analysis data sheet provides the following summary analysis:

  • The total number of Data Centre Providers
  • The total number of Data Centre Facilities
  • The main locations for Data Centre facilities (by nearest city)
  • Total Data Centre raised floor space in m2
  • Total Data Centre Customer Power in MW
  • Average Data Centre rack space pricing by geographical cluster
  • Key new Data Centre expansion news
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