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Data Shared Plan Opportunities, Business Models and Pricing Strategies

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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數據共享計畫ソ市場機會、商業模式、價格設定策略 Data Shared Plan Opportunities, Business Models and Pricing Strategies
出版日期: 2014年06月24日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 背景/介紹
  • 數據共享計畫促進因素
  • 世界73家數據供給計畫:統計數據
  • 商業模式
  • 今後重點
  • 行銷訊息
  • 各業者使用的宣傳材料
  • 整合服務


  • 國家/地區/業者
  • 服務名稱
  • 商業模式
  • SIM卡最大流通數輛
  • 最大用戶數
  • 語音通話、SMS、可使用數據通訊的追加SIM卡
  • 追加SIM卡ソ數據通訊許容量
  • 手機用SIM卡:單次使用費用
  • 手機用SIM卡:月費
  • 平板用SIM卡:單次使用費用
  • 平板用SIM卡:月費
  • 數據通訊專用追加用SIM卡:單次使用費用
  • 數據通訊專用追加用SIM卡:月費
  • 行銷訊息
  • 相互交換性與限制


Product Code: DS

Shared-data plans for consumers become mainstream in Europe and North America as mobile service providers in other regions test the waters with innovative propositions.

Of 73 shared-data offerings documented globally in the second quarter 2014 by TCL, 38 appear in Europe, 6 in Canada and the USA and the remaining 29 in Africa, Asia Pacific , the Middle East and North Africa.

Despite being the world's most connected region by mobile subscriptions, predominantly prepaid Asia Pacific is yet to see a shift towards data propositions that allow sharing and consumption among multiple devices. TCL forecasts that shared-data offerings will take Asia Pacific andLatin Americaby storm as operators are exploring ways to monetise on data services and encourage customers to stay with their provider.

Driving the global momentum to shared-data propositions is operators' desire to capitalise on the continuously expanding connected device ecosystem.

According to TCL's research, the most popular shared-data plan model allows multiple secondary SIMs, suitable for use in data-only devices such as tablets and dongles, share the inclusive data allowance of a primary SIM's service plan. Despite this being a popular pricing model across all regions, several European and North American markets also see a comeback of family plans where multiple SIMs of multiple users share a central pool of data, minutes and messages.

Table of Contents


Shared-Data Plans Drivers

Statistics of 73 Shared-Data Plans Globally

Business Models

Further Discussion Points

Marketing Messages

Marketing Material used by operators

Executive Summary


The Tracker available in Excel and allowing for comparisons of the following fields:

  • Country/Region/Operator
  • Service name
  • Business Model
  • Max No of SIMs
  • Max Nos of users
  • Additional SIM(s) can use voice, SMS, data
  • Additional SIM(s) data allowance
  • Off-off fee per additional phone SIM (LC/USD)
  • Monthly fee per additional phone SIM (LC/USD)
  • Off-off fee per additional tablet SIM (LC/USD)
  • Monthly fee per additional tablet SIM (LC/USD)
  • Off-off fee per additional data-only device SIM (LC/USD)
  • Monthly fee per additional data-only device SIM (LC/USD)
  • Marketing Message
  • Compatibilities and restrictions

Operators analysed

  • Albania/Vodafone
  • Australia/Telstra
  • Bahrain/Viva
  • Belgium/Mobistar
  • Belgium/Mobistar
  • Belgium/Base
  • Canada/Bell
  • Canada/Bell
  • Canada/Rogers
  • Canada/Telus
  • Cyprus/MTN
  • Denmark/TDC
  • Denmark/Telenor
  • Denmark/Telia
  • Egypt/Vodafone
  • Estonia/EMT
  • France/Orange
  • France/SFR
  • Germany/T-Mobile
  • Germany/Vodafone
  • Germany/Vodafone
  • Germany/O2
  • Greece/Cosmote
  • Greece/Vodafone
  • Hong Kong/China Mobile Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong/3
  • Hong Kong/SmarTone
  • Hong Kong/PCCW
  • Hong Kong/CSL (1010)
  • Hungary/T-Mobile
  • India/Reliance
  • Ireland/O2
  • Italy/TIM
  • Japan/NTT Docomo
  • Kuwait/Viva
  • Malaysia/Maxis
  • Malaysia/U Mobile
  • Netherlands/KPN
  • Netherlands/Vodafone
  • New Zealand/2degrees mobile
  • Nigeria/Etisalat
  • Norway/Netcom
  • Norway/Telenor
  • Portugal/Nos
  • Portugal/Portugal Telecom
  • Saudi Arabia/STC
  • Saudi Arabia/Zain
  • Saudi Arabia/Mobily
  • Saudi Arabia/Mobily
  • Singapore/Singtel
  • Singapore/StarHub
  • Singapore/StarHub
  • Singapore/M1
  • Slovenia/Telekom
  • South Africa/Vodacom
  • South Africa/Telkom Mobile
  • Spain/Movistar
  • Spain/Movistar
  • Spain/Vodafone
  • Spain/Orange
  • Spain/Yoigo
  • Spain/Yoigo
  • Sweden/Telenor
  • Sweden/Telenor
  • Sweden/Telia
  • Sweden/Telia
  • Thailand/DTAC
  • Thailand/AIS
  • Turkey/Turkcell
  • UAE/Du
  • UK/EE
  • USA/AT&T
  • USA/Verizon Wireless
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