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紫外線 (UV) LED照明的全球市場的分析與預測 (2015年)

UV LEDS: Market Analysis And Forecast 2015

出版商 Strategies Unlimited 商品編碼 339421
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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紫外線 (UV) LED照明的全球市場的分析與預測 (2015年) UV LEDS: Market Analysis And Forecast 2015
出版日期: 2015年09月15日 內容資訊: 英文

產生可見光的LED照明,活用於各種領域 (TV、行動電話的背光、汽車、一般用照明設備等) 。另一方面,紫外線 (UV) LED照明剛開始代替現有的紅外線照明,今後將擴展到各種市場 (治療用、仿冒品鑑別、醫療、感測器、印刷、生物分析、空氣、水質淨化等) 。紫外線LED照明的市場規模,2015年約2億美元,5年後約15億美元,預計以50%年複合成長率 (CAGR) 擴大。現在美國、日本是最大的市場,不過,今後預計中國等新興國家需求也將擴大。

本報告提供全球紫外線 (UV) LED照明相關分析,技術、產品概要,及整體市場結構,主要的利用領域,全球整體及各地區、各用途、各類型 (UV-A/UV-B/UV-C) 的市場趨勢預測,主要供應商概要等相關調查。


  • 分析方法
  • 背景情況


  • 紫外線 (UV) LED照明
  • 最終用途
  • LED照明的電源定義
  • 地區


  • 整體市場規模:各部門
  • 紫外線LED照明:各最終用途


  • 供應商資訊
  • 供應商的排行榜


  • 北美
  • 歐洲
  • 中國
  • 日本
  • 其他的國家 (RoW)

While visible-spectrum LEDs have penetrated into TV and mobile backlighting, auto, general lighting, signage and other markets, UV LEDs are just beginning to replace incumbent UV sources in a diverse arrays of markets, including curing, counterfeit detection, medical, sensing, printing, bio analysis and water/air disinfection markets.

To date, the curing industry has had the greatest usage and penetration of UV LEDs. This report will show that other applications are beginning to increase their usage of UV LEDs as the technology evolves. This growth is expected to continue through the report's forecast period, so while the global UV LED market is expected to be worth approximately $200 Million in 2015, it is forecasted to grow significantly in the next five years to approximately $1.5 billion, with a CAGR of 50%.

From our research, we found the major markets to be in North America and Japan. However, while their usage is relatively limited in countries such as China and other emerging markets, it is expected that these regions are poised to undergo significant growth in the next 5 years as well.

Interestingly, the industry's leading suppliers of UV-B and UV-C LEDs are not the main global LED suppliers, due mainly to the customized tools and materials needed to produce them. As a result, most global LED leaders are mainly in the UV-A market, which helps explain their higher presence in this market. However, as the demand for UV-B and UV-C products increases and as their prices decrease, we expect to see more competition and product options. This will further expand the market for these goods, as is the case with UV-A LEDs.

Table of Contents

ground & Information

  • Method of Analysis
  • Background


  • UV LEDs
  • End Applications
  • LED Power Definitions
  • Regions

Executive Summary

  • Total Market by Sector
  • UV LED by End Application

Supplier Information

  • Supplier Information
  • Supplier Rankings

Regional Data

  • North America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Rest of World
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