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Vietnam Food Processing Market 2016 Report

出版商 StoxPlus - Biinform 商品編碼 367265
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 102 Pages
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越南的加工食品市場分析 Vietnam Food Processing Market 2016 Report
出版日期: 2016年08月08日 內容資訊: 英文 102 Pages

本報告提供越南的加工食品市場相關分析,市場結構和最新形勢,整體市場規模的變化,近幾年的資本交易趨勢,各部門詳細趨勢 - 生產體制,需求與供給趨勢,流通結構,價值鏈概要,競爭環境 -、宏觀經濟環境,法律上的法規環境等調查評估。



第1章 越南的加工食品市場概要

  • 市場結構
  • 市場規模
  • 價值鏈結構
  • 主要的企業合併、收購 (M&A) 議案

第2章 各部門分析

  • 水產加工品
    • 水產業
    • 供應結構
    • 需求結構
    • 流通
    • 競爭環境
  • 肉類加工品
  • 乳製品
  • 蔬菜、水果加工品

第3章 宏觀經濟趨勢及法規結構

  • 宏觀經濟
  • 法規結構

‘Vietnam Food Processing Market 2016’ report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and cross-cutting market issues.

We have completed the review of food processing landscape in Vietnam, including the market overview, analysis of demand, supply, distribution, value chain and competitive landscape of each segments, investment activities and legal framework.

Below are the most critical findings in our first issue:

  • 1. Total industry is valued at 4 US$bn. Food processing industry can be segmented into 4 sections - processed seafood, processed meat, Milk products and processed fruit & vegetables. Processed seafood and Milk products are the biggest segments.
  • 2. Growth of processed seafood sale depended heavily on sale of export processed seafood. Therefore, export companies receive favourable support from the government. Total sales of export processed seafood picked up during 2010-2014 with CAGR of 13% but fell in 2015 because of numerous reasons including depreciation of the Japanese Yen and European Euro, pressure of anti-dumping laws from the US, .....

Domestic production of processed seafood was equivalent to 40% of total seafood production, increasing steadily at 2-3% annual since 2011. Currently, factories are not operating efficiently at designed capacity due to the lack of raw ingredient supply.

  • 3. Vietnam domestic meat market continues to grow in 2015. Even though domestic market of processed meat is still at a fairly undeveloped stage, it has still attracted many big players, especially foreign investors. This segment also witnessed the largest value of M&A deals in 2015 compared to other segments.

Sausage has become the hottest category because of its high profitability and preference of Vietnamese consumer. In 2014, although revenues earned from sausages only accounted for 25.4 per cent of VISSAN's total revenue, the profit recorded by the sales of this product accounted for more than 60 per cent of the company's profit.

  • 4. Domestic production of milk has doubled in the last 5 years as of 2015. Big players like Vinamilk, Nutifood are still expanding or building new factories to increase milk supply. However, this only met 30% of total domestic demand. Therefore, import market of milk still has a lot of opportunity for growth.

Milk products is the largest segment in the food processing industry, followed by yogurt with five year CAGR of 13% and 12% respectively. According to MOIT, per capita milk consumption in Vietnam was just 18 liters per annum in 2013 and was expected to rise to 21 liters by 2015 and 35 liters by 2025. Therefore, milk products market will continue to grow strong in the future.

  • 5. Domestic processed Fruit & Vegetables market in Vietnam is at a fairly underdeveloped stage. The segment has not experienced much growth with only 12% annual on average in the last 5 years.

Domestic production of processed fruit & vegetables depends on the growth of export market with most producers concentrating in the South as supply is more abundant in this region.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


1. Vietnam Food Processing Market Overview

  • 1.1. Market structure
  • 1.2. Market Size
  • 1.3. Value chain structure
  • 1.4. Major M&A

2. Segment Analysis

  • 2.1. Processed Seafood
    • Seafood Industry
    • Supply Analysis
    • Demand Analysis
    • Distribution
    • Competitive Landscape
  • 2.2. Processed Meat
    • Meat Industry
    • Supply Analysis
    • Demand Analysis
    • Distribution
    • Competitive Landscape
  • 2.3. Milk products
    • Supply Analysis
    • Demand Analysis
    • Distribution
    • Competitive Landscape
  • 2.4. Processed Fruit & Vegetables
    • Fruit & Vegetables Industry
    • Supply Analysis
    • Demand Analysis
    • Distribution
    • Competitive Landscape

3. Macroeconomic Situation & Regulatory Framework

  • Macroeconomics
  • Regulatory Framework
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