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Road Construction Equipment in North America: Asphalt Pavers - Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels & Trends

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北美的道路建設機器市場:瀝青鋪設機 Road Construction Equipment in North America: Asphalt Pavers - Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels & Trends
出版日期: 2017年06月27日 內容資訊: 英文 39 Pages


第1章 調查範圍

第2章 產品類型

第3章 市場規模的預測(以數量、金額為準)

第4章 市場佔有率:競爭分析(以數量、金額為準)

  • 製造企業:各類型
  • 製造企業的產品結構
  • 市場佔有率:全產品
    • 市場佔有率:高速公路用瀝青鋪設機
    • 市場佔有率:商業用瀝青鋪設機
    • 市場佔有率:各行車類型

第5章 市場分析

  • 平均價格
  • 流通管道
  • 合併 & 收購

第6章 市場預測

第7章 生產趨勢:各地區

第8章 主要製造企業的資訊

第9章 製造企業簡介

Product Code: ROAD-ASPPAV17

An asphalt paver is a self-propelled machine on wheels or tracks, consisting of a tractor and a floating screed, that is utilized to pave roads with hot mix asphalt. In the asphalt paving process, trucks deliver hot mix asphalt from asphalt plants to the construction site, where the asphalt is loaded onto the asphalt paver hopper. The asphalt is spread evenly over the surface to be paved and provides minor compaction before an asphalt roller is used for compaction to the desired density.

Depending on the operating weight, asphalt pavers are classified as Highway Class Pavers and Commercial Pavers. Asphalt paving machines with operating weights of 19,000 lbs. or more are categorized as highway class pavers. In highway pavers, the tractor and the screed are two separate units, manufactured by both independent screed manufacturers and by the tractor manufacturers.

Commercial pavers are smaller units, with operating weights typically less than 19,000 lbs. These are used to construct and rehabilitate intercity roads, driveways, patios, walkways, and other outdoor platforms. While certain companies manufacture commercial pavers of over 19,000 lbs., most of these units continue to be below the 19,000 lbs. mark. In commercial pavers, the screed and the tractor comprise a single unit, manufactured by the commercial paver manufacturer.

Thirteen companies participate in the asphalt paver market in North America, four of which import pavers for the North American market.

Key aspects detailed in this report include estimation of market size, market shares by type, demand factors, trends and outlook for each segment, as well as profiles of the 13 manufacturers supplying asphalt paving equipment into the U.S. and Canadian markets.

This report is part of a multi-client project on road construction equipment that seeks to address the needs of clients from a variety of segments, ranging from construction equipment manufacturers and large highway construction contractors to small road maintenance contractors-who are likely to be well-versed on the subject-to private equity firms and management analysts that need to understand the market from an outsider standpoint with no prior knowledge.

Table of Contents

1. Scope

2. Product Types

3. Market Size Estimates - Units & Dollars 2016

4. Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars

  • 4.1. Manufacturers by Type
  • 4.2. Manufacturers Product Mix
  • 4.3. Market Shares: All Products
    • 4.3.1. Market Shares: Highway Class Pavers
    • 4.3.2. Market Shares: Commercial Pavers
    • 4.3.3. Market Shares: By Undercarriage Type

5. Market Analysis

  • 5.1. Average Price
  • 5.2. Distribution Channels
  • 5.3. Mergers & Acquisitions

6. Outlook 2017 – 2021

7. Production by Region

8. Key Manufacturer Data

9. Manufacturer Profiles [13 companies profiled]

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