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Refuse Truck Body Manufacturing in Europe

出版商 商品編碼 311935
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 130 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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歐洲的垃圾收集車·回收回收車的車身製造 Refuse Truck Body Manufacturing in Europe
出版日期: 2014年08月21日 內容資訊: 英文 130 Pages






  • 前置裝載垃圾收集車
  • 自動側面裝載垃圾收集車
  • 手動/半自動側面裝載車
  • 後面裝載機垃圾收集車
  • 回收卡車
  • 其他廢棄物收集車


  • 製造的實踐·產品·技術
  • 產品的創新
    • 壓縮系統
    • 技術改良
    • 廢棄物集裝箱的沖洗系統
    • 從集裝箱取出廢棄物
  • 替代燃料
  • 產業結構
    • 規模·特徵
    • 地區的分佈
    • 所有者結構
    • 產品結構
    • 前10名
  • M&A活動·整合·重組
    • Ab Narpes Tra & Metall/NTM
    • Farid Industrie S.p.A
    • Faun Kirchhoff Gruppe
    • Geesink Norba
    • Ros Roca
    • Zoeller Kirchhoff Gruppe
    • Van Schijndek B.V.
  • 盈利分析
    • Dennis Eagle Ltd.
    • Faun Zoeller UK Ltd.
    • Geesink Norba, UK
    • Heil Farid European Co. Ltd.


  • 途徑
  • 市場規模
  • 市場佔有率
  • 市場分析:各產品類型
    • 前置裝載
    • 自動側面裝載
    • 手動/半自動側面裝載
    • 後面裝載機
    • 回收卡車


  • 地區區分
  • 製造估計:各地區


  • 需求推進因素
  • 市場規模預測



Product Code: FOCUS-RFS-EUR-14

This report examines the business of refuse and recycling truck body manufacturing in Europe. The study is a one-time picture of manufacturers, with the key objective of identifying “who is who” in the business, with their estimated production/sales in units and at market values.

STN has presented estimates of production numbers and market shares, an overview of the broad competitive picture-including standings of key identified manufacturers-and the demand outlook for the industry. STN identified forty-two European refuse and recycling truck body manufacturers, across 16 countries, which supply refuse truck bodies to customers across the European continent. Many leading manufacturers are also establishing assembly facilities in Asia and Africa to expand operations outside Europe.

The 2013 value of refuse and recycling units from European manufacturers is estimated at a little over US$1 billion. Production estimates presented are only for new refuse truck bodies. Certain manufacturers remanufacture (refurbish) refuse truck bodies; however these numbers are not included in market size estimates.

Refuse trucks powered by alternative fuels are increasingly being used across Europe, as fleets look at replacing older diesel-powered trucks with cleaner burning CNG and bio-methane powered vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The share of CNG-powered/bio-methane trucks in new orders has been on the rise in the last few years and is expected to continue to grow. Common reasons for adopting alternative-fueled vehicles include fuel economy, lower CO2 and particulate emissions, and quieter operation.

The rear loader has been and remains the most common type of loader in use in Europe. However the automated side loader is witnessing increasing adoption for transport of residential waste. The growing popularity of automated side loaders is due largely to more efficient waste collection and one-man operation. There is also a growing demand for top/rear loaders with cranes for collection of waste from underground containers. Deep underground collection containers are increasingly being used as an alternative to wheeled collection bins for recyclables, organics and other waste.

These and other topics are the subject of this publication from (“STN”). The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

Table of Contents

A. Preface

B. Scope & Methodology

C. Product Definitions

  • C.1. Front Loader Refuse Trucks
  • C.2. Automated Side Loader Refuse Trucks
  • C.3. Manual/Semi-Automated Side Loader Refuse Trucks
  • C.4. Rear Loader Refuse Trucks
  • C.5. Refuse Trucks with Cranes
  • C.6. Recycling Trucks
  • C.7. Other Waste Collection Vehicles

D. Industry Overview

  • D.1. Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
  • D.2. Product Innovation
    • D.2.1. Compaction Systems
    • D.2.2. Technological Improvements
    • D.2.3. Waste Container Washing Systems
    • D.2.4. Discharge of Waste from Underground Containers
  • D.3. Alternative Fuel
  • D.4. Industry Structure
    • D.4.1. Size & Characteristics
    • D.4.2. Geographical Spread
    • D.4.3. Ownership Structure
    • D.4.4. Product Mix
    • D.4.5. Top Ten
  • D.5. M&A Activity, Plant Expansion, Consolidation & Realignment
    • D.5.1. Ab Narpes Tra & Metall/NTM
    • D.5.2. Farid Industrie S.p.A
    • D.5.3. Faun Kirchhoff Gruppe
    • D.5.4. Geesink Norba
    • D.5.5. Ros Roca
    • D.5.6. Zoeller Kirchhoff Gruppe
    • D.5.7. Van Schijndek B.V.
  • D.6. Profitability Analysis
    • D.6.1. Dennis Eagle Ltd.
    • D.6.2. Faun Zoeller UK Ltd.
    • D.6.3. Geesink Norba, UK
    • D.6.4. Heil Farid European Co. Ltd.

E. Market Analysis

  • E.1. Channels
  • E.2. Market Size
  • E.3. Market Shares
    • E.3.1. Market Share by Product Type
      • E.3.1.1. Front Loaders
      • E.3.1.2. Automated Side Loaders
      • E.3.1.3. Manual/Semi-Automated Side Loaders
      • E.3.1.4. Rear Loaders
      • E.3.1.5. Recycling Trucks

F. Analysis by Geographic Region

  • F.1. Region Classification
  • F.2. Production Estimates by Region

G. Market Outlook

  • G.1. Demand Drivers
  • G.2. Projected Market Size

H. Manufacturer Data

I. Manufacturer Profiles

  • A. Kaoussis S.A.
  • Ab Narpes Tra & Metall/ NTM
  • AMS S.p.A.
  • Atrik d.o.o.
  • Calabrese S.p.A./C.V.I. Soc. Coop.
  • Cos.Eco Costruzioni Ecologiche S.r.l.
  • CTI
  • Dulevo International S.p.A.
  • Emi Tecno Due S.r.l.
  • Farid Industrie S.p.A.
    • Farid Industrie S.p.A.
    • Heil Farid European Company Limited
    • Farid de Venezuela CA
  • Faun Kirchhoff Gruppe
  • Fratelli Mazzocchia
  • G.Gillard SAS
  • Garwood Europe Ltd.
  • Geesink Norba
  • Kobit Holding Ltd.
  • Kommash, JSC
  • Mecagil-Lebon
    • VDK Waste Systems
    • Inco-Mol Ltd.
  • MWM Brzesko Ltd./ Malopolska Wytwórnia Maszyn Brzesko Ltd.
  • Officine Pilla
  • Officine Por.Celli S.r.l.
  • OMB International S.r.l.
  • Ros Roca
    • Ros Roca Environment
    • Dennis Eagle
    • HS Automotive GmbH
    • Eurovoirie
    • Usimeca
  • Rossi Hydraulics Ltd./Red Hydraulic S.r.l/ Rossi Oleodinamica S.r.l.
  • Spider Metal Industry
  • Stewart Commercials
  • Terberg Matec
  • Translift Group B.V.
  • Van Schijndek B.V.
  • Zoeller Kirchhoff Gruppe
    • Haller Benelux B.V.
    • SEMAT S.A.
    • Stummer Eurowaren/Mute Municipal Vehicles Ges.MbH
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