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Lowbed/Heavy-Haul Trailer and Oilfield Float Manufacturing in North America

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 151 Pages
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北美低底盤/重運輸聯結車及油田拖車製造業 Lowbed/Heavy-Haul Trailer and Oilfield Float Manufacturing in North America
出版日期: 2014年01月10日 內容資訊: 英文 151 Pages




  • 低底盤/重運輸聯結車
    • 低底盤/重運輸聯結車的車頸選項
  • 油田拖車


  • 製造、產品及技術
  • 產品革新
  • 產業結構
  • M&A活動、新加入廠商、合併及重組
    • M&A活動和產品組合的多樣化
    • 工廠的擴張與重組
  • 盈利分析
    • Manitex International
    • McCoy Corporation: McCoy Trailers
    • Wabash National Corp.


  • 通路
  • 市場規模
  • 市場佔有率


  • 地區分類
  • 各地區生產估計


  • 需求決定要素
  • 預測市場規模



  • A J R Inc.
  • Arne's Welding Ltd.
  • Aspen Custom Trailers
  • Atoka Trailer & Mfg.
  • Big John Trailers
  • 其他68家公司
Product Code: FOCUS-LOWBED-TRL13

This report examines the business of lowbed/heavy-haul trailer and oilfield float manufacture in North America. Lowbed trailers, also known as lowboy trailers, feature an extra-strong frame with an open deck very low to the ground. They have a lower center of gravity as compared to standard platform trailers, resulting in added stability for heavier and taller equipment. These trailers are designed for carrying extremely heavy, tall or bulky cargo, and are used in oilfields, mining, construction and other industries requiring the transportation of heavy equipment. Lowbed trailers also include Schnabel trailers used to transport wind turbine towers by the wind energy segment.

Lowbed trailers include single drop, double-drop and extendable trailers with fixed necks, detachable goosenecks and folding/scissor-necks. Oilfield floats are a relatively small product segment within the category. These units are characterized by being fitted with pick-up throats, tail rollers, and either folding or no landing gear. Oilfield floats bridge the gap between flatbed and lowbed trailers.

The North American lowbed/heavy-haul trailer industry is highly fragmented, with a large number of small, regionally focused players. The regional manufacturers compete successfully mainly because of product customization and transportation costs. Lowbed trailer manufacturing has relatively low barriers to entry, especially for standardized units.

STN identified seventy-three manufacturers of lowbed trailers and oilfield floats in North America in 2012, and has presented estimates of 2012 production/sales in units and at market values, as well as an overview of the broad competitive picture-including standings of key manufacturers-and the demand outlook for the industry through 2017.

These and other topics are the subject of this report from ("STN"). The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.

Table of Contents

A. Preface

B. Scope & Methodology

C. Product Definitions

  • C.1 Lowbed/Heavy-Haul Trailers
  • C.1.1 Neck Options in Lowbed/Heavy-Haul Trailers
    • C.1.1.1 Fixed-neck Lowbed Trailers
    • C.1.1.2 Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed Trailers
    • C.1.1.3 Folding/Scissor-neck Lowbed Trailers
  • C.2 Oilfield Floats

D. Industry Overview

  • D.1 Manufacturing Practices, Product & Technology
  • D.2 Product Innovation
  • D.3 Industry Structure
  • D.4 M&A Activity, New Entries, Consolidation & Realignment
    • D.4.1 M&A Activity & Product Mix Diversification
    • D.4.2 Plant Expansion & Realignment
  • D.5 Profitability Analysis
    • D.5.1 Manitex International
    • D.5.2 McCoy Corporation: McCoy Trailers
    • D.5.3 Wabash National Corp.

E. Market Analysis

  • E.1 Channels
  • E.2 Market Size
  • E.3 Market Shares
    • E.3.1 Market Share by Product Type
      • E.3.1.1 Lowbed Trailers
      • E.3.1.2 Oilfield Floats

F. Analysis by Geographic Region

  • F.1 Region Classification
  • F.2 Production Estimates by Region

G. Market Outlook

  • G.1 Demand Drivers
  • G.2 Projected Market Size

H. Manufacturer Data

I. Manufacturer Profiles

  • A J R Inc.
  • Arne's Welding Ltd.
  • Aspen Custom Trailers
  • Atoka Trailer & Mfg.
  • Big John Trailers
  • Big Tex Trailers
  • Blackstone Trailer Co./Aztec Trailers
  • BWS Manufacturing Ltd.
  • C-All Manufacturing Inc.
  • Carolina Trailers
  • Clegg Industries, Inc.
  • Cozad Trailer Sales LLC
  • Dakota Manufacturing Co., Inc./Trail-Eze Trailers
  • Deloupe Inc.
  • Doepker Industries Ltd.
  • Doonan Specialized Trailer LLC
  • Dragon Products
  • E.D. Etynre & Co.
  • Eager Beaver Trailers
  • Evan Trailers/Strick Corp.
  • Felling Trailers
  • Ferree Trailers
  • Fontaine Trailer Co.
  • Gem State Mfg. Inc.
  • General Trailer Parts LLC
  • Globe Trailers
  • Harley Murray Inc./Murray Trailers
  • Haulass Trailers
  • Heil Trailer International, Co./Kalyn Siebert
  • Holden Industries, Inc.
  • International Specialized Trailers
  • Interstate Trailers, Inc.
  • ITI Trailers & Truck Bodies Inc.
  • J & J Trailer Manufacturers & Sales Inc.
  • Jet Co.
  • Kaufman Trailers Inc.
  • K-Line Trailers Ltd.
  • Landoll Corp.
  • Ledwell & Son Enterprises, Inc.
  • Load King - A Manitex International Co.
  • Loadcraft Industries, Ltd.
  • Loadstar Trailers Inc.
  • Lode King Industries
  • Magnolia Trailers
  • Manac Inc.
  • Matrixx Specialized Trailers
  • McCoy Corp. - McCoy Trailers - Peerless & Scona
  • McLendon Trailers
  • Mega Corp.
  • Neville Welding Co./Neville Built Trailers
  • Overbilt Trailer Co.
  • Palomino Manufacturing Corp.
  • Pitts Trailers
  • Pratt Industries Inc.
  • Rayfab Inc.
  • Rogers Brothers Corp.
  • Scheltema Trailer Manufacturing Inc.
  • Schnure Mfg. Co. Inc.
  • South Ag Distributing, Inc./Proline Trailers
  • Talbert Mfg. Inc.
  • Temisko Inc.
  • Thru-way Trailers
  • Towmaster, Inc.
  • Trail King Industries
  • Trailboss Trailers
  • TWAMCO Trailer Manufacturing
  • United Specialized Trailers
  • Viking Trailers
  • Wade Services, Inc.
  • Waltron Trailers Inc.
  • Whit-Log
  • Witzco Trailers Inc.
  • X-L Specialized Trailers, Inc.
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