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全球鋰離子電池需求預測 (2025年)

Global Lithium Ion Battery Demand Forecast (~2025)

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 249 Pages
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全球鋰離子電池需求預測 (2025年) Global Lithium Ion Battery Demand Forecast (~2025)
出版日期: 2017年04月28日 內容資訊: 英文 249 Pages

本報告提供全球鋰離子電池 (LIB) 市場相關調查,全球小型、中型、大型LIB的目前供需情形 (應用、種類、設備、各國) 、各設備類型的電池價格趨勢、預測,主要LIB製造商生產能力與生產線擴大計劃相關資訊,出貨量成果為基礎的中長期性的供需預測等。

第1章 中長期性的LIB市場預測:各應用領域

  • 全球LIB市場中長期性的預測
  • 小型LIB市場 (IT,新應用,LIB替代)
  • 中型、大型LIB市場 (xEV)
  • 中型、大型LIB市場 (ESS)
  • LIB價格預測 (IT, xEV, ESS)

第2章 目前LIB需求、預測

  • 小型LIB市場
    • 目前市場 (IT,電力工具)
    • 行動電話
    • 平板電腦
    • 筆記型電腦
    • 電動工具/園藝用工具
    • 新的應用市場
    • 穿戴式設備
    • 智慧型手錶
    • 行動電池
    • E-摩托車
    • xEV (Tesla)
    • 其他 (無人機等)
    • 各電池製造廠商
  • 中型、大型LIB市場:電動車
    • 電動車
    • 各類型/國家/汽車廠商/汽車模式
    • 電動汽車的電池 類型/國家/電池製造廠商
  • 中型、大型LIB市場:ESS市場
    • 各用途
    • 家用/商業用/電源/UPS用
    • 各國
    • 各電池製造廠商

第3章 目前LIB供給、預測

  • 主要LIB製造商目前生產據點
    • Samsung SDI的生產據點/生產能力
    • LG Chem的生產據點/生產能力
    • SK Innovation的生產據點/生產能力
    • Panasonic的生產據點/生產能力
    • SONY的生產據點/生產能力
    • ATL的生產據點/生產能力
    • Lishen的生產據點/生產能力
    • BYD的生產據點/生產能力
  • 小型LIB市場
    • 主要電池製造商生產能力 (圓柱型)
    • 主要電池製造商生產能力 (角柱形)
    • 主要電池製造商生產能力 (聚合物)
    • 韓國/中國/日本製造商預測
  • 中型、大型LIB市場

第4章 LIB的供給、需求預測

  • 小型LIB市場
    • 供給、需求預測 (圓柱型)
    • 供給、需求預測 (角柱形)
    • 供給、需求預測 (聚合物)
  • 中型、大型LIB的供給、需求預測
    • 供給、需求預測 (圓柱型)
    • 供給、需求預測 (角柱形)

第5章 摘要、預測




Recent secondary battery market has seen a gradual expansion of new applications and LIB replacements as small- and medium-sized battery market become matured. For medium- and large-sized batteries, the performance in ESS and xEV will be the key to success.

This report reviews the current status of the lithium-ion secondary battery market and provides an outlook of possible mid- and long-term changes in market and leadership structure among LIB manufacturers based on supply and demand forecasts by application and type.

In chapter 1, overall mid- and long-term forecast for small-sized LIB battery, electric vehicles, ESS, and price trend of battery cell/pack are examined.

In Chapter 2, detailed survey on the current demand by application and market forecast were provided, and in Chapter 3, the LIB supply capacities of each battery maker and their production line expansion plans are described. Lastly, in Chapter 4, the supply and demand in the LIB market are forecast by analyzing the information described in the previous Chapters.

This survey and analysis on the supply and demand forecast of lithium-ion secondary batteries and mid- and long-term market prospect will offer useful information for battery manufacturers, related material suppliers, and relevant customers.

The strong points of this report include,

  • At-a-glance summary of the current supply and demand status of the global small-, medium-, and large-sized LIB by application, type, device, and country
  • Trends and forecasts of the cell prices for each type of devices
  • Information on the production capacity of the leading LIB makers and their production line expansion plans
  • Mid- and long-term supply and demand forecast (~2025) based on the shipments between 2014 and 2016

Table of Contents

1. Mid- and long-term LIB market forecast by application (~2020)

  • 1.1. Mid- and long-term global LIB market forecast (~ 2020) (capacity, sales)
  • 1.2. Small-sized LIB market (IT, New App, LIB replacement)
  • 1.3. Mid- and large-sized LIB market (xEV)
  • 1.4. Mid- and large-sized LIB market (ESS)
  • 1.5. LIB price forecast (IT, xEV, ESS)

2. Current LIB demand and forecast (~2020)

  • 2.1. Small-sized LIB market
    • Current markets (IT, power tools)
    • Mobile Phone
    • Tablet
    • Note PC
    • Power Tool / Garden Tool
    • New Application Market
    • Wearable Device
    • Smart Watch
    • Power Bank
    • E-Bike
    • xEV (Tesla)
    • Etc. (Dron, Next Gen.)
    • By battery maker
  • 2.2. Mid- and large-sized LIB market - Electric vehicles
    • Electric vehicles
    • By type/country/auto maker/vehicle model
    • Batteries for electric vehicles
    • By type/country/battery maker
  • 2.3. Mid- and large-sized LIB market - ESS
    • By usage
    • For household/commercial/power/UPS
    • By country
    • By battery maker

3. Current LIB supply and forecast (~2020)

  • 3.1. Current production bases of major LIB makers
    • Samsung SDI production base/production capacity
    • LG Chem production base/production capacity
    • SK Innovation production base/production capacity
    • Panasonic production base/production capacity
    • Sony production base/production capacity
    • ATL production base/production capacity
    • Lishen production base/production capacity
    • BYD production base/production capacity
  • 3.2. Small-sized LIB market
    • Production capacities of major battery makers (cylindrical)
    • Production capacities of major battery makers (Prismatic)
    • Production capacities of major battery makers (Polymer)
    • Forecasts for Korean/Chinese/Japanese makers
  • 3.3. Mid- and large-sized LIB market
    • Production capacity of major battery makers
      • Forecast for Korean/Chinese/Japanese battery makers

4. LIB supply and demand forecast (~2020)

  • 4.1. Small-sized LIB market
    • Supply and demand forecast (cylindrical)
    • Supply and demand forecast (Prismatic)
    • Supply and demand forecast (Polymer)
  • 4.2. Mid- and large-sized LIB supply and demand forecast
    • Supply and demand forecast (cylindrical)
    • Supply and demand forecast (Prismatic)
      • Supply and demand forecast (Polymer)

5. Summary and Implications

  • 5.1. Summary
  • 5.2. Implications


  • Value chains of major LIB makers
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