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電動車 (EV) 用電池包裝的成本分析與市場預測

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Cost Analysis and Market Outlook

出版商 SNE Research 商品編碼 360861
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 95 Pages
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電動車 (EV) 用電池包裝的成本分析與市場預測 Electric Vehicle Battery Pack Cost Analysis and Market Outlook
出版日期: 2016年05月27日 內容資訊: 英文 95 Pages

由於Volkswagen的排氣造假問題,消費者對電動車 (EV) 的興趣高漲。有一段時間,全球汽車製造商間對電動車市場未來流傳悲觀論調,不過,事態為之一變,新型車相繼發表。由於以上的市場趨勢,以及CO2排放量削減、提高燃油效率的必要性,EV用電池包裝的開發也有所發展。

本報告以全球電動車 (EV) 用電池組市場為焦點,提供整體市場結構和市場趨勢預測 (過去2年、今後5年份),電池包裝的零件的結構和成本結構,電池包裝零件的價格、市場規模預測,主要的零件供應商簡介等調查評估。

第1章 電動車概要

  • 電動車 (EV)的種類
  • 電動車的概要 (HEV (混合動力汽車),PHEV (插入式混合動力車),BEV (電池式電動車))
  • 全球汽車製造商新型EV銷售計劃

第2章 全球電動車 (EV) 及充電池的市場預測 (總計7年份)

  • 全球EV市場預測
  • 全球EV用充電池市場預測

第3章 電動車目前所使用的主要零件

  • EV的主要零件 (馬達、變頻器、汽車充電器、高電壓線束)
  • 現在所使用的電池組用零件 (連接器、線、安全插頭、PRA、電池管理系統 (BMS)、交匯處區域)

第4章 EV用電池包裝的成本分解

  • EV用電池包裝的主要的成本要素 (Model S、Leaf、i3的情況)
  • EV用電池包裝的主要的成本要素:各車種 (HEV、PHEV、EV)

第5章 EV用電池包裝零件的價格、市場趨勢的預測

  • EV用電池包裝的主要零件的價格預測 (總計6年份)
  • EV用電池包裝市場預測
    • 電池包裝市場預測 (總計6年份)
    • 電池包裝市場預測:各零件 (總計6年份)

第6章 主要零件的供應商

  • Samsung SDI/LG Chem的主要零件供應商
  • 主要的零件供應商
    • Harness
    • Housing
    • Basbar
    • Junction Block
    • BMS

Volkswagen's ‘dieselgate' sparked a renewed interest in electric cars. Even global automakers who were previously pessimistic about the future of electric cars are scrambling to deveop and roll out new electric car modles.

Many countries including the U.S. and Europe are reinforcing regulations governing automobies - CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency. Thus, it is inevitable for automakers to develop eco-friendly cars to meet increasingly strict regulations.

According to global market research firm SNE Research, the market for eco-friendly car will grow rapidly from the current level of 3.3 million units, as of 2016, to 10 million units by 2020. The market grow will also help demand for key auto parts to increase faster.

This report focuses on examining battery packs, as one of the key parts of electric cars. Based on analysis on related auto parts such as battery cells, modules and BMS (Battery Management System), housing (case), and junction boxes (including junction blocks), it provides price projections and market forecasts for auto parts by 2020.

Information of the current cost of battery pack parts, projected prices and market size can be available in this report.

Table of Contents

1. Electric Car Overview

  • 1.1. Types of Electric Cars
  • 1.2. Introduction to Electric Cars (HEV, PHEV, BEV)
  • 1.3. EV Rollout Schedule for Global Automakers

2. Global EV and Rechargeable Battery Market Forecast (2014~2020F)

  • 2.1. Global EV Market Forecast
  • 2.2. Global EV Battery Market Forecast

3. Major EV Parts Currently in Use

  • 3.1. Major EV Parts (Motor, Inverter, On-Board Charger, High-Voltage Harness)
  • 3.2. Battery Pack Parts Currently in Use (Connector, Wire, Safety Plug, PRA, BMS, Junction Block )

4. Cost Breakdown for EV Battery Packs

  • 4.1. Major Cost Contributors for EV Battery Packs (Model S, Leaf, i3)
  • 4.2. Major Cost Contributors for EV Battery Packs by EV Type (HEV, PHEV, EV)

5. Price and Market Projectsion for Key EV Battery Pack Parts

  • 5.1. Projected Prices for Key EV Battery Pack Parts (2014~2020F)
  • 5.2. EV Battery Pack Market Forecast (2015~2020F)
    • 5.2.1. Battery Pack Marekt Forecast (2015~2020F)
    • 5.2.2. Battery Pack Market Forecast by Part (2015~2020F)

6. Key Parts Suppiers

  • 6.1. Key Parts Suppliers for Samsung SDI and LG Chem
  • 6.2. Key Parts Suppliers
    • 6.2.1. Harness
    • 6.2.2. Housing
    • 6.2.3. Basbar
    • 6.2.4. Junction Block
    • 6.2.5. BMS
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