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Monthly Large Sized Display Panel Shipment and Forecast Report

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大型顯示面板的價格、出貨台數的預測:月報表 Monthly Large Sized Display Panel Shipment and Forecast Report
出版日期: 2015年10月01日 內容資訊: 英文 5 Pages

2015年9月的LCD面板的價格從前一個月下跌3%,這個下降趨勢預計到年終繼續。筆記型電腦電腦的15.6英吋HD面板的價格到靠近marginal cost的28美元為止下沉著。



  • LCD面板價格的最新資訊
  • 大型LCD面板的出貨台數的最新資訊
  • LCD製造能力、運作情形的最新趨勢
  • 價格、出貨台數趨勢分析:各尺寸、解析度、規格、製造商
  • 高價格、低價格市場平均價格分析
  • 大型LCD面板的出貨台數、價格的預測
  • Results of monthly shipments of large-sized displays and forecasts

After the 2000's, the focus of the display industry has shifted from CRT to LCD flat displays. With the increase in demand for IT products and TVs, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese display producers have shared the golden age of LCD. Currently the flat display industry is entering a new age. One of the new developments is the advance of Chinese producers. With the support of the government, BOE and CSOT are at the head of the many producers that are increasing production and even preparing OLED production, and it is a threat to the existing Korean and Taiwanese producers. Another development is the advent of the OLED age. OLED that has been applied to small and medium sized displays for smartphones in the beginning, has been extended to large-sized displays for TVs and also to tablets, notebook computers, and monitors and therefore is becoming the new technology that will replace LCD and lead the new era.

The change in the display market is intensifying the competition among producers. The competition is in the stagnant economy instead of the growing economy in the 2000's. Producers are competing on for market share in the limited market. In situations like this, analysis of market conditions and proper reactions are more emphasized. Prices will change suddenly in the consumer-led market and producers that cannot react will not survive in the market.

SNE Research intends to provide assistance to the industry by monthly analyzing the global display panel market shipments, and forecasting the future trends. Price of LCD panels in September has dropped 3% compared to the previous month, and this downward trend is predicted to continue until the end of the year. Price of notebook computer HD panels of 15.6 inch is only $28, drawing near the marginal cost. Price of large TV screen panels in September has decreased 3.3% compared to the previous month and price of 32 inch HD panel was set to $66.5, which has rapidly dropped 7% compared to the previous month. 40 inch FHD panel price was around $125, and they were supplied for less than $120 to some customers. Price of 55 inch FHD panels decreased below $220 in September, and price competition is predicted to be intensified since they are produced on 8.5th generation production lines that many producers own.

[Price Change Trend of 40 inch LCD Panels (January to December 2015), SNE Research]

Since the price of LCD panels dropped 16.2% from January to September and forecasted to decrease up to 20.47% until December, it is not likely that performances of producers will improve in the fourth quarter. The fundamental cause is weakened demand for TVs in the slow economy. The weakened demand originates not only from developed markets like the USA and Europe but also from China and other emerging markets. Also, because of the increasing production volume of Chinese TV producers, this trend of oversupply is predicted to be continued. Therefore, continued decreasing results are likely to occur until next year.

[ 2015 TV Panel Market Share (January to September Cumulative) , SNE Research ]

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Shipment and Forecast
  • 3. Raw Data
  • 4. Monthly Utility Operation Ratio
  • 5. Fabrication Status
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