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電化學電容 (電化學電容器) 的技術趨勢及市場預測 - 2015年

[2015] Electrochemical Capacitor New Technology Trend & Market Forecast

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 294 Pages
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電化學電容 (電化學電容器) 的技術趨勢及市場預測 - 2015年 [2015] Electrochemical Capacitor New Technology Trend & Market Forecast
出版日期: 2015年05月30日 內容資訊: 英文 294 Pages

本報告提供近幾年受到關注的電化學電容 (電化學電容器) 詳查,原理和類別,還有其他電容和電池的比較等電化學電容概要 ,各種電化學電容的最新技術趨勢,還有再生電力貯存等汽車產業和能源產業、運輸機器產業等的用途、適用法相關分析,再加上電化學電容的市場詳細分析。關於市場分析有家電電子產品、運輸機器、工業,及能源的4個產業領域分類、各種市場現狀、未來發展預測,還有今後的市場預測之準確把握。

第1章 電化學電容概要

  • 電化學電容定義
  • 電化學電容的原理
  • 電化學電容的歷史
  • 電化學電容的特性
    • 電化學電容 vs. 電容
    • 電化學電容 vs. 鋰離子電池
    • 電化學電容的優勢和弱點
  • 電化學電容的類別

第2章 電化學電容技術

  • 電雙層電容
  • 混合電容
  • 鋰離子電容
  • 超級電池
    • 概要
    • 性能評估情形
  • 其他
    • 奈米混合電容
    • 電化學流通電容

第3章 電化學電容的適用領域

  • 汽車
    • ISG (起動裝置、發電機兼用馬達)能源儲存
    • ISG能源儲存設備廠商
    • 活用ISG技術的汽車廠商
  • 能源儲存
  • 運輸機器產業
    • 飛機
    • 柴油混合巴士
    • 冷啟動
    • 堆高車
    • 起重機
  • 物聯網

第4章 電化學電容的市場情形及預測

  • 電化學電容的製造成本
    • 每單位容量(F)的價格
    • 每能源單位(Wh)的價格
    • 鋰離子電容的成本降低
  • 電化學電容的市場預測
  • 鋰離子電容的市場預測
  • 電化學電容市場
  • 各用途電化學電容市場預測
  • 電化學電容用材料市場
  • 電化學電容市場成長

This report explains at the beginning the clearly organized outline of the definition, principles of electrochemical capacitor as well as the developing history of the capacitor since 1960's and the characteristics. It also includes the comparison analysis on lithium ion battery, Electrochemical capacitor and Electrostatic capacitor.

The second chapter which deals with electrochemical capacitor such as electric double layer capacitor, hybrid capacitor, lithium ion capacitor, ultra battery and etc. contains performance, specification and application field of various types of capacitors.

<Picture 2-24. 2000F Lithium-ion capacitor sample and performace>

The third chapter distinguishes vehicles, energy storage, transportation, internet of things and it is comprised of various materials regarding the application cases in each field, technology and specification by use.

For instance, the portion related to energy storage introduces ESS-related technology as well as application cases of capacitor, the use of capacitor utilizing regenerative braking energy, and utilization cases in transportation such as in airplanes and electric bus.

<Picture 3-61. DVC using electric double layer capacitor established in micro-grid of Gapa Island>

The last chapter categorizes about 100 cases of analyzed electrochemical capacitor application market into 4 classifications: consumer electronics, transportation, industry and energy. It also suggests detailed description of the market condition as well as its future prospects.

As it is expected that the electrochemical capacitor will broaden its use in vehicles as well as smartphones, this report comprehends the latest technology trend of electrochemical capacitor which is receiving attention along with lithium ion battery, and lists the application of it in the industry in general. The strength of the report lies in the fact that it allows the current and future prospect of the market to be grasped.

Table of Contents

1. Outline of Electrochemical Capacitor

  • 1-1. Definition of Electrochemical Capacitor
  • 1-2. Principle of Electrochemical Capacitor
  • 1-3. History of Electrochemical Capacitor
  • 1-4. Characteristics of Electrochemical Capacitor
    • 1-4-1. Electrochemical Capacitor VS Capacitor
    • 1-4-2. Electrochemical Capacitor VS Lithium Ion Battery
    • 1-4-3. Strengths and Weaknesses of Electrochemical Capacitor
  • 1-5. Classification of Electrochemical Capacitor

2. Electrochemical Capacitor Technology

  • 2-1. Electric Double Layer Capacitor
  • 2-2. Hybrid Capacitor
  • 2-3. Lithium Ion Capacitor
  • 2-4. Ultra Battery
    • 2-4-1. Outline
    • 2-4-2. Performance Evaluation Status
  • 2-5. Others
    • 2-5-1. Nano Hybrid Capacitor
    • 2-5-2. Electrochemical flow Capacitor

3. Electrochemical Capacitor Application Field

  • 3-1. Vehicles
    • 3-1-1. ISG Energy Storage
    • 3-1-2. ISG Energy Storage Device Manufacturer
    • 3-1-3. Vehicle Manufacturers using ISG Technology
  • 3-2. Energy Storage
  • 3-3. Transportation, Industry
    • 3-3-1. Aircraft
    • 3-3-2. Diesel Hybrid Bus
    • 3-3-3. Cold Cranking
    • 3-3-4. Forklift Truck
    • 3-3-5. Crain
  • 3-4. Internet of the Things

4. Electrochemical Capacitor Market Condition & Prospects

  • 4-1. Production Cost of Electrochemical Capacitor
    • 4-1-1. Price per Capacitance (F)
    • 4-1-2. Price per Unit of Energy (Wh)
    • 4-1-3. Cost Reduction of Lithium Ion Capacitor
  • 4-2. Electrochemical Capacitor Market Prospect
  • 4-3. Lithium Ion Capacitor Market Prospect
  • 4-3. Electrochemical Capacitor Market
  • 4-4. Electrochemical Capacitor Market Prediction by Use
  • 4-5. Electrochemical Capacitor Material Market
  • 4-6. Electrochemical Capacitor Growth
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