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提高太陽能光電發電 (PV) 可靠性的PID自由技術:市場預測

PID Free Technology Development Trend to Increase Reliability of PV

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 199 Pages
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提高太陽能光電發電 (PV) 可靠性的PID自由技術:市場預測 PID Free Technology Development Trend to Increase Reliability of PV
出版日期: 2015年05月08日 內容資訊: 英文 199 Pages


第1章 簡介

第2章 太陽能電池概要

  • 太陽能電池結構與機制
  • 太陽能電池模組的結構與結構
  • 太陽能電池、模組的特徵

第3章 PID自由技術概要

  • PID現象、機制、發生狀況
  • PID檢驗、修復手法
  • PID解決方案:系統層級、模組層級、太陽能電池層級

第4章 企業、研究機關的技術開發趨勢

  • 技術開發趨勢:各機關
  • PID解決方案的商業化:各企業的技術開發趨勢

第5章 技術性展望

  • PID現象診斷技術、檢驗手法的引進預測
  • PV系統模組太陽能電池用PID自由技術的引進預測

第6章 PID自由技術的展望

  • Diversification of PID自由技術選擇和PV經營模式的多樣化

Since the 2007-2009 global economic crisis, the PV industry has survived the competition with other energy sources, making steady growth. Furthermore, over the last decade, there has been growing demand for photovoltaic systems with long-term reliability of over 20 years as well as efficiency.

Since 2010, reports on a phenomenon called PID (Potential Induced Degradation, PID) have been steadily on the rise. This is partly because there is an increased chance of the PID phenomenon over time and partly because more and more data and knowledge of the phenomenon is shared in the PV industry. The PID phenomenon, if it occurs, may cause a bigger-than-expected investment loss in PV generation business. In this sense, it is essential to understand what FID-free technology is in order to make an effective investment in the PV business, minimizing any risk.

While any defect or aging of the PV system is mainly related to just one or two components, the PID phenomenon is linked closely to the solar cell, module and even system. Thus, a comprehensive understanding of the PV system is a prerequisite for understanding the PID free technology. This report provides in-depth analyses of the PID phenomenon, mechanism and conditions necessary for the occurrence of PID involves as well as the PID free technology and market. It also provides the essential technical knowledge of the solar cell for understanding what the PID free technology is.

Chapter 3: Major Performance Factors of Solar Cell Affected by PID

Chapter 3: PID Solution

Chapter 4: Leakage Current between Solar Cell and Frame under PID Stress

Chapter 4: Arrhenius Behavior under Leakage Current According to Conductivity

Chapter 4: Comparison of PID Test Methods

Chapter 4: Na Content of Chemically Strengthened Glass

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Solar Cell Overview

  • Solar Cell Structure and Mechanism
  • Solar Cell Module Structure and Composition
  • Characteristics of Solar Cell and Module

Chapter 3: PID Free Technology Overview

  • PID Phenomenon, Mechanism and Conditions for Occurrence
  • PID Testing and Recovery Methods
  • PID Solution: System Level, Module Level, Solar Cell Level

Chapter 4: Company/Institute Technology Development Trend

  • Technology Development Trend by Institute
  • Commercialization of PID Solution: Technology Development Trend by Company

Chapter 5: Technology Outlook

  • Projected Deployment of PID Phenomenon Diagnosis Technology and Testing Methods
  • Projected Deployment of PID Free Technology for PV Systems, Modules and Solar Cells

Chapter 6: PID Free Technology Outlook

  • Diversification of PID free technology options and PV business models
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