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EV Battery Charging/Discharging System Patent Trend and Analysis

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 175 Pages
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專利分析報告:電動車充電系統 EV Battery Charging/Discharging System Patent Trend and Analysis
出版日期: 2015年02月06日 內容資訊: 英文 175 Pages

本報告提供至2014年12月在KIPO (韓國專利局) 、JPT (日本專利局) 、USPTO (美國專利商標廳) 、EPO (歐洲專利局) 或 PCT (專利合作條約) 上公開、取得的「電動車充電系統」相關的專利1萬2,000件的相關調查,其中抽出約3,000件專利的定量分析,再加上美國的81件專利詳細分析。

第1章 專利分析概要

第2章 技術概要

第3章 專利趨勢分析

第4章 EV充電系統:主要專利分析概要

第5章 主要專利分析:接觸式充電

第6章 主要專利分析:非接觸充電

第7章 主要專利分析:電池替換

第8章 主要專利分析:自我充電

第9章 主要專利分析:站技術

第10章 主要專利分析:聯接器技術

第11章 主要專利分析:經營模式技術

第12章 結論、預測


As many governments hit their stride in environmentally friendly policies and regulations on greenhouse emissions, the electric vehicle market continues to grow rapidly. Accordingly, extra attention is focused on EV charging technologies and infrastructure accessible anywhere and at any time. Currently, various charging systems are being developed as part of government-backed programs in many developed countries. When these charging infrastructure and technologies begin to be deployed at commercial scale, many positive effects such as enhanced convenience and cost savings will lead to rapid growth in electric vehicle penetration.

With the rosy outlook for the EV market, this report is intended to examine the patent trend in the EV charging system domain to provide a comprehensive insight for related industries to set research and business targets.

This report examines about 12,000 published applications and granted patents on "EV charging systems" that have been filed until December, 2014 in KIPO, JPT, USPTO, EPO or PCT applications. In addition, this report provides a quantitative analysis of about 3,000 target patents selected from a total of 12,000 patents. Especially, provided are patenting trends by country/year, top applicants by year, patenting trends of leading companies by country, patenting trends of the leading companies, patenting trend by technology, patenting trends by technology/year, top applicants by applicant, shares of technology sectors by period, major applicants by period, trends by technology/country, trends in top applicants/inventors, top applicants/inventors by country (US,KR,JP, EU)k, patent transfer trends, technology focus areas and key patent lists of charging system companies.

In addition, 81 U.S. patents are selected from the 3,000 target patents based on patent indices. As for the 81 key U.S. patents, provided are key patent filings of top applicants by country, key patent filings by applicants' nationality and year, key patent filings by year/technology, key patent filings by technology, key patent filings of leading companies by technology, trends in top applicants of key patents, key patent lists by country, technology timelines and key patent summaries.

Likewise, this report provides various qualitative and quantitative analyses for EV charging systems as a useful guidance for R&D targets by companies, policymaking activities by governments and research efforts by universities.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Patent Analysis Overview
  • 2. Technology Overview
  • 3. Patenting Trend Analysis
  • 4. EV Charging System Key Patent Analysis Overview
  • 5. Key Patent Analysis -Contact Charging
  • 6. Key Patent Analysis - Wireless Charging
  • 7. Key Patent Analysis- Battery Exchange
  • 8. Key Patent Analysis - Self-Charging
  • 9. Key Patent Analysis- Station Technology
  • 10. Key Patent Analysis- Coupler Technology
  • 11. Key Patent Analysis- Business Model Technology
  • 12. Conclusion and Implication
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