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UV LED:主要專利分析、市場預測

UV LED-Key Patent Analysis and Market Forecast (2012~2018)

出版商 SNE Research 商品編碼 291082
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 237 Pages
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UV LED:主要專利分析、市場預測 UV LED-Key Patent Analysis and Market Forecast (2012~2018)
出版日期: 2013年09月10日 內容資訊: 英文 237 Pages

UV LED在UV照明市場上急速成長,其市場佔有率從2012年的11%(5,300萬美元)至2018年預計達到5億2,100萬美元。儘管如此,UV LED光源面臨著許多技術問題。譬如,採用AIN(氮化鋁合金)為基礎的材料,難以製造高品質的薄膜,還有UV LED設備製造、包裝的技能勞工和資源的不足導致照明生產量低。由於近幾年許多企業進入UV LED產業,預計技術開發將更為成熟。

本報告提供近幾年在LED產業上受矚目的UV LED專利的詳細分析、主要應用的技術開發趨勢與預測、全球主要專利分析、整體專利趨勢分析、主要專利趨勢分析、發行專利分析,及UV LED技術的時間軸分析等彙整,為您概述為以下內容。


第1章 UV LED概要

  • UV概要
  • UV LED概要
  • UV LED的技術趨勢

第2章 UV LED的市場預測

  • UV LED的應用趨勢
  • UV LED的市場預測


第3章 UV LED專利分析概要

  • 專利分析的背景
  • 分析範圍、調查手法
  • 分析的技術分類
  • 調查手法

第4章 整體專利趨勢分析

  • 專利搜尋結果、有效專利的提取
  • 專利趨勢:國家/各年度
  • 專利趨勢:年度/各申請者
  • 主要企業的專利趨勢:各國
  • 前十大企業的專利趨勢
  • 主要企業的專利趨勢
  • 專利趨勢:各技術
  • 專利趨勢:各技術領域/年度
  • 趨勢:技術各領域
  • 各技術類型的市場佔有率:各期間
  • 主要的申請者趨勢:各期間
  • 專利趨勢:各技術/國家
  • 主要企業的美國的專利許可
  • 專利趨勢:各應用領域

第5章 UV LED技術:主要專利分析概要

  • 主要專利的選擇
  • 主要專利的選擇結果
  • 主要專利申請的市場佔有率:各企業
  • 主要專利趨勢:各年度
  • 主要專利的分佈:各技術
  • 主要專利清單:各企業
  • 主要專利的詳細分析方法

第6章 UV-LED Epi:主要專利分析

  • 主要專利清單
  • 專利技術計劃
  • 主要專利分析

第7章 UV-LED光萃取:主要專利分析

第8章 UV-LED模組:主要專利分析

第9章 UV-LED包裝:主要專利分析

第10章 UV-LED螢光粉:主要專利分析

第11章 UV-LED應用:主要專利分析

第12章 主要企業的主要專利的詳細分析

第13章 結論/預測

Product Code: R117NL2013014

This report is intended to provide in-depth analysis of UV LED patents which has been receiving growing interest in the LED industry. This report will also cover the market forecast (2012-2018) to provide a comprehensive overview of the UV LED industry, the related companies and the research institutes in the two aspects- markets and patents.

As UV lamps are rapidly replacing mercury with the help of high efficiency and high output, a lot of efforts to use them in various applications are being made. This is because UV LEDs using UV light sources have more advantages than existing Hg lamps as follows.


With these advantages, UV LED products are expected to replace existing mercury UV lamps rapidly. In fact, UV LEDs have already started to replace mercury-vapor lamps in many applications as UV curing and counterfeit detection. In addition, there are on-going efforts to apply the UV LED technology to the fields of agriculture and medicine and some products are being deployed at initial prototype stage.

In this sense, UV LEDs are expected to show rapid growth in the UV lamp market. The share of UV LEDs is expected to grow from 11% ($53M) in 2012 to 62 %( $521M) in 2018.


Nevertheless, UV LED light sources are facing many technical challenges. Using AlN-based materials, for instance, makes it difficult to fabricate high-quality thin-film, and lack of skilled labor and resources in UV LED device fabrication and packaging causes low light outputs. As a lot of companies have recently participated in the UV LED industry, technology development will be further matured.

In this context, SNE Research has published a patent analysis report on UV LEDs. The data used in this report extracted from patents filed in Korea, the United States, Japan and Europe until June, 2013. From this, of 3,563 patents, 1,326 valid patents were extracted. These patent data are to be a good help to attain prior art data or related problems, technological progress, and other useful information for exploring novel ideas and solutions for possible problems. It can also serve as a useful tool to prevent or prepare future patent disputes in advance through investigation of third-party patent rights.

This report is also expected to be a great help to examine the patent trends and relevant key patents in the field of UV LEDs.

This report

  • Total 237 pages, UV LED technology development trend and market forecasts for major applications (2012~2018)
  • Analysis of 1,326 major patents filed worldwide including in-depth analysis and patent specifications of 139 key patents
  • Overall patent trend analysis, key patent trend analysis and issued patent analysis
  • UV LED technology timeline analysis

Table of Contents

Part I. UV LED Market Forecast

1. UV LED Overview

  • 1.1 UV Overview
  • 1.2 UV LED Overview
  • 1.3 UV LED Technology Trend

2. UV LED Market Forecast

  • 2.1 UV LED Application Trend
  • 2.2 UV LED Market Forecast (2012~2018)
    • UV Lamp Market Forecast
    • UV LED Market Forecast (2012-2018)

Part II. UV LED Key Patent Analysis

3. UV LED Patent Analysis Overview

  • Patent Analysis Background
  • Analysis Scope and Methodology
  • Technology Classification for Analysis
  • Methodology

4. Overall Patent Trend Analysis

  • Patent Search Result and Valid Patent Extraction
  • Patent Trend by Country/Year
  • Patent Trend by Year/Applicant
  • Patent Trend of Leading Companies by Country
  • TOP 10 Leading Company's Patent Trend
  • Patent Trend of Leading Companies
  • Patent Trend by Technology
  • Patent Trend by Technology Sector/Year
  • Trend by Technology Sector
  • Share of Each Technology Type by Period
  • Trend in Major Applicants by Period
  • Patent Trend by Technology/Country
  • US Patent Grant of Major Companies
  • Patent Trend by Application

5. UV-LED Technology- Key Patent Analysis Overview

  • Key Patent Selection
  • Key Patent Selection Result
  • Share of Kay Patent Filings by Company
  • Kay Patent Trend by year
  • key Patent Distribution by Technology
  • Key Patent List by Company
  • Method for in-depth analysis of Key Patents

6. UV-LED Epi- Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Patent Technology Timeline
  • Key Patent Analysis

7. UV-LED Light extract- Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Patent Technology Timeline
  • Key Patent Analysis

8. UV-LED Module- Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Patent Technology Timeline
  • Key Patent Analysis

9. UV-LED Packaging- Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Key Patent Analysis

10 . UV-LED Phosphor - Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Patent Technology Timeline
  • Key Patent Analysis

11 . UV-LED Applications- Key Patent Analysis

  • Key Patent List
  • Key Patent Analysis

12. In-depth Analysis of Key Patents of Leading Companies

  • Nichia- key patent analysis
  • Riken- key patent analysis
  • SET- key patent analysis
  • Nitek- key patent analysis
  • Seoul Opto device- key patent analysis

13. Conclusion/implication

  • UV-LED patent trend
  • Key Technology Trend of Major Companies
  • Technology Development Issue
  • Implications
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