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鋰離子電池 (LIB)的全球市場的預測:各用途 (到2030年)

<2021> Global Lithium Ion Battery Forecast by Application (~2030)

出版商 SNE Research 商品編碼 1004702
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 116 Pages
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鋰離子電池 (LIB)的全球市場的預測:各用途 (到2030年) <2021> Global Lithium Ion Battery Forecast by Application (~2030)
出版日期: 2021年04月05日內容資訊: 英文 116 Pages


本報告將充電式鋰離子電池分類為小型、xEV、ESS的3個主要領域,再加上小型用途、EV的各類型 (HEV、PHEV、BEV)、ESS分類,提供市場的狀況及預測。此外,透過中小型二次電池的供需前景預測了市場供需情況。


第1章 LIB市場中長期預測:各用途

  • 全球LIB市場中長期預測 (生產能力,金額)
  • 小型LIB市場 (IT,新應用程式)
  • 中型、大型LIB市場 (EV)
  • 中型、大型LIB市場 (ESS)
  • LIB價格預測 (IT,xEV,ESS)

第2章 LIB的需求情形與預測

  • 小型LIB市場
    • 現有市場 (IT,電動工具)
    • 行動電話
    • 平板電腦
    • 筆記型電腦
    • 電動工具/園藝用具
    • 新市場 (新用途市場)
    • 行動電源
    • E-行動
    • xEV
    • 各電池製造廠商
  • 中型、大型LIB市場:EV
    • EV
    • 各類型
    • 各國
    • 各汽車製造廠商
    • 各汽車模式
    • EV電池
    • 各類型
    • 各國
    • 各電池製造廠商
  • 中型、大型LIB市場:ESS

第3章 LIB的供給情形與預測

  • 主要LIB製造商生產據點狀況
    • Samsung SDI的生產據點/生產能力
    • LG Chem的生產據點/生產能力
    • SK Innovation的生產據點/生產能力
    • Panasonic的生產據點/生產能力
    • Sony的生產據點/生產能力
    • ATL的生產據點/生產能力
    • Lishen的生產據點/生產能力
    • BYD的生產據點/生產能力
    • 其他供應商的生產據點/生產能力
  • 小型LIB市場
    • 生產能力:各主要企業 (圓柱型)
    • 生產能力:各主要企業 (方形)
    • 生產能力:各主要企業 (聚合物)
  • 中型、大型LIB市場

第4章 LIB的供需預測:各用途

  • 小型LIB市場
  • 中型、大型LIB市場供需預測
    • 全球供需預測
    • 全球供需預測 (中國以外)
    • 中國的供需預測
    • 歐洲的供需預測
    • 北美的供需預測

第5章 摘要及影響


The trend of times is changing rapidly. Home appliances have become rechargeable products that do not require wires. The earphones with 3.5mm standard have been changed to a wireless wearable device. In addition to cars and motorcycles, the streets have been occupied by vehicles with new electric structures, such as electric scooters and e-bikes.

With these applications used through charging, the secondary battery market has faced a change. With the emergence of new markets following existing applications, such as note PCs, which are expected to stagnate due to the matured market, the small rechargeable battery market will confront the growth of new markets.

The mid- to large-sized market is already growing in earnest in the well-known EV and ESS fields. The market is expected to grow unprecedentedly for the purpose of reducing carbon emissions and using power efficiently, respectively.

This report categorized lithium-ion rechargeable batteries into 3 major areas of small size/xEV/ESS and then subdivided them into small applications/EVs by type (HEV, PHEV, BEV)/ESS by type to summarize the market status and outlook. In addition, the market demand and supply was forecasted through the supply and demand outlook for small- and mid-to large-sized secondary batteries.

We hope that the content of this investigation conducted by SNE Research on the supply and demand forecast and mid- to long-term market forecast of lithium-ion secondary batteries will be useful for customers in the secondary battery industry.

Table of Contents

1. Mid to Long-Term Outlook for LIB Market by Application (~2030)

  • 1.1 Mid to Long-Term Outlook for Global LIB Market (~2030) (Capa, Amount)
  • 1.2 Small LIB Market (IT, New App)
  • 1.3 Medium & Large LIB Market (EVs)
  • 1.4 Medium & Large LIB Market (ESS)
  • 1.5 LIB Price Outlook (IT, xEV, ESS)

2. LIB Demand Status and Forecast (~2030)

  • 2.1 Small LIB Market
    • Existing Market (IT, Power Tools)
    • Mobile Phone
    • Tablet
    • Note PC
    • Power Tool / Garden Tool
    • New Markets(New Application Market)
    • Power Bank
    • E-Mobility
    • xEV
    • By Battery Manufacturer
  • 2.2 Medium & Large LIB Market : EVs
    • Electric Vehicles
    • By Type
    • By Country
    • By Car Manufacturer
    • By Car Model
    • EV Battery
    • By Type
    • By Country
    • By Battery Manufacturer
  • 2.3 Medium & Large LIB Market : ESS

3. LIB Supply Status and Forecast (~ 2030)

  • 3.1 Status of Major LIB Manufacturer's Production Bases
    • Samsung SDI's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • LG Chem's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • SK Innovation's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • Panasonic's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • Sony's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • ATL's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • Lishen's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • BYD's Production Base / Production Capa.
    • Other suppliers' Production Base / Production Capa.
  • 3.2 Small LIB Market
    • Production Capa. by Major Company (cylindrical type)
    • Production Capa. by Major Company (Prismatic type)
    • Production Capa. by Major Company (Polymer-type)
  • 3.3 Medium & Large LIB Market

4. LIB Supply and Demand Forecast by Application (~2030)

  • 4.1 Small LIB Market
  • 4.2 Supply and Demand Outlook for Medium & Large LIB Market
    • Global Supply and Demand Outlook
    • Global Supply and Demand Outlook (Except China)
    • Supply and Demand Outlook in China
    • Supply and Demand Outlook in Europe
    • Supply and Demand Outlook in North America

5. Summary and Implications

  • 5.1 Summary
  • 5.2 Implications