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安全用分析設備的全球市場 (2018年)

The 2018 Global Security Market for Analytical Instrumentation

出版商 Strategic Directions International, Inc. 商品編碼 648173
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 115 Pages
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安全用分析設備的全球市場 (2018年) The 2018 Global Security Market for Analytical Instrumentation
出版日期: 2017年09月30日內容資訊: 英文 115 Pages

到目前為止,出於鑑識調查和安全、保全等目的,已經進行各種分析設備 - 化學、生物、放射線等的檢查裝置 - 的引進。尤其是美國,作為國防安全保障的一環,在廣泛的領域進行分析設備的有效利用。

本報告提供全球安全用分析設備的市場相關分析,市場現狀和結構,市場規模 (以數量、金額為準) 及價格水準的變化,今後趨勢預測,各技術分類的詳細趨勢,主要的推動及阻礙市場的要素,今後的市場方向性等調查。


  • 概要
  • 分析範圍
  • 分析的要點
  • 分析方法
  • 價格趨勢
  • 目前報告標題
Product Code: 17-006

Although analytical instrumentation has long been utilized in forensic, safety, and security applications, it is fair to say that governments, military forces, first responders, transportation facilities, industrial facilities, and even the general public have increasingly turned to science and instrumentation as a way to identify and/or mitigate threats. In addition to other structural changes, instruments have become part of the frontline of defense in an effort that has become known, particularly in the United States, as homeland security.

The three primary types of threats are chemical, biological, and radiological in nature. Different analytical techniques address these different threats in various and overlapping ways. This report seeks to quantify and explain the nature of the market for the different analytical methods in applications that primarily relate to homeland security as well as some overlapping areas of industrial safety.

The goal of this report is to provide a strategic perspective on the current situation, the historical period, and the projected potential for analytical instrumentation designed to detect threats. The report identifies, in quantitative and qualitative terms, the structure and makeup of the analytical security market. Given our SDi division's decades of experience in analytical technologies, this report has a laser-like focus on security technologies that are analytical in nature-those instruments that provide an actionable, analytical measurement. This excludes, for example, metal detectors or surveillance camera systems, which provide no analytical content.

The emphasis of this report is on specific instrumentation designed to be on the front lines of threat detection. That said, although the primary focus of this report is on security (protection from threats posed by malicious human agency), many of the product types considered can be and are used for safety (protection from accidental threats) . Rather than try to artificially separate these markets for the same products, when there is broad overlap between security and safety products, both have been included in the market estimates, while a functional segmentation in the product sections serves to separate the two distinct functions.

Seven major technologies categories are explored in detail:

  • PCR
  • Other Biochemical Technologies (e.g., ELISAs)
  • Chemical Sensors (e.g., Gas Chromatography)
  • Spectroscopy (e.g., IR, NIR, FTIR, Raman)
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry
  • Mass Spectrometry (e.g., GC/MS)
  • Radiation Detection

Market demand estimates for these techniques are presented for their total associated annual revenues from initial system sales, aftermarket purchases, and service. We explore the utilization of these technologies across ten different end markets, including aviation, cargo & shipping, the military, and first responders.

Reading the daily headlines signals the timeliness of this report, from the effect of natural disasters on industrial infrastructure, to man-made threats that range from designer drugs to terrorism.

With many countries expanding security budgets and the ever-growing need for industrial safety measures, let us be a strategic guide to your brand and its competition in this timely market.

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