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Metallurgical Bauxite and Alumina: Global Industry, Markets & Outlook - 9th Edition

出版商 Roskill Information Services 商品編碼 352723
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 314 Pages, 13 Chapters, 197 Tables, 196 Figures
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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冶金用礬土、氧化鋁:全球產業、市場與未來展望 Metallurgical Bauxite and Alumina: Global Industry, Markets & Outlook - 9th Edition
出版日期: 2016年01月31日 內容資訊: 英文 314 Pages, 13 Chapters, 197 Tables, 196 Figures

2015年時,澳洲、中國、巴西、馬來西亞、印度5個國家,佔全球礬土生產量的前茅。但,隨著鋁需求的擴大,及開採現場的環境保護問題等,礬土的供需平衡窘迫,也出現著手禁止對外出口的國家。另一方面,冶煉氧化鋁的全球最大生產國為中國、澳洲、巴西、印度、美國5個國家。全球的冶煉氧化鋁生產量,2015年達到113噸 (與前一年同期比較增加8%),今後估計以年度5%左右的速度擴大。尤其預計中國大幅度生產量擴大。

本報告提供全球冶金用 (鋁原料用) 的礬土及氧化鋁的市場相關分析、資源的分佈、生產情形,及生產量、消費量、貿易量、交易價格趨勢與現在前景、供需平衡、主要生產國概況、主要企業簡介等調查評估。


  • 摘要
  • 礬土的歷史沿革、生產情形、特徵、供給來源
  • 礬土、氧化鋁的開採、加工
  • 全球冶金用礬土、氧化鋁的生產量
  • 全球冶金用礬土、氧化鋁的消費量
  • 礬土、氧化鋁的供需預測
  • 冶金用礬土、氧化鋁的國際貿易
  • 冶金用礬土、氧化鋁價格的變化與預測
  • 全球鋁市場和未來展望
  • 主要企業、主要國家簡介
Product Code: ISBN: 978 1 910922 05 7

In 2015, China produced just over half of the world's primary aluminium and its demand for bauxite and alumina has been increasing year-on-year. Roskill's new Metallurgical Bauxite & Alumina report forecasts aluminium demand in China to grow at over 7%py out to 2026 and answers the questions surrounding its future supply of raw materials.

The top five metallurgical bauxite producers in 2015 were Australia, China, Brazil, Malaysia and India. In January 2014, Indonesia imposed a ban on the export of unprocessed ores and with this, China lost its main supplier of bauxite for use in smelter-grade alumina production. With Australia, India, the Dominican Republic and China unable to meet requirements for smelter alumina feedstock volumes, China turned its attention to Malaysia as a potential stopgap for bauxite supply. The South East Asian country exported close to 25Mt of bauxite to China in 2015. However, questions remain about the viability of Malaysia as a long-term answer to China's bauxite shortage, with issues surrounding environmental concerns, unregulated mining and quality of the ore produced.

Commencing on 15 January 2016, a three-month moratorium on the mining of bauxite was introduced by the Malaysian government in an attempt to regulate mining practices and tackle pollution of its rivers and coastline. Exports have been granted during this period to clear existing stocks and free-up ports. Malaysian officials have warned that the country may consider extending the ban should mining companies fail to comply with new regulations.

The most significant smelter alumina-producing countries in 2015 were China, Australia, Brazil, India and the USA. In 2015 global production of alumina stood at 113Mt, an increase of over 8% on the previous year. With the outlook for aluminium production forecast by Roskill to grow at over 5%py globally, Roskill expects demand for smelter alumina to rise in tandem; with China accounting for much of the additional output.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. History, occurrence, properties and resources of bauxite
  • 3. Mining and processing of bauxite and alumina
  • 4. World production of metallurgical bauxite and alumina
  • 5. World consumption of metallurgical bauxite and alumina
  • 6. Outlook for bauxite and alumina supply and demand
  • 7. International trade in metallurgical bauxite and alumina
  • 8. Historical and forecast prices for metallurgical bauxite and alumina
  • 9. Aluminium global market and outlook
  • 10. Company and country profiles
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