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Malaysia Convenience Store Market Outlook 2022

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 40 Pages
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馬來西亞的便利商店市場預測 Malaysia Convenience Store Market Outlook 2022
出版日期: 2018年02月18日 內容資訊: 英文 40 Pages



第1章 分析師的見解

第2章 調查手法

第3章 亞洲的零售業:概要

第4章 馬來西亞的零售業:概要

第5章 主要市場趨勢與推動因素

  • 加工食品支持促進市場
  • 零食行動促進市場
  • 激化電子商務市場
  • 策略性構想促進便利商店

第6章 便利商店產業預測

  • 便利商店的商店數
  • 便利商店的銷售額
  • 各企業

第7章 便利商店的IT機會的評估

第8章 法律規範

第9章 競爭情形

  • 7-Eleven Inc.
  • 99 Speed Mart
  • Petronas
  • KK Super Mart




The modern retail outlets are replacing the traditional unorganized retail outlets in Malaysia as the better wealth and lifestyles have increased the demand for quality goods, services, as well as more conducive retail environment. Penetration of modern grocery retail in the country has risen. Stores network expansion and improving operating efficiencies continue to be a theme in the country grocery retailers. Convenience stores offer speed of service to time-starved consumers, who want to get in and out of the store quickly. These shoppers recognize this channel of trade for its convenient locations, extended hours of operation, one-stop shopping, grab-and-go food service, variety of merchandise, and fast transactions. The key players offer the services to their customer as per consumer behavior, and have a meaningful number of stores countrywide to exploit growth going forward.

Our latest report, "Malaysia Convenience Store Market Outlook 2022", shows how the companies are building up operating efficiencies and scale to compete better market place. Also, the convenience store industry of the country is witnessing fast developments, and presents huge potential for convenience store players. The number of convenience store in Malaysia is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6% during 2016-2022. Thus, the report delivers on the developments in both retail and convenience store sectors of the country.

Our report provides retail market forecasts till 2022 for Malaysia. According to our research, the retail industry of Malaysia is expected to grow as the players are introducing the retail commerce service, which leads the modern grocery. Further, the share of convenience store sales in total retail sales has also been incorporated for the country.

The report provides a complete overview of the Malaysian convenience store industry. All the current trends of the industry have been evaluated in the report. Further, it provides profiles of the major players including 7-Eleven, KK Super Mart, 99 Speed Mart, and Petronas, which will help clients to gain insights on their overall business and recent activities of these companies. It has been found that, though 7-Eleven is the most popular convenience store player, other players like KK Super Mart and 99 Speed Mart are giving a tough competition to 7-Eleven. Overall, the report presents optimum information and balanced research outlook on the potentials of the Malaysian convenience store sector.

Table of Contents

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Asia Retail Industry - An Overview

4. Malaysia Retail Industry - An Overview

5. Key Market Trends and Drivers

  • 5.1 Adherence Towards Packaged Foods Propelling the Market
  • 5.2 Snacking Behavior Impelling the Market
  • 5.3 E-Commerce Intensifying the Market
  • 5.4 Strategic Initiatives Driving Convenience Store

6. Convenience Store Industry Outlook to 2022

  • 6.1 Number of Convenience Stores
  • 6.2 Convenience Store Sales
  • 6.3 By Players

7. IT Opportunity Assessment in Convenience Store

8. Regulatory Framework

9. Competitive Landscape

  • 9.1 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. BHd.
  • 9.2 99 Speed Mart
  • 9.3 Petronas
  • 9.4 KK Super Mart

List of Figures:

  • Figure 3-1: Asia - Retail Sales (Trillion US$), 2016-2022
  • Figure 3-2: Asia - Share of Major Countries in Total Retail Sales (2016 & 2022)
  • Figure 4-1: Malaysia - Retail Sales (Billion MYR), 2016-2022
  • Figure 4-2: Breakup of Consumer Expenditure (%), 2016
  • Figure 6-1: Retail Store by Format (%), 2016
  • Figure 6-2: Number of Convenience Stores (2016-2022)
  • Figure 6-3: Share of Convenience Stores Sales (%), 2016
  • Figure 6-4: Convenience Stores by Player (%), 2016
  • Figure 7-1: Convenience Store IT Spending (Million US$), 2016, 2019 & 2022

List of Tables:

  • Table 3-1: Asia - Major Countries by Number of Convenience Store (2016)
  • Table 6-1: Major Players by Number of Convenience Stores (2016)
  • Table 9-1: 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. - Financial Overview (Million MYR), 2015 & 2016
  • Table 9-2: Petronas - Financial Overview (Millions MYR), 2015 & 2016
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