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Automotive Radar Dismantling and Cost Analysis, 2019-2020

出版商 ResearchInChina 商品編碼 935851
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 70 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
汽車雷達的拆卸、成本分析:2019-2020年 Automotive Radar Dismantling and Cost Analysis, 2019-2020
出版日期: 2020年05月03日內容資訊: 英文 70 Pages


第1章 汽車用毫米波雷達技術趨勢

  • 汽車雷達的產業鏈
  • 汽車雷達開發課程
  • L3 / L4時代的雷達的應用趨勢
  • 雷達的頻寬和頻率
  • 典型性的FMCW雷達理論
  • 典型性的汽車雷達組成架構
  • 汽車雷達的主要零組件的供應鏈
  • 汽車用雷達RF收發器晶片產業趨勢
  • 主流的雷達設計和核心元件供應商

第2章 汽車用毫米波雷達的成本

  • 汽車雷達的成本分析
  • 主流雷達的成本結構

第3章 Tesla ARS-4B雷達的拆卸

  • 簡介
  • 參數
  • 成本結構
  • 基頻面板
  • 基頻面板背面
  • RF面板前面:護罩未拆卸
  • 平面印刷天線的特徵
  • 卸下護罩
  • 取下RF IC的空面板
  • RF面板背面

第4章 Mercedes-Benz C / E級雷達ARS-410的拆卸

  • 概況
  • RF面板前面和背面
  • 基頻面板前面和背面
  • MR2001組成架構
  • MR2001T組成架構
  • MPC577xK組成架構

第5章 Bosch MRR雷達家庭的拆卸

  • RF面板前面和背面
  • Bosch MRR雷達的參數
  • 前方雷達的成本分析
  • RF面板前面和背面
  • 前方雷達RF面板前面和背面
  • 前方雷達電源面板前面和背面
  • 前方雷達結構部分

第6章 Valeo MBHL2雷達的拆卸

  • 概況
  • 24GHz雷達的顧客
  • MBHL2雷達成本
  • MBHL2基頻面板前面
  • MBHL2基頻面板的背面
  • MBHL2 RF面板前面
  • MBHL2 RF面板的背面

第7章 Continental SRR3-B 24 GHz雷達

  • 概況
  • SRR3-B基頻面板前面和背面
  • SRR3-B RF面板前面和背面
  • AC1000 RF面板前面和背面
  • AC1000基頻面板前面和背面
  • AC1000房仲業(外殼)

第8章 Denso HYQDNMWR010雷達的拆卸

  • 概況
  • RF面板前面和背面
  • 基頻面板前面和背面
  • 成本分析

It is in this report that over a dozen of millimeter-wave radar types are studied on design, supply chain and cost, including Continental's ARS4A, ARS4B, ARS408 and ARS410, Bosch's LRR4, FR5CP, MRR1PLUS and MRR Rear, Aptiv's RACam and SRR3, Veoneer's MRRV1, Valeo's MBHL2, ZF's AC1000, Denso's HYQDNWR010, etc. Some of them are dismantled and illustrated in details.

Automotive MMW radar is mainly comprised of a planar printed antenna, RF IC (generally called MMIC) and DSP-contained MCU. The fast Fourier transformation (FFT) of radar is a special operation, mostly fulfilled by separate external FPGA or DSP in the past. Freescale built DSP into MCU for the first time, improving the integration observably. Also, there are a few external DSP designs for the time being. Auxiliary IC encompasses power management, VCO, low-noise amplifier LNA, CAN transceiver, among others. MCU is often offered by NXP's 577x series or 567x series.

MMIC, though with a small share in costs, is crucial to both total cost and performance, really making a big difference in costs between radars. For example, the MR2001 radar chipset consists of two transmitters and three receivers. A simple mid-range radar only needs a chipset, but a long-range radar with higher resolution demands more chipsets, like ARS 4A with one more transmitter and three more receivers.

The RF board employs an asymmetric structure based on a hybrid PTFE / FR4 substrate and is provided with a planar antenna which is hard to produce. RF board is costly since 80 percent of substrate materials are now monopolized by Rogers RO3003 ED G2 (Japanese companies use Panasonic R5515).

For special radar structures, the baseband board and the RF board are as usual separated by an aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting board whose edges are connected to the radar plastic housing via shockproof rubber in order to meet the waterproof and shockproof requirements of automotive standards as well as to avoid interference to the RF board.

The plastic cover on the antenna of automotive radar takes into account the microwave transmission effect. Vendors attach great importance to the thickness, material and shape of the plastic cover, which is part of the radar design. Generally speaking, they prefer materials with ultra-low dielectric coefficient and surprisingly low losses as well as resistance to dust, water and vibration to cater to automotive grade. Bosch used PEI in the early days, and later turned to PBT-GF30 provided by BASF, while Continental has adhered to PBT-GF30 invariably. Valeo and Aptiv replace expensive PBT with SPS for 24GHz radar, and they are studying how to apply it to 77GHz radar.

Chinese millimeter-wave radar vendors pay much more than foreign counterparts because of low chip procurement. The price major foreign vendors pay for each of MMIC, MCU and RF PCB is equivalent to 1/3 to 1/4 of that by Chinese ones, and that for analog products such as power management is 1/4 to 1/5 of Chinese peers'. However, the Chinese millimeter-wave radar cost will be cut substantially once the procurement goes up.

The threshold for access to MMIC is low, and the Chinese MMIC vendors embrace a rosy prospect. Foreign chips, especially made by Infineon, are expensive and unfriendly for Chinese vendors who have to select NXP. In this case, MMIC made in China is very popular.

The China-made forward 77GHz radar is led by Shenyang Cheng-Tech and Huayu Automotive Systems, and the 24GHz radar is largely offered by Wuhu Sensortech Intelligent Technology (WHST) and it has been heavily shipped to Hongqi cars.

Table of Contents

1 Trends of Automotive Millimeter-wave Radar Technology

  • 1.1 Automotive Radar Industry Chain
  • 1.2 Development Course of Automotive Radar
  • 1.3 Development Course of Automotive Radar
  • 1.4 Application Trends of Radar in L3 / L4 Era
  • 1.5 Bandwidth and Frequency of Radar
  • 1.6 Typical FMCW Radar Theory
  • 1.7 Typical Automotive Radar Framework
  • 1.8 Key Component Supply Chain of Automotive Radar
  • 1.9 Trends of Automotive Radar RF Transceiver Chip Industry
  • 1.10 Mainstream Radar Designs and Core Component Suppliers

2 Automotive Millimeter-wave Radar Cost

  • 2.1 Cost Analysis of Automotive Radar
  • 2.2 Cost Structure of Mainstream Radars

3 Dismantling of Tesla ARS-4B Radar

  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Parameters
  • 3.3 Cost Structure
  • 3.4 Baseband Board
  • 3.5 Back of Baseband Board
  • 3.6 Front of RF Board: the shield is not disassembled
  • 3.7 Features of Flat Printed Antenna
  • 3.8 Removal of Shield
  • 3.9 Empty Board with RF IC Removed
  • 3.10 Back of RF Board

4 Dismantling of Mercedes-Benz C/E-Class Radar ARS-410

  • 4.1 Overview
  • 4.2 Front and Back of RF Board
  • 4.3 Front and Back of Baseband Board
  • 4.4 MR2001 Framework
  • 4.5 MR2001T Framework
  • 4.6 MPC577xK Framework

5 Dismantling of Bosch MRR Radar Family

  • 5.1 Front and Back of RF Board
  • 5.2 Parameters of Bosch MRR Radar
  • 5.3 Cost Analysis of Forward Radar
  • 5.4 Front and Back of RF Board
  • 5.5 Front and Back of Forward Radar RF Board
  • 5.6 Front and Back of Forward Radar Power Board
  • 5.7 Structural Parts of Forward Radar

6 Dismantling of Valeo MBHL2 Radar

  • 6.1 Overview
  • 6.2 24GHz Radar Customers
  • 6.3 MBHL2 Radar Cost
  • 6.4 Front of MBHL2 Baseband Board
  • 6.5 Back of MBHL2 Baseband Board
  • 6.6 Front of MBHL2 RF Board
  • 6.7 Back of MBHL2 RF Board

7 Continental SRR3-B 24GHz Radar

  • 7.1 Overview
  • 7.2 Front and Back of SRR3-B Baseband Board
  • 7.3 Front and Back of SRR3-B RF Board
  • 7.4 Front and Back of AC1000 RF Board
  • 7.5 Front and Back of AC1000 Baseband Board
  • 7.6 AC1000 Housing

8 Dismantling of Denso HYQDNMWR010 Radar

  • 8.1 Overview
  • 8.2 Front and Back of RF Board
  • 8.3 Front and Back of Baseband Board
  • 8.4 Cost Analysis