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中國的ADAS市場上汽車製造商趨勢:Changan Automobile的情況 (2017年)

OEMs in Chinese ADAS Market - Changan Automobile, 2017

出版商 ResearchInChina 商品編碼 607594
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 130 Pages
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中國的ADAS市場上汽車製造商趨勢:Changan Automobile的情況 (2017年) OEMs in Chinese ADAS Market - Changan Automobile, 2017
出版日期: 2018年02月22日 內容資訊: 英文 130 Pages

中國的大汽車廠商Changan Automobile,SUV作為支撐業績的一大部門持續成長,不過,該公司的SUV全部搭載ADAS (先進駕駛輔助系統) ,相關零件的製造、採購成為未來成長的關鍵。

本報告提供中國的大汽車廠商Changan Automobile的ADAS相關及車載資通系統相關的產業計畫、趨勢 - 產品系列,主要模組產品一覽,其他公司的合作體制,今後的開發計劃等 - 等調查,該公司的簡介和業績等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。

第1章 關於Changan Automobile

  • 簡介
  • 組織結構
  • 研究開發 (R&D) 體制
  • 合資企業、子公司
  • 生產據點
  • 主力模式和今後的計劃
  • 各銷售額 (企業全體/模式)

第2章 Changan Automobile的ADAS、自動駕駛相關的計劃

  • 技術進步
    • ADAS產品的組合
    • 主要模組用ADAS解決方案
    • 自動行車車的實驗
  • 智慧型駕駛的研究開發 (R&D) 系統
  • 智慧型駕駛輔助:方向性和合作夥伴企業
  • 智慧型駕駛相關計劃

第3章 Changan Automobile的車載資通系統相關的計劃

  • 技術進步
    • 產品系列
    • 主要模組的車載資通系統、解決方案
  • 供應商和合作夥伴企業
  • 計劃
Product Code: FHY001

Changan Automobile sold 1.0582 million cars in 2017, down 7.1% from a year ago, largely due to a plunge of 41.0% in sedan sales to 189,100 units, whereas 646,000 SUVs were sold in the year, up 19.5% over the previous year, becoming a major growth engine. Meanwhile, ADAS is mostly installed on SUVs.

ADAS makes its way into a few Changan models, mostly installed on best-selling and top-end models, such as Raeton, CS55, CS75 and CS95. Other products basically carry backup camera. ADAS products like backup camera, BSD, LDW, FCW, AEB, ACC and APA have been installed on the top-of-the-line versions of CS55, CS75 and CS95 as standard configuration. In addition, the top-end version of CS75 carries pedestrian detection and the deluxe version of CS95 traffic sign recognition.

Changan ADAS system is enabled by hardware including MMW radar (24GHZ, 77GHZ), camera (monocular, surround view), and ultrasonic radar, mostly provided by Bosch, Delphi, Valeo and Suzhou INVO Automotive Electronics.

  • 1. MMW radar (mainly 24GHZ and 77GHZ): BSD, FCW, AEB, ACC, APA;
  • 2. Mono-camera: LDW
  • 3. Surround view camera: surround view parking
  • 4. Ultrasonic radar: APA

Changan Automobile completed 2,000km L3-level autonomous driving test from Chongqing to Beijing in April 2016 and obtained the license for autonomous driving tests in California in November 2017 and conducts L4-level self-driving tests for now. According to its development plan, Changan Automobile will mass-produce L2 autonomous car in 2018, the autonomous car for expressways in 2020 and the autonomous car for all road conditions in 2030. Thus, the company is expected to improve the penetration of ADAS in its models between 2018 and 2020 with priorities given to R&D of 3D surround view, fully automated parking, integrated ACC and urban-road traffic jam assistant.

‘OEMs in Chinese ADAS Market -- Changan Automobile, 2017’ highlights the following:

  • Profile of Changan Automobile (shareholders, organizational structure, R&D layout, JVs and subsidiaries, production bases, car sales (overall and by model));
  • ADAS (product portfolio, ADAS solutions for main models, autonomous driving tests, R&D system, partners, development plan);
  • Telematics (product portfolio, configurations for main models, suppliers & partners, development plan).

Table of Contents

1. Changan Automobile

  • 1.1. Introduction
  • 1.2. Organizational Structure
  • 1.3. R&D Layout
  • 1.4. Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries
  • 1.5. Production Bases
  • 1.6. Main Models and Planning
  • 1.7. Total Sales and Sales by Model

2. Changan Automobile's Planning for ADAS and Autonomous Driving

  • 2.1. Advances
    • 2.1.1. ADAS Product Portfolio
    • 2.1.2. ADAS Solutions for Major Models
    • 2.1.3. Autonomous Driving tests
  • 2.2. Intelligent Driving R & D System
  • 2.3. Orientations and Partners of Intelligent Driving Cooperation
  • 2.4. Intelligent Driving Planning

3. Changan Automobile's Planning for Telematics

  • 3.1. Advances
    • 3.1.1. Product Portfolio
    • 3.1.2. Telematics Solutions for Major Models
  • 3.2. Suppliers and Partners
  • 3.3. Planning

Selected Charts:

  • Business Information of Changan Automobile
  • Shareholders of Changan Automobile
  • Organizational Structure of Changan Automobile
  • R&D Layout of Changan Automobile
  • Joint Ventures of Changan Automobile
  • Subsidiaries of Changan Automobile
  • Production Bases of Changan Automobile
  • Main Models of Changan Automobile
  • Passenger Car Sales of Changan Automobile, 2015-Nov 2017
  • Market Share of Brands by Sales, 2015-Nov 2017
  • Prices and Sales Volume of Launched Passenger Car Models of Changan Automobile, 2015-Nov 2017
  • ADAS Models and Product Portfolio of Changan Automobile, Jan-Sept 2017
  • ADAS Configurations for Major Models of Changan Automobile
  • Autonomous Vehicle Configuration of Changan Automobile
  • HR Model Required for Initial Intelligent Development of Changan Automobile
  • Early Demand of Intelligent Infrastructure Hardware and Site Construction of Changan Automobile
  • Intelligent Driving R&D System of Changan Automobile
  • Intelligent Driving Planning of Changan Automobile
  • ADAS System Technology Planning of Changan Automobile
  • Telematics Models and Product Portfolio of Changan Automobile, Jan-May 2017
  • Telematics Configurations for Major Models of Changan Automobile
  • Telematics Suppliers and Partners of Changan Automobile
  • ‘In Call' Functions and Planning of Changan Automobile
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