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全球和中國的連接性RF產業報告 (2014∼2015年)

Global and China Connectivity RF Industry Report, 2014-2015

出版商 ResearchInChina 商品編碼 301549
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 96 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球和中國的連接性RF產業報告 (2014∼2015年) Global and China Connectivity RF Industry Report, 2014-2015
出版日期: 2015年06月02日 內容資訊: 英文 96 Pages

所謂連接性RF系統,是指嵌入支援連接網路的電子設備內部的高頻 (RF) 設備,主要用於行動電話和平板電腦,筆記型電腦,無線LAN/PAN等,預計今後在IoT (物聯網) 的領域將廣泛使用。全球的連網型RF系統的市場規模,2014年 (與前一年同期比較增加23.4%)達75億1600萬美元,2015年達 (同34.1%) 100億8000萬美元,預計2016年成長17.3%。4G行動電話的普及,及4G用零件單價高等為市場成長迅速的要素。由其是中國4G行動電話的普及率高,雖然2013年12月僅2%的出貨台數佔有率,2014年12月達到71%,2015年3月達80%以上。


第1章 連接性RF概要

  • 連接性RF的概要
  • GaAs (砷化鎵) 的概要
  • GaAs、GaN、SiGe比較

第2章 連接性RF產業

  • 連接性RF的市場規模
  • 連接性RF的相關產業
  • 最新型手機的RF系統分析
  • 行動電話用過濾器產業
  • 行動電話用天線交換器
  • 連接性RF企業的排行榜

第3章 連接性RF的下游工程市場

  • LTE行動電話市場
  • 全球行動電話產業
  • 中國的行動電話市場
  • 筆記型電腦市場
  • 平板電腦市場
  • 面板連接性RF市場

第4章 連接性RF的企業

  • 村田製作所
  • Kopin
  • 住友電氣工業 (半導體部門)
  • Freiberger
  • AXT
  • IQE
  • WIN Semiconductor
  • AWSC
  • VPEC
  • GCS
  • RFMD
  • RDA
  • SEDI
  • Hittite Microwave
  • TDK



Product Code: ZYW208

The report covers the followings:

  • 1, Introduction to Connectivity RF
  • 2, Analysis on Connectivity RF Market
  • 3, Analysis on Connectivity RF Industry
  • 4. Research on 20 Connectivity RF Companies

A Connectivity RF system is a radio frequency system consisting of electronic devices connected to the network, mainly applied to mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptopsand WLAN / PAN now, and will find wide application in IoT (Internet of Things).

The Connectivity RF system market size reached approximately USD7.516 billion in 2014, showing a substantial rise of 23.4% over 2013. In 2015, the market size is expected to go up by 34.1% year on year to USD10.08 billion. It will maintain the growth rate of 17.3% by 2016, becoming the fastest growing field among all electronic components.

The rapid growth of the Connectivity RF system market is primarily prompted by 4G mobile phones. A standard 2G mobile phone requires a Connectivity RF system costing only about USD0.55, a 3G phone USD2.75, while a 4G phone up to USD8 and a global standard 4G phone USD13 or above. The penetration rate of 4G phones in China is the highest in the world. China's 4G mobile phone shipment only accounted for 2% of the total mobile phone shipment in December 2013, but the proportion jumped to 71% in December 2014 and more than 80% in March 2015.

In 2015, a wave of 4G phone replacement will speed up worldwide, which will stimulate the Connectivity RF system market.

The rapid growth of 802.11ac is another driving engine. Less than 10% of WiFi supported 802.11ac in 2014, while the proportion is expected to be 80% in 2018. The Connectivity RF cost of 802.11ac is much higher than that of the current mainstream 802.11a/b/g. The next development direction of LTE will be carrier aggregation (CA). The shipment of mobile phones supporting carrier aggregation only amounted to 108 million units in 2014, and is expected to reach 1.185 billion units by 2018. Carrier aggregation makes Connectivity RF more complex and costly.

The core of a Connectivity RF system includes PA and filters (the fastest growing segment). LTE-FDD's Band 8, 13 and 26 need TC-SAW, Band 4, 5, 12, 17, 20, 27 and 28 require SAW, Band 2, 3, 7, 23, 25 and 30 demand BAW, while LTE-TDD's Band 38, 10, 41, 42 and 43 use SAW.

In the highly concentrated Connectivity RF system industry, the top five companies enjoy over 97% market share, which is hard for small firmsto survive. One reason is that PA requires unique GaAs wafers instead of the traditional Si wafers; the other reason rests with the high production threshold in the filter field. All laboratories can accomplish trial production, but only a handful of companies (mainly Japanese companies) are capable to conduct mass production with high consistency and quality. Major SAW companies embrace Murata, TDK and Fujitsu. Panasonic and Qorvo target TC-SAW. Avago, Qorvo, Taiyoyuden and TDK focus on BAW.

Qorvo is a new company after the merger of RFMD and Triquint. Taiwanese companies witness the fastest growth in 2015. For example, Skyworks and Avago outsource considerable products to their foundries Win and AWSC respectively, especially Avago lavish huge capital on acquisitions to significantly reduce manufacturing costs, so that AWSC's revenue will ascend by at least 200% in 2015.


Table of Contents

1 Overview of Connectivity RF

  • 1.1 Brief Introduction to Connectivity RF
  • 1.2 Brief Introduction to GaAs
  • 1.3 Comparison between GaAs,Ganand Sige

2 Connectivity RF Industry

  • 2.1 Connectivity RF Market Size
  • 2.2 Connectivity RF Industry Chain
  • 2.3 Analysis of RF System of Latest Handsets
  • 2.4 Mobile Phone Filter Industry
  • 2.5 Mobile Phone Antenna Switch
  • 2.6 Ranking of Connectivity RF Companies

3 Connectivity RF Downstream Markets

  • 3.1 LTE Mobile Phone Market
  • 3.2 Global Mobile Phone Industry
  • 3.3 Chinese Mobile Phone Market
  • 3.4 Laptop Market
  • 3.5 Tablet PC Market
  • 3.6 Board Connectivity RF Market

4 Connectivity RF Companies

  • 4.1 Murata
  • 4.2 Kopin
  • 4.3 Semiconductor Division of Sumitomo Electric
  • 4.4 Freiberger
  • 4.5 AXT
  • 4.6 IQE
  • 4.7 WIN Semiconductor
  • 4.8 AWSC
  • 4.9 VPEC
  • 4.10 GCS
  • 4.11 TRIQUINT
  • 4.12 AVAGO
  • 4.13 ANADIGICS
  • 4.14 RFMD
  • 4.15 RDA
  • 4.16 SKYWORKS
  • 4.17 SEDI
  • 4.18 Hittite Microwave
  • 4.20 TDK

Selected Charts

  • Typical RF Structure
  • Connectivity RF Market Size, 2011-2017E
  • Filter Market Size, 2011-2017E
  • Downstream Distribution of Connectivity RF Market, 2011-2017E
  • Major Companies in Connectivity RF Industry Chain
  • Costs of Mobile Phone RF System
  • LTE/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM Block Diagram of Apple iPhone 5S
  • LTE/WCDMA/GSM Block Diagram of Samsung SM-G900S
  • Bands Used for Mobile Phone RF Filters
  • Application Number of Mobile Phone RF Filters
  • Comparison between BAW and SAW
  • Shipment of Mobile Phone-use Duplexers / FABR Filters, 2013-2017E
  • Market Share of Major SAW Filter Companies, 2015
  • Mobile Phone Antenna Switch Shipment by Technology, 2010-2016E
  • Market Share of Major Global Mobile Phone Antenna Switch Companies, 2012
  • Ranking of Global Connectivity RF Companies by Revenue, 2011-2015
  • Frequency Bands per Mobile Handset Device, 2000-2018E
  • Cellular Terminal Shipment by Celluar Standard, 2000-2018E
  • LTE-enabled Cellular Terminal Shipment, 2011-2018E
  • Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor, 2014
  • Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System, 2014
  • Shipment of Top Ten Global Mobile Phone Companies, 2014
  • Monthly Shipment of Chinese Mobile Phone Market, 2013-2014
  • Market Share of Major Companies in Chinese Smart Phone Market, 2014
  • Market Share of Major Companies in Chinese 4G Mobile Phone Market, 2014
  • Laptop Computer Shipment, 2008-2015
  • Shipment of Major Global Laptop ODM Companies, 2010-2014
  • Global Tablet PC Shipment, 2011-2016E
  • Shipment of Top Five Tablet Vendors, Q4 2014
  • Shipment, Market Share and Growth of Top Five Tablet Vendors, 2014
  • Total Shipment of Wi-Fi Enabled Products, 2012-2016E
  • Murata's Sales and Operation Margin, FY2009-FY2016
  • Murata's Sales by Product, FY2013-2016
  • Murata's Major Products
  • Murata's Sales by Application, FY2013-2016
  • Operating Income of Bridge of Murata, FY2014-2015
  • Murata's Quarterly Sales, Order and Backlog, Q2 2012-Q1 2015
  • Global Distribution of KOPIN
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of KOPIN, 2006-2011
  • Revenue of KOPIN by Business, 2008-2011
  • Revenue of KOPIN by Client, 2008-2011
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of AXT, 2006-2015
  • Revenue of AXT by Product, 2006-2013
  • Revenue of AXT by Region, 2006-2014
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of IQE, 2005-2013
  • Revenue of IQE by Business, 2008-2014
  • Revenue of IQE by Region, 2008-2014
  • Organizational Structure of WIN Semiconductor
  • Divisions of WIN Semiconductor
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of WIN Semiconductor, 2006-2015
  • Quarterly Revenue of WIN Semiconductor, Q2 2013-Q1 2015
  • Quarterly Gross Margin, Operating Margin and Net Profit Margin of WIN Semiconductor, Q2 2013-Q1 2015
  • Monthly Revenue of WIN Semiconductor, Apr 2013-Apr 2015
  • Revenue of WIN Semiconductor by Product, 2014-Q1 2015
  • Manufacturing Capacity of WIN Semiconductor, 2005-2013
  • Core Competitiveness of WIN Semiconductor
  • Organizational Structure of AWSC
  • Revenue and Gross Margin of AWSC, 2006-2015
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of AWSC, 2009-2016
  • Monthly Revenue of AWSC, Apr 2013-Apr 2015
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of VPEC, 2007-2015
  • Monthly Revenue of VPEC, Mar 2013- Mar 2015
  • Revenue of VPEC by Product, Q1 2012-Q4 2013
  • Revenue and Gross Margin of TRIQUNIT, 2001-2014
  • Revenue of TRIQUINT by Business, 2005-2014
  • TRIQUINT's Mobile Phone Revenue by System, 2005-2012
  • GaAs Capacity of TRIQUINT's Texas Plant, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
  • BAW Capacity of TRIQUINT's Texas Plant, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
  • FLSAW Capacity of TRIQUINT's Florida Plant, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
  • FLIP CHIP Capacity of TRIQUINT's Costa Rica Plant, Q1 2009-Q4 2011
  • RF Framework Trend of Smart Phones
  • Revenue and Operation Margin of Avago, FY2007-FY2015
  • Balance Sheet of Avago, FY2010-FY2014
  • Revenue of Avago by segment, FY2007-FY2015
  • Core Technologies of Avago
  • Revenue of Avago by Region, FY2011-FY2014
  • Revenue and Gross Margin of ANADIGICS, 2006-2015
  • Revenue and Net Income of ANADIGICS, 2011-2015
  • Revenue of ANADIGICS by Client, 2007-2012
  • Revenue of ANADIGICS by Business, 2005-2012
  • Revenue of ANADIGICS by Region, 2008-2014
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of RFMD, FY2002-FY2015
  • Revenue of RFMD by Division, FY2009-FY2014
  • Revenue of RFMD by Region, FY2010-FY2014
  • Revenue and Operating Margin of RDA, 2007-2014
  • Baseband Product Roadmap of RDA
  • Product Roadmap of RDA
  • Main Customers of RDA
  • Revenue of RDA by Product
  • Revenue, Gross Margin and Operating Margin of Skyworks, FY2008-FY2015
  • Expenditures of Skyworks, FY2007-FY2014
  • Quarterly Revenue and Operating Margin of Skyworks, Q2 2013-Q1 2015
  • Revenue of Skyworks by Region, FY2009-FY2014
  • Revenue of Skyworks by Client, FY2007-FY2014
  • Revenue of Skyworks by Product, FY2011-FY2014
  • Revenue and Operating Income of Hittite Microwave, 2007-2013
  • Revenue and Operating Income of M / A-COM, FY2007-FY2015
  • Revenue of M / A-COM by Application, FY2010-FY2014
  • TDK's Net Sales, FY2006-FY2015
  • TDK's Operating Income, FY2006-FY2015
  • TDK's R&D Costs, FY2006-FY2015
  • TDK's Capex, FY2006-FY2015
  • TDK's Sales by Application, FY2012-FY2015
  • TDK's Passive Components Sales by Application, FY2012-FY2015
  • TDK's Quarterly Sales by Application, FY2014-FY2015
  • Quarterly Sales of TDK's Passive Components by Application, FY2014-FY2015
  • TDK's Sales by Segment, FY2014-FY2015
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