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Global Credit Cards Report 2020

出版商 RFI Group 商品編碼 966868
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 28 Pages
信用卡的全球市場:2020年 Global Credit Cards Report 2020
出版日期: 2020年09月01日內容資訊: 英文 28 Pages



主要摘要:信用卡 (信用卡的使用,信用卡的障礙,促進頻繁的卡片使用,未來的意圖),非接觸感應卡、行動電子錢包 (非接觸感應卡的使用,行動電子錢包的魅力,行動電子錢包的偏好)



The AWS Global Credit Cards Report 2020 covers 2 key areas - key themes around credit card usage and contactless cards and mobile wallets. This report delves into global usage of credit cards, what drives credit card use and some of the barriers consumers face in adopoting credit cards. The report also covers appeal of mobile wallets and mobile wallet preferences.

Covering key areas around global credit card usage, drivers of credit card use and barriers consumers face in switching over to a credit card, this report provides financial institutions with an understanding of how credit card preferences change around the globe and aid in designing credit card strategy. This report would be best suited for all financial service professionals working in the payments sector and payments strategy teams around the globe. Methodology: This report is based on 15,000 interviews conducted across 15 different markets. Surveys are nationally representative, and quotas were applied to ensure respondents are representative of the population by age, gender, region and income. To qualify as "banked", respondents must hold a minimum of one banking product with a financial institution in their local market. Key Summary: Credit cards: Usage of credit cards, barriers to credit cards, driving frequent card usage, future intentions/Contactless cards and mobile wallets : Usage of contactless cards, appeal of mobile wallets, mobile wallet preferences/ Conclusion: Key insights, opportunities