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The Royalty Rate Report 2016

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權利金比率報告:2016年 The Royalty Rate Report 2016
出版日期: 2016年07月25日 內容資訊: 英文





  • 在互動線上網站「IMS Syndicated Analytics Library」上的報告訂閱 (1年)


  • 契約者的權利金比率:可從PharmaDeals調查直接獲得的見解
  • 權利金比率到目前為止的過程、生物醫藥品產業的重要性、費用率結構的心理學
  • 關於有益的財務資料計算手法:在契約的價值和未來權利金的關聯性比較、判斷上很重要
  • 決定權利金比率的思想領袖:在契約結構分析中的有效費用率的想法
  • 支援主要意見領袖的醫藥品契約的權利金比率的計算方法
  • 主要的計算方法比較、計算所使用的期待純現在價值 (ENPV)
  • 權利金比率的公開相關市場資料、目前趨勢:各開發階段、適應症、企業
  • 對權利金比率的產業的認識
    • 論文的檢討
    • 階段的費用率相關討論
    • 本次、上次的PharmaDeals Royalty Rates Survey的結果分析

Key insights into the industry's views on royalty rates and their impact in determining the value of a deal.


The Royalty Rate Report is the definitive guide for the industry and provides in-depth analysis of one of the most important but elusive components of a biopharma deal - the royalty rate.

Key Benefits

  • Gain opinions and advice from leading industry dealmakers who share their thoughts on royalty rates
  • Receive guidance on the best methodologies to use including benchmarking and advanced valuation techniques when calculating royalty rates for vital decision making
  • Understand the differences in perception of value between biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies and how that impacts the value of a deal
  • Review actual royalty rate data supported by case histories and be better informed before negotiating your next deal
  • Access to a comprehensive appendix includes the PharmaDeals' industry survey and a listing of all royalty reporting deals from the last ten years


  • One year subscription to the report published on the interactive online IMS Syndicated Analytics Library
  • IMS Syndicated Analytics Library offers full searchability including cut and create your own report, export tables, figures and whole chapters into Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Nine language automatic translation - choose to view report in French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean or Russian

Table of Contents

  • First hand insight on royalty rates from deal-makers via our PharmaDeals survey
  • A historical overview of royalties, their relevance to the biopharma industry and the psychology of royalty structures
  • Introduction to methods for calculating useful financial data missing from the public domain - essential for dealmakers in benchmarking and determining value in a deal and its relationship with future royalty streams
  • Thought leadership on determining royalty rates including the concept of effective royalties in the analysis of deal structures. Also how to calculate royalty rates in pharmaceutical deals supported by key opinion leader insight
  • A detailed presentation of key methodologies - benchmarking and expected net present value - used in calculating royalty rates
  • Market data and current trends in royalty rate disclosure by development phase, by indication and by the top pharmaceutical companies
  • Industry perception of royalties including a review of the literature, discussion on tiered royalty rates and critical analysis of the results of current and previous PharmaDeals Royalty Rates Surveys
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