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全球UBI (使用量型保險)

UBI Global Study 2016

出版商 PTOLEMUS Consulting Group 商品編碼 338595
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 1000 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球UBI (使用量型保險) UBI Global Study 2016
出版日期: 2016年03月16日 內容資訊: 英文 1000 Pages




第1章 UBI市場基礎

  • 保險用車載資通系統:簡介
  • 處於困境的汽車保險市場
    • 先進國家市場的成熟產業
    • 解約的擴大
    • 申請成本的增加
    • 相關法律
    • 有限的投資
    • 線上保險蔓延
    • 互相化模式的永續性

第2章 UBI的發展理由和未發展的理由

  • UBI的成長推進因素
    • 車載資通系統的優點
    • 技術性推進因素
    • 經濟·市場上的推進因素
    • 法律規章上的推進因素
  • 無法預測全球性擴大的理由
    • 保險業者的相關課題
    • 消費者的相關課題
    • 對未來的意義

第3章創造 有效的UBI服務

  • 近幾年的過程吸取的經驗
  • 汽車保險業者概念的重新定義
    • 建立全面性客戶的提供價值
    • ISP (保險服務供應商)
    • 創造積極的客戶經驗
    • 設計配合隱私的服務
  • 創造富有魅力的提供價值
    • 選擇恰當的通路:整合業者的情況
    • 創造有效的車載資通系統產品
    • 提高認知度與教育
    • 建立客戶中心的服務
    • 縮短TTM
    • 建立跟汽車製造商的密切的關係
    • 出租汽車·商用部門的市場機會
  • 巨量資料的利用
    • 開創資料的價值
    • 巨量資料的課題
    • 資料和大眾
    • 資料:是否將是加入的障礙?
  • 降低風險及成本的車載資通系統保險
    • 車載資通系統的3個奇蹟
    • 申請車載資通系統的影響
    • 駕駛人行動計劃的優點
    • 車載資通系統資料的有效利用
    • 車載資通系統為基礎的價格設定和風險的降低

第4章 建立技術解決方案

  • 技術策略定義
    • 技術的選擇
    • 購買策略定義
    • 供給手段
    • 主要的選擇標準
    • 整合未來的IT系統車載資通系統
  • 技術供應商的選擇
    • 供應商環境
    • 供應商的評估
  • 解決供給的主要課題
    • 硬體設備的重要性
    • 組合有效的硬體設備
    • 新差別化因素
    • 車載資通系統設備的租賃模式的展望
    • 商用保險業者固有的供給上的課題

第5章 生態系統的演進與策略性分析

  • UBI的策略性環境:概要
    • 保險用車載資通系統的價值鏈
    • 全球車載資通系統的競爭市場
  • OEM
  • 售後市場
  • 內建式 vs 安裝式

第6章 UBI市場潛在性的定量化

  • 成熟度分析:各地區
    • 對車載資通系統來說的歐洲市場魅力
    • 對車載資通系統來說的其他市場魅力
  • 大規模引進的案例
    • 保險業者的案例
    • 各國案例研究
  • 市場預測:個人線
    • 目前市場規模
    • 成長預測
    • 保險業者的收益
    • 全球市場
    • 北美
    • 歐洲
  • 車載資通系統技術供應商的收益
  • 手機業者的收益

第7章 總論·建議

  • 總論
  • 建議:保險業者
  • 建議:政府·法令當局
  • 建議:車載資通系統解決方案供應商
  • 建議:汽車OEM·供應商
  • 建議:行動通訊業者

第8章 信用

第9章 UBI全球的手冊

  • 保險業者簡介
  • TSP簡介
  • TTP簡介
  • 國家概況

Today the Telematics Insurance market represents 5 million drivers, and there are new trials taking place in all four corners of the world!

Telematics is changing the motor insurance sector in ways and at a speed that were never predicted. Since we published the 2012 Insurance Telematics Study, this transformation has accelerated exponentially. It is now the domain of the insurers, not of the telematics technology providers, and it is now global.

So much has happened in the last 18 months - we now count nearly 170 UBI programmes! - that we had to rewrite and rename our study to the Usage-Based Insurance Global Study.

In this new edition we evaluate the impact of telematics on the insurance sector globally. We identify the challenges facing insurers entering the UBI playing field and propose solutions to launch a successful offering. We also investigate the state of the UBI market, its size, its value chain and detect its winners and losers.

The Usage-Based Insurance Global Study 2013 is the most comprehensive research on this strategic market. With a truly global scope, it covers all the critical issues insurers, telematics service providers, technology providers, car manufacturers and wireless operators need to know about.

To give you an idea of the scope of the full study, we are sharing the first part of it publicly. The free abstract is only a fraction of the full study yet over 100 pages long!

“Ptolemus published a landmark study on telematics insurance; a “must have” for anyone interested in this topic.” Gilles Mongis, Head of P&C Retail Strategy, AXA Group.


  • 3 UBI leaders interviewed
  • 100+ page overview of today's UBI market
  • 4 case studies
  • Market sizing
  • US auto insurance state filing process
  • Password-protected, searchable and printable electronic version (PDF)
  • 800 pages of analysis & recommendations including a 200 pages stakeholders' guide
  • 38 case studies of players around the world
  • 58 applicable patents listed
  • 69 players evaluated and ranked
  • 43 solutions described in detail
  • Telematics insurance market model results in 6 countries
  • 10-year market forecast outputs including 60 graphs

Table of Contents


Introduction to insurance telematics

  • What is insurance telematics?
  • UBI or insurance telematics?
    • Self-reporting based policies
    • Telematics-based insurance
  • SWOT analysis of the 3 main rating models
  • A European perspective on insurance telematics
  • The US market's appetite for telematics
  • Who is UBI for?
    • The young market
    • The middle market
    • The senior driver segment

The motor insurance market predicaments

  • A maturing business in the most advanced markets
  • Increasing churn
  • Rising claims costs
    • Repair costs
    • Personal injury claims
    • Fraud
  • Filing regulations
  • Limited investment income
  • The advent of online distribution
  • Sustainability of the mutualisation model


Analysing the drivers for UBI growth

  • The benefits of telematics
  • Technological drivers
    • More affordable black boxes
    • Richer OBD dongle solutions
    • Enticing hybrid opportunities
    • The changing role of smartphones
    • Reducing data costs
    • Less impact on the back-office
  • Economic and market drivers
    • Better risk management
    • Customer retention
    • Positive selection
    • Customers' improvement in driving behaviour
    • Telematics will come from competition
  • Regulatory drivers
    • The European eCall mandate (2004-2012)
    • The Viterbo judgment (2006) in Italy
    • The Test-Achats gender ruling (2011)
    • The Mario Monti legislation in Italy (2012)
    • Proposed changes to the European data protection landscape

Reasons why UBI has not taken off globally

  • Challenges for insurers
    • Privacy issues
    • Regulatory barriers
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Hurdles in implementation
    • Lack of a clear business case
    • Difficulty to convince indirect sales networks
    • A long deployment time
  • Challenges for consumers
    • Lack of sufficient and unbiased information
    • Privacy concerns
    • Potential conflict of interest
    • Financial uncertainty
  • What this means for the future


Learn from recent history

  • What do the pioneers teach us
    • 2004-2008: Norwich Union
    • 2008-2012: MAIF / MACIF
    • 2007-2012: UNIQA
    • 2004-2011: Progressive
    • Liberty Mutual
    • Ingenie
  • Learnings from Italy's telematic take-off
    • Unipol's model
    • Reasons for the Italian take-off
  • Synthesis of the learnings from the past

Reinvent the concept of motor insurer

  • Building a comprehensive customer value proposition
    • The rationale for value added services
    • How to chose the fundamental VAS services
    • Gamification and third party mobile services
  • Becoming an ISP (Insurance Service Provider)
  • Creating a positive customer experience
    • Follow best practices on relationship management in UBI
    • Create an original and balanced customer experience
  • Designing a privacy-enabled service

Build an attractive value proposition

  • Choosing the right distribution channels: the case for the aggregators
    • The aggregator model in the UK
  • Create a successful telematic product
    • Solve the black box installation issues
    • The OBD dongle installation
    • The evolution of the dongle and its usage
    • Build a smartphone solution
  • Raising the awareness and education of commercial channels
  • Building a customer-centric service
    • Model A: Selling insurance first
    • Model B: Selling the device first
  • Fastening the time-to-market
  • Building closer relationships with automobile manufacturers
  • Opportunities in the vehicle leasing and commercial segments
    • Usage-based Insurance in the leasing sector
    • Key benefits of UBI for the leasing and rental players
    • Building an effective commercial vehicle insurance telematics offering 282

How to make Big Data work for you

  • Extract value from data, truth and context
    • A better understanding of reality
    • A large amount of highly diverse data
    • Transforming raw data into meaningful information
    • Understanding accident data
  • The challenges of big data
    • Reducing data exchanges: the drivers
    • Building a privacy-enabled PHYD service
    • Making sense of temporarily available personal data
    • The security implications of insurance telematics
    • Comparison between the EU and US in terms of data protection
  • Data to the people
    • A sense of control
    • For a fleet, data goes wider than insurance
    • If the user owns the data, why isn't it portable?
  • Will data become a barrier to entry?

Exploit telematic insurance to lower your risks & costs

  • The 3 miracles of telematics
    • The miracle of adverse selection
    • The miracle of self-selection
    • The miracle of measuring
  • The effect of telematics on claims
    • Claims managers are not yet using telematics data
    • How telematics reduces the cost of claims management
    • The end of Personal Injury (PI) referral fees?
    • Today's requirements from the claims departments
    • The US claims opportunity
  • The benefits of a driver-behaviour programme
    • In the consumer market
    • For commercial fleets
    • Transferring experience from the fleet world to the consumer market
  • Leveraging telematic data on the existing book
    • Improving standard customers' rating
    • Improving standard customers' pricing
  • Using telematics-based pricing to reduce risks
    • Capitalise on “loss aversion”
    • Incentivise behaviours that are the most likely to change


Defining your technology strategy

  • Selecting the technology
    • The On-Board Unit (or black box)
    • The wireless communication channel
  • Defining a purchasing strategy
    • Why a telematic solution needs to be carefully prepared
  • Ways to the supply market
    • The right organisation
  • The key selection criteria
  • The future integration of telematics into the IT system
    • The end of statistical risk
    • The implication for the insurer's IT system

Selecting your technology supplier(s)

  • The landscape of suppliers
  • Our evaluation of suppliers
    • The major players
    • Our ranking of suppliers

Solving the key supply issues?

  • How important is the hardware?
  • What is the winning hardware combination?
  • What are the new differentiating features?
  • Will we head towards leasing models for telematic devices?
  • What are the specific supply issues for commercial insurers?


Overview of the UBI strategic landscape

  • The insurance telematics value chain
  • The global telematics battlefield
    • How big is the opportunity?
    • Which players are interested?

The Original Equipment Market

  • OnStar showed the way
  • The growing interest of OEMs in insurance
  • The nascent involvement of OEMs in insurance telematics
    • The embedded / purchase model
    • The vehicle importer model
    • The rewards
  • The challenges
  • Competition issues
    • A dominant position
    • A monopoly situation?
  • TSPs on board?

The aftermarket

  • A changing value chain
  • Movements in the telematic industry
    • A rapid industry transformation
    • TSP survival strategies
    • Impact on the supply to the insurance market
    • Impact on the demand for telematic services
    • Room for automobile clubs?

Embedded or installed?

  • State Farm, the aftermarket against the OEM
  • Evolution of the European market


Maturity analysis by region

  • Attractiveness of European markets to telematics
  • Attractiveness of other markets to telematics
  • The changing face of insurance telematics

The business case for mass implementation

  • The typical business case for an insurer
    • Gross premium earned
    • Claims costs
    • Operating expenses
    • Profitability
  • Country operator business case studies
    • Italy
    • France
    • Germany
    • The USA
    • Russia

Market forecast - Personal line

  • Current market size
  • Expected growth 5
    • Our methodology
    • Global predictions
    • Which markets will significantly take off?
    • Which technology and channel will dominate?
  • Current market size
  • Expected growth
    • Worldwide
    • North America
    • Europe
  • Revenues for insurers
  • Worldwide
  • North America
  • Europe

Revenues for Telematics Technology Providers

Revenues for mobile operators



Recommendations to insurers

  • Finding the right value proposition for consumers
  • Multiple deployment strategies
  • Business model
  • Why is now a good time to start usage-based insurance?

Recommendations to governments and regulators

Recommendations to telematic solution providers

Recommendation to automotive OEMs and suppliers

Recommendations to mobile operators



Insurer profiles

TSP profiles

TTP Profiles

Countries profiles


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