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Multiplay in the Americas: Value-Added Services Increasingly Integral to the Multiplay Value Proposition

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南北美洲的多合一服務市場 Multiplay in the Americas: Value-Added Services Increasingly Integral to the Multiplay Value Proposition
出版日期: 2016年03月31日 內容資訊: 英文 37 Pages

全球各國的通訊業者,摸索著新的收益來源,以提高報酬率、ARPU (每一用戶平均收益) 和抑制客戶流失 (解約率)。南北美洲市場情況也相同,各企業準備各種多合一服務,建議客戶各種價值命題 - 大幅度的費用降低,及附加價值服務的強化,FTTH/B寬頻的提供等 - ,努力維持契約、收益。在北美多合一服務的普及率達到高水準(美國61%,加拿大80.8%),預期今後在南美的市場擴大。



  • 市場背景情況
  • 南北美洲的多合一服務市場
  • 管理體制


  • 法規結構
  • 多合一服務、商務的方法
  • 多合一服務環境下的FTTH/B


  • 多合一服務的價值命題 (提案價值)
  • 費率方案相關價值命題
  • 產品差異化相關價值命題
  • 高品質客戶服務相關價值命題


  • 加拿大:Rogers
  • 巴西:Vivo
  • 墨西哥:Grupo Televisa



Product Code: TC0077IR


Globally, operators are striving to develop new revenue streams, increase margins and ARPS, retain existing customers and reduce churn. Multiplay bundle services, combining traditional telecom services such as fixed voice, fixed broadband, pay-TV and mobile services, is one of the key strategies being adopted by operators in the Americas to reach these goals. Operators in Latin America are still highly focused on attracting customers to multiplay bundles through aggressive pricing discounts. On the other hand, operators in North America are focusing on developing value-added services that can integrate with their multiplay offers aiming to provide unique experiences to customers. Both in North and Latin America, operators are implementing different strategies, including mergers and acquisition, to complement their service lines and develop multiplay bundled services.

Key Findings

At year-end 2015, the Americas region registered 141.6m multiplay households and will reach 171.5m by year-end 2020, a five-year CAGR of 3.9%. Both the US and Canada display high multiplay household penetration rates with 61% and 80.8% at year-end 2015, respectively. As a result, multiplay services growth will be mainly driven by Latin American countries, chief among them Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

Most operators in Latin America focus their multiplay strategy on price discounts, which normally exceed 25%. Conversely, the majority of North American operators are enhancing their multiplay offerings with value-added services such as cloud and OTT functionalities, while trying to maintain price discounts on bundles below 20%, with the goal to improve customer experience without compromising margins.

Multiplay offerings built around an FTTH/B broadband proposition have IPTV as the core element of the bundle as it allows customers to perceive the advantage of higher bandwidth through the consumption of content such as streaming videos through VoD and other OTT functionalities such as DVR, catch-up TV.


"Multiplay in the Americas: Value-Added Services Increasingly Integral to the Multiplay Value Proposition", a Telecom Insider by Pyramid Research, provides an executive-level overview of the multiplay services market in the Americas today, with forecasts of key indicators up to 2020. It delivers deep quantitative and qualitative insight into the multiplay services market, analyzing key trends on fixed-mobile convergence and quadruple-play services, assessing business models and pricing strategies, evaluating market players, based on proprietary data from Pyramid Research's databases.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Market size and forecast; a look at the total market size and forecast for multiplay services in North and Latin America, with an overview analysis per country.
  • Regulatory and technology analysis; an overview on the regulatory framework in selected countries in the Americas and an analysis on technology convergence and how this is driving the development of multiplay offers.
  • Multiplay value proposition; an analysis of the value proposition models that operators implemented in order to foster their multiplay services offer and attract customers.
  • Case studies; this section details the key findings regarding competitive analysis, product offering, pricing strategy, and strategic actions that operators are developing to enhance customer experience of multiplay service users.

Reasons To Buy

This Telecom Insider helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of the multiplay services market in North and Latin America based on insights directly from local market players*

The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.

The broad but detailed perspective will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players to succeed in the challenging ICT services market.

The competitive landscape and the major players are given extra attention, enabling local players or prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.

The report brings several case studies that showcase the business model that operators are implementing regarding multiplay services, triple and quadruple-play bundles and fixed-mobile convergence services.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Regional multiplay market context

  • Market context
  • Multiplay in Americas
  • Regulatory framework

Regulations and technology as main drivers: unlocking multiplay opportunities

  • Regulatory framework
  • Multiplay business approach
  • FTTH/B in the multiplay context

Multiplay value propositions for operators

  • Multiplay value proposition
  • Multiplay pricing value proposition
  • Multiplay product differentiation value proposition
  • Multiplay high quality of customer service value proposition

Market details: Case studies

  • Canada: Rogers
  • Brazil: Vivo
  • Mexico: Grupo Televisa

Conclusions: Key findings and recommendations

Appendix: Acronyms and definitions

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