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Cloud Services in Asia Pacific: Global Consolidation and Evolving Provider Specialization

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亞太地區雲端服務:世界水準的產業重組和供應商專業化的發展 Cloud Services in Asia Pacific: Global Consolidation and Evolving Provider Specialization
出版日期: 2016年02月06日 內容資訊: 英文 33 Pages

無論在全球整體或是亞太地區內,隨著雲端技術的演進,打入市場策略和經營模式的型態都在持續變化。雲端服務到達了新的階段,大企業基於長期性策略正在進行隨選環境的整備。另一方面,雲端服務·供應商方面至今卻仍在為求擴大雲端服務收益苦戰中。各公司除了正在發展配合終端用戶產業形態的一體型解決方案之外,也致力於雲端產業的企業分割,及透過收購其他公司來擴充服務·組合。同時,客戶企業一面力圖活用現有設備,一面也在更新基礎設施,這都關係到IT服務的混合式方法 (基礎設施的遠程管理,傳統的主機代管/代管服務銷售等) 。

本報告提供亞太地區各國的雲端服務市場相關分析,提供雲端市場整體結構·趨勢,及市場成長·技術創新的主要推動因素,彙整主要企業的案例研究 (案例研究:產業策略·目標·計劃,服務·革新趨勢等),產業相關人員的建議等資訊,為您概述為以下內容。


推動市場要素:雲端·革新的主要方法 (全球/亞太地區)

  • 雲端引進的經濟性
  • 生態系統的演進
  • 企業方面解決問題的發展
  • 差異化策略的追求


  • 案例研究 (1):Microsoft Azure
  • 案例研究 (2):Aliyun/阿里巴巴
  • 案例研究 (3):Amazon Web Services
  • 案例研究 (4):IBM



Product Code: TC0028IR

Key Findings

Global and regional cloud services will continue to evolve in terms of both technology development and ongoing progress in go-to-market strategies and business models.

Cloud services are reaching a new stage, as mainstream enterprises begin to consider longer-term strategies and operationally important workloads for on-demand environments.

Providers are still struggling with how to grow revenues successfully in cloud. For some, this means refocusing their efforts on specific types customers (e.g. particular verticals), and retrenching to build integrated solutions that meet customers' technical and compliance requirements. Elsewhere, providers are deciding to divest cloud from other business units: HP and CSC are two examples. In still other cases, the provider make acquisitions to fill in gaps in its portfolio (e.g., VMware's Virtustream acquisition).

Cloud providers are also considering how they can help customers preserve their legacy investments while modernizing their infrastructures. This paves the way for hybrid IT approaches, in which they support remote infrastructure management, and continue to sell conventional colocation and hosting services.


‘Cloud Services in Asia Pacific: Global Consolidation and Evolving Provider Specialization,' a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, analyzes the market for cloud services in Asia-Pacific. It provides an overview of how the cloud market is evolving in the Asia-Pacific region and in global market to cater to the rising demand of innovative cloud services. The report provides a detailed analysis of market drivers that are motivating enterprises to adopt cloud along with study of evolution of ecosystem between cloud providers and adjacent industries.

The report is organized as follows:

  • Market context: This section examines the evolution of cloud services to meet up the rising demand by enterprises to fulfill need of their strategic engagements.
  • Market drivers: Key approaches to cloud innovation, Globally and in Asia Pacific: This section examines more specifically the markets drivers that are stirring innovation in cloud services such as economies of cloud adoption, evolving ecosystems, advancing the enterprise agenda and the quest for differentiation.
  • Market detail: Case studies: It includes four case studies explaining strategies, goals and monetization plans of cloud provider with brief about innovation in their cloud services.
  • Key findings and recommendations: This section provides the report's findings on cloud market, along with Pyramid Research's recommendations for IT and communication service providers as well as for technology vendors.

Reasons To Buy

This Telecom insider helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of the global and APAC enterprise cloud services market opportunity, competitive environment and best practices for telcos and equipment vendors.

The competitive landscape and the most successful strategies are given extra attention, enabling local players or prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.

The broad but detailed perspective will help telcos, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players to succeed in the challenging enterprise cloud services sector across the APAC region.

The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.

Table of Contents

Market context

Market drivers: Key approaches to cloud innovation, globally and in Asia Pacific

  • The economics of adoption
  • Evolving ecosystems
  • Advancing the enterprise agenda
  • The quest for differentiation

Market detail: Case studies

  • Case No.1: Microsoft Azure
  • Case No.2: Aliyun/Alibaba
  • Case No.3: Amazon Web Services
  • Case No.4: IBM

Key findings and recommendations

Appendix: Acronyms and definitions

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