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The Impact of Declining Mobile Roaming Prices in Western Europe: MNO Strategies to Seize Market Opportunities

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西歐行動漫遊價格減少的影響:以MNO策略抓住市場機會 The Impact of Declining Mobile Roaming Prices in Western Europe: MNO Strategies to Seize Market Opportunities
出版日期: 2015年03月31日 內容資訊: 英文 37 Pages






  • 歐洲域內漫遊流量趨勢
  • 漫遊價格和收益的演進
  • 西歐的行動服務收益預測
  • 行動漫遊服務的替代
  • 抑制廣泛地區競爭的要素


  • Roam-like-home
  • 以批發解決方案降低成本
  • 經由IP通訊零稅率的支援OTT漫遊


  • 漫遊用戶以外潛在市場機會
  • 數據漫遊的機會


  • Orange (法國)
  • Virgin Mobile (英國)
  • Italia (義大利)


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‘The Impact of Declining Mobile Roaming Prices in Western Europe: MNO Strategies to Seize Market Opportunities,' a new Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, offers an overview of the intra-European roaming market in Western Europe and highlights the main strategies implemented by mobile operators to mitigate the decrease in roaming prices. It then looks into detail at three specific markets and presents the opportunities arising from lower roaming prices.

Key Findings

The mobile market in Western Europe has reached high penetration levels (143% in 2014 and 157% expected in 2019) resulting from fierce competition at national levels. However, mobile services are still produced and promoted at the national level resulting in low pan-European competition among mobile operators and initial high roaming prices. To tackle this issue, the European Union has been decreasing roaming prices within the EU since 2007. Complete elimination of roaming tariffs is planned for 2018 and current price caps (in force from July 2014) will prevail until then.

Intra-European roaming revenue represents 5% on average of European telcos' overall revenue. Consumption of roaming services remains low in the EU due to high roaming prices despite increasing intra-EU travelling. Aside from high prices, alternatives to roaming, such as Wi-Fi and NGA hotspots, local SIM cards and multi-SIM cards also have an impact on revenue. To tackle this issue, operators have put into place several means to increase intra-European roaming revenue. These include 'roam like home' offers, adoption of wholesale solutions and partnerships with OTT applications.

There is a huge latent market left untapped by operators in Europe. Indeed, increased overall traffic (and mostly in data) can trigger operators' revenue even more with lower roaming prices. Overall, operators are missing out on a market of 300m mobile users according to the EU.


This report provides an executive-level overview of intra-European roaming market today, with detailed information on major successful operators in Western Europe. It delivers an analytical overview of the market in the region as well as deep qualitative and quantitative insights into three operators' strategies to deal with falling roaming revenue. It analyses key trends and household penetration, evaluating near-term opportunities and assessing main challenges, based on proprietary data from Pyramid Research's database.

The Insider provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Regional context: Intra-European roaming market size and trends, and comparison among main countries in the region
  • Rationale behind the EU regulation: Analysis of the reasons and the impact of the three sets of roaming regulations adopted since 2007
  • A review of market opportunities and the main strategies adopted in Western Europe to cope with falling roaming revenue
  • Market details: Three case studies of operators in three countries, including country context, each operator's strategies and new challenges arising for these operators.
  • Key findings and recommendations: This section states all lessons learned from the EU regulation and the operators' strategies in Western Europe and gives a set of recommendations for operators, vendors and the regulators to make the most out of the latent market to be tapped.

Reasons To Buy

This Insider offers a thorough, forward-looking analysis of the intra-European roaming market, with deep insights at three main players, analyzing key strategies that have enabled them to increase roaming revenue despite falling roaming prices, in a concise format, to help executives build their growth strategies.

Accompanying Pyramid Research's Forecast products, this insider examines the assumptions and drivers behind on-going and upcoming trends the intra-European roaming market, including the different approaches of key players.

The Insider provides an easily digestible market assessment of the intra-European roaming market for decision-makers, built around in-depth information gathered from local market players, which enables executives to quickly get up to speed with main strategies that enable new streams of revenue in the region and main challenges currently facing the roaming market.

This Insider Report provides a three-year forecast of the roaming market, developed using Pyramid Research's rigorous bottom-up modeling methodologies, to enable executives to effectively position their companies for growth opportunities and emerging trends in demand for their products.

Three case studies illustrate the findings of the report, providing insight into particular situations in the intra-European roaming market; this will help the reader understand both the challenges confronted in the real world and the strategies employed to overcome those challenges.

The report discusses concrete opportunities in the intra-European roaming market, providing a number of actionable recommendations for mobile operators, vendors and the EC.

Table of Contents


  • EU regulation and rationale
  • Review of roaming price caps

Impact of roaming regulations on traffic and revenue

  • Intra-European roaming traffic trends
  • Evolution of roaming prices and revenue
  • Mobile service revenue outlook in Western Europe
  • Alternatives to mobile roaming services
  • Factors holding back pan-regional competition

MNO strategies for offsetting falling roaming pricing

  • Roam-like-home
  • Cost reductions through wholesale solutions
  • Zero-rated OTT-enabled roaming via IP communications

Market opportunities for MNOs

  • Latent market opportunity with non-roamers
  • Data roaming opportunity

Market detail: Case studies

  • Orange, France
  • Virgin Mobile, UK
  • 3 Italia, Italy

Key findings and recommendations

Acronyms and definitions

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