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The Market for ATM Equipment and Services in India 2015-2019

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 185 Pages
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印度的ATM設備、服務市場 The Market for ATM Equipment and Services in India 2015-2019
出版日期: 2014年03月31日 內容資訊: 英文 185 Pages

印度的ATM(航空交通管理:Air Traffic Management)設備、服務市場,預計2015-2019年達128億美元。市場由三個主要因素所促進:附導航的低成本機場有50處需重新供給,裝備了航空管制系統NERC(New En-Route Centre)的通訊、監視設備,及ADS-B和高精度的衛星導航概念等的下一代系統的投入。



  • Airport Authority of India (AAI的)長期性的技術升級策略分析
  • 短期的AAI支出計劃相關報告
  • 聚焦策略性產業的聯盟,近幾年的契約訂貨資訊的焦點
  • 新系統的各市場上特定機會的詳細內容
  • 目前印度的ATM設備供給產業概要
  • 每機場的支出計劃詳細內容
  • 現在運作中的ATM系統詳細內容、綜合分析
  • 機場、航空管制系統服務的成長預測分析
  • 促進市場成長的根本的航空線路、人口成長要素
  • 未來的航行支援必要條件相關GAGAN的影響

“The market for ATM equipment and services in India 2015-2019” is a 183 page detailed study of the near future demand for ATM systems in India.

This report has been compiled to assist companies and organisations wishing to access the air traffic management market in India.

The report:

  • Analyses long term Airport Authority of India (AAI) technology upgrade strategies
  • Reports on near-term AAI spending plans
  • Highlights recent contract award information, focusing on strategic industrial partnerships
  • Details specific opportunities in different markets for new systems
  • Outlines the current Indian ATM equipment supply industry
  • Details airport by airport spending plans
  • Provides a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of ATM systems currently in operation throughout the country
  • Provides forecast growth analysis for airport and en-route services.
  • Reports on underlying airline and population growth factors which are driving the market
  • Reports on the impact of GAGAN on future navigational aid requirements

The 185 page report concludes that the market for ATM equipment and services in India will be worth $1.28 billion between 2015 and 2019. The market in India is being driven by three main factors: requirements to supply 50 new low-cost airports with navigation, communication and surveillance equipment; the equipping of new consolidated en-route centres and the introduction of next-generation systems such as ADS-B and precision satellite-based navigation concepts. The report analyses India's current and strategic ATM development plans and “bottom-up” airport construction projects where new ATM systems will be needed.

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