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Support Services for the Connected Home

出版商 Parks Associates 商品編碼 599143
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 58 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
連網家庭支援服務 Support Services for the Connected Home
出版日期: 2018年12月27日內容資訊: 英文 58 Pages


本報告提供世界與美國的連網家庭技術支援、服務的市場相關分析,服務對象的連網型設備的種類和主要的問題點,主要的解決方法,代表性服務形態,支援服務提供商的種類,市場規模趨勢預測 (各服務形態),今後的新商機等相關調查。

第1章 分析概要

  • 分析目的
  • 本報告的問題認知
  • 分析方法/資訊來源

第2章 連網型、消費者支援服務

第3章 連網型設備的引進

  • 運算/娛樂/健康/新設備
  • 智慧家庭、設備

第4章 設備的問題

  • 運算/娛樂/健康/新設備相關問題
  • 智慧家庭、設備相關問題

第5章 設備的問題的解決

  • 自我解決 vs 專門的支援
  • 高級支援
  • 支援契約

第6章 智慧家庭、設備用支援的登場

  • 消費者用技術品牌的領導者:BestBuy,Verizon
  • 獨立型支援、供應商
  • 家庭服務提供商
  • 網路、監測、供應商

第7章 消費者取向技術支援的市場預測

  • 設定、引進服務
  • 單發型支援服務
  • 訂閱型支援服務
  • 總收益額

第8章 分析結果與建議

第9章 附錄



As the connected home ecosystem continues to grow and the technical complexity of broadband households increase, the technical support needs of consumers change. This report examines consumer support needs for new and emerging connected devices along with the various approaches to problem solving among consumers. It also details support service trends and forecasts the revenue opportunity for premium technical support services in the U.S.


“Consumer support needs evolve with the addition of complex connect devices, the number and types of problems encountered with these devices, and attitudes towards self-support versus the use of professional resources for problem solving,” said Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

1.0. Report Summary

  • 1.1. Purpose of Report
  • 1.2. Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research
  • 1.3. Research Approach/Sources

2.0. Support Services for the Connected Consumer

3.0. Connected Device Adoption

  • 3.1. Computing, Entertainment, Health, and Emerging Devices
  • 3.2. Smart Home Devices

4.0. Device Problems

  • 4.1. Computing, Entertainment, Health and Emerging Device Problems
  • 4.2. Smart Home Device Problems

5.0. Resolving Device Problems

  • 5.1. Self-Help versus Professional Support
  • 5.2. Premium Support
  • 5.3. Support Subscriptions

6.0. Emergence of Smart Home Device Support

  • 6.1. Consumer Technology Brand Leaders: BestBuy and Verizon
  • 6.2. Independent Support Providers
  • 6.3. Home Service Providers
  • 6.4. Network Monitoring Providers

7.0. Consumer Tech Support Forecasts

  • 7.1. Setup and Installation Services
  • 7.2. One-Time Support Services
  • 7.3. Subscriptions Support Services
  • 7.4. Total Revenue

8.0. Implications and Recommendations

9.0. Appendix

  • 9.1. Glossary
  • 9.2. Index