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State of Residential Security and Smart Home in Europe

出版商 Parks Associates 商品編碼 365720
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 43 Pages
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歐洲的住宅安全、智慧家庭狀況 State of Residential Security and Smart Home in Europe
出版日期: 2016年08月05日 內容資訊: 英文 43 Pages


第1章 調查摘要

第2章 安全、智慧家庭形勢

  • 歐洲、美國的住宅安全流通管道
  • 替代傳統安全性的智慧家庭產品

第3章 EU的住宅安全市場上主要企業簡介

  • 住宅專業公司:Verisure、Prosegur、Sector Alarm
  • 獨立型經銷商為基礎的安全供應商

第4章 數位破壞性企業替代安全性提供智慧家庭產品

第5章 主要歐洲市場上智慧家庭產品與服務

第6章 專門業者設製的住宅用警報面板:市場規模

第7章 結論、預測

第8章 目錄



This report provides an overview of the residential security market in Europe. It also presents issues that challenge the many companies seeking a piece of the European marketplace for security systems and adjacent smart home products and services. In sum, it provides a working knowledge of today's residential security services, smart home products designed for peace of mind, and industry players. The report profiles the householders who have adopted security.

Table of Contents

1.0 Report Summary

  • 1.1 Purpose of Report
  • 1.2 Scope of Report
  • 1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Security and Smart Home Market Landscape

  • 2.1 Residential Security Channels in Europe and the U.S.
  • 2.2 Smart Home Products as Substitutes for Classical Security

3.0 Profiles of Major Players in the EU Residential Security Market

  • 3.1 Residential Specialists: Verisure, Prosegur, Sector Alarm
  • 3.2 Independent Dealer-based Security Providers

4.0 Digital Disruptors Offer Smart Home Products as Substitutes for Security

5.0 Smart Home Products and Services in Selected European Markets

6.0 Professionally Installed Residential Alarm Panels: Market Sizing

7.0 Conclusions and Implications

8.0 Index


  • Example of Smart Home Devices for Home
  • Verisure Profile
  • Prosegur Profile
  • Sector Alarm Profile
  • ADT UK Profile
  • Allianz Global Assistance Profile
  • EPS Telesurveillance Profile
  • Nest Profile
  • Smart Home Product Adoption in Four EU Nations
  • Adoption of Leading Smart Home Product Types in Four EU Nations
  • Professional Monitoring Fees in EU Nations
  • Recurring Fees for Home Services in Western Europe
  • Penetration and Recurring Fees of Home Services in Europe
  • Residential Alarm Panels: EU vs. U.S. Market Sizing
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