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全方位的展望:行動 & 應用程式經濟

360 View: Mobility & the App Economy

出版商 Parks Associates 商品編碼 336977
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 87 Slides
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全方位的展望:行動 & 應用程式經濟 360 View: Mobility & the App Economy
出版日期: 2017年09月30日 內容資訊: 英文 87 Slides



  • 行動裝置的選擇
  • 無線用戶中的智慧型手機的普及率
  • 過去12個月內購買的可攜式裝置
  • 可攜式裝置:年度購買五大品牌
  • 智慧型手機品牌市場佔比:按安裝基礎
  • 平板電腦品牌市場佔比:按安裝基礎
  • Apple平板電腦的安裝基礎佔比詳細:按型號


  • 智慧手錶所有權
  • 智慧手錶品牌
  • 擁有的Samsung智慧手錶型號
  • 擁有的智慧手錶品牌:按年齡
  • 擁有的智慧手錶品牌:按家庭收入
  • 擁有的智慧手錶品牌:按家庭規模
  • 智慧手錶品牌:按智慧型手機品牌
  • 智慧手錶品牌:按平板電腦品牌
  • 擁有與智慧型手機或平板電腦相同品牌的智慧手錶所有者比例
  • 智慧手錶購買主要檢討事項
  • 智慧手錶購買時檢討的功能:按年齡
  • 智慧手錶的連接方法與其他


  • 註冊初始升級程序
  • 行動娛樂服務的使用
  • T-Mobile行動娛樂服務的使用:按性別
  • Verizon Go90行動娛樂服務的使用:按家庭孩童人數
  • 行動服務滿意度:按提供商
  • 行動服務滿意度:按手機品牌
  • 行動服務滿意度:按初始升級程序的註冊
  • 行動服務滿意度:按行動娛樂服務的使用
  • 行動服務提供商選擇要素的重要性
  • 行動服務提供商選擇要素的重要性:按性別
  • 行動服務提供商選擇要素的重要性:按提供商
  • 行動服務提供商選擇時,免費漫遊的重要性:按提供商
  • 行動服務提供商選擇時,免費國際簡訊的重要性:按提供商、其他


  • 電話服務導入
  • 使用行動電話服務之後未來12個月內取消固定電話服務的可能性
  • 使用行動電話服務之後未來12個月內取消固定電話服務的可能性:按家庭收入
  • 使用行動電話服務之後未來12個月內取消固定電話服務的可能性:按固定電話服務提供商
  • 未來12個內取消固定電話服務的可能性
  • 使用行動數據服務之後未來12個月內取消固定電話服務的可能性、其他


  • 行動數據限制
  • 行動數據限制:按年齡
  • 行動數據限制:按行動提供商
  • 行動數據方案限制:按智慧型手機OS
  • 行動數據限制:按智慧型手機品牌和型號
  • 行動數據每月平均
  • 每個月的行動數據使用:透過3G/4G/LTE vs. Wi-Fi無線網路
  • 每個月的行動數據使用:按行動提供商
  • 每個月的行動數據使用:按年齡
  • 每個月的行動數據使用:按家庭收入
  • 行動數據方案的使用、其他


  • 智慧型手機活動
  • 語音辨識軟體滿意度
  • 語音辨識軟體的使用:按智慧型手機OS
  • Messenger/聊天應用程式的使用
  • 智慧型手機付款應用程式的使用
  • P2P轉帳智慧型手機應用程式的使用
  • Loyalty/Reward卡相關企業傾向
  • 透過付款應用程式直接購買的商品/服務種類
  • 付款應用程式滿意度




This 360 View analyzes consumer adoption and use of mobile devices, services, and apps. Mobile computing devices, from smartphones to tablets to wearables, are one of the fastest growing and most innovative consumer technology marketplaces. The shift from voice to data and from desktop browsers to mobile apps has reshaped consumer consumption habits of media, information, and services. This consumer study tracks adoption trends of major mobile device categories, analyzes consumer use of mobile data and mobile apps for media and daily information needs, and explores how the use of apps on the phone and in the car could disrupt traditional industries.


“The smartphone and tablet market hit saturation while new categories, such as smart watches and connected cars, have yet to become mainstream. Slow growth in new mobile broadband device categories has forced mobile operators to focus on alternative growth strategies” - Kristen Hanich, Research Analyst, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

Consumer Analytics: Mobility & Apps Track

Industry Insights

Key Findings and Market Impact

Mobile Device Adoption Trends

  • Adoption of Mobile Devices (2009 - 2017)
  • Smartphone Operating System (2011 - 2017)
  • Mobile Devices: Top Five Brands Purchased in Year (2011 - 2017)
  • Smartphone Brand Market Share by Installed Base (2015 - 2017)
  • Brand Share of the Existing Base of Smartphone Units (Q2/17)
  • iPhone Model Share by Installed Base (Q2/17)
  • Samsung Model Share by Installed Base (Q2/17)
  • Smart Watch Adoption Rate (2015 - 2017)
  • Brand of Smart Watch with Fitness Tracking Functions Owned (Q2/17)
  • Smart Watch Purchase Intention (2014 - 2017)

Mobile Services and Data Plans

  • Mobile Service Provider (Q2/17)
  • Wireless Carrier Market Share (2014-2017)
  • Mobile Data Consumed by Network (2015 - 2017)
  • Mobile Data Consumed by Network (Q2/17)
  • Mean Data Consumed Per Network by Data Plan Size (Q2/17)
  • Cost of Mobile Service per Month (Q2/17)
  • Cost of Mobile Service Per Month 2015- 2017
  • Cost of Mobile Service Per Month Among Top Brands 2015-2017
  • Mobile Service Plan: Pre-Paid vs. Post-Paid (Q2/17)
  • Mobile Service Plan: Single Line vs Shared Plan (Q2/17)
  • Monthly Cost of Post-Paid Mobile Service Among Top Brands
  • Monthly Cost of Pre-Paid Mobile Service Among Top Brands and Their Subsidiaries
  • Data Plan Size by Service Cost (Q2/17)
  • Data Plan Size Among Big 4 Brands Q2/17)
  • Data Plan Size Among Pre-Paid Brands
  • Data Plan Size: Single Line vs. Shared/Family Plan (Q2/17)
  • Shared Data Plans by MSP (Q2/17)
  • Devices Using Shared Data Plan (Q2/17)
  • Connected Car Data Billing Preferences (Q2/17)
  • Car Data Plan Billing Preferences by Age of Current Vehicle (Q2/17)
  • Car Data Plan Billing Preferences by New Car Purchase Intention (Q2/17)
  • Preference for Car Data Plans by Intended Car Purchase Price (Q2/17)
  • Preference for Bundling Vehicle Data with Mobile Data by MSP (Q2/17)

Mobile Service Usage and Satisfaction

  • Net Promotor Score by Mobile Service Provider (Q2/17)
  • Net Promotor Score by Mobile Plan Type (Q2/17)
  • NPS by Monthly Mobile Service Cost (Q2/17)
  • Net Promotor Score by Loyalty Program Enrollment (Q2/17)
  • Appeal of Rewards Program Designs on a 1-7 Scale (Q2/17)
  • Participation in Loyalty Programs by MSP (Q2/17)
  • Net Promotor Score by MSP Loyalty Program Enrollment (Q2/17)
  • Participation in MSP Value-Added Services (Q2/17)
  • Net Promoter Score by Service Participation (Q2/17)

Service Switching Behavior

  • Time Since Last Change to Mobile Service (Q2/17)
  • Time Since Last Change to Mobile Service by Top MSPs (Q2/17)
  • Most Recent Change Made to Mobile Service (Q2/17)
  • Most Recent Plan Change by Provider (Q2/17)
  • Respondent Churn Origins (Q2/17)
  • Respondent Churn Destinations (Q2/17)
  • Online vs Retail Phone Purchase Channels (Q2/17)
  • Mobile Phone Purchase Channels (Q2/17)
  • Top Five Mobile Phone Purchase Channels by Brand (Q2/17)
  • Phone Payment Method (Q2/17)
  • Phone Payment Method by Top Brands (Q2/17)
  • Phone Payment Method by Mobile Service Provider (Q2/17)
  • Phone Condition At Purchase (Q2/17)
  • Phone Condition at Purchase by Age (Q2/17)
  • Phone Condition at Purchase by Income Level (Q2/17)

Mobile Activities and App Usage

  • Activities Performed Using Smartphone (2016-2017)
  • Activities Performed via Smartphone App, Part 1 (Q2/17)
  • Activities Performed Via Smartphone App, Part 2 (Q2/17)
  • Use of Messaging Apps (Q2/17)
  • Most Frequently Used Chat Apps (Q2/17)
  • Use of Messaging/Chat Features In Specific App Types (Q2/17)
  • Use of Digital Assistant Apps (Q2/17)
  • Use of Digital Assistant/Voice Recognition Apps by Phone OS (Q2/17)
  • Satisfaction with Digital Assistant Apps (Q2/17)
  • Types of Information Accessed Via Smartphone Voice Recognition (Q2/17)
  • Activities Performed via Smartphone Voice Recognition (Q2/17)
  • Activities Performed Via Smartphone Voice Recognition by Digital Assistant App Used (Q2/17)
  • Use of Voice Recognition Apps by Use of Messenger/Chat Apps (Q2/17)


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