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Winning Smart Home Strategies for Energy Management

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 61 Pages
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朝向成功的能源經營管理智慧家庭策略 Winning Smart Home Strategies for Energy Management
出版日期: 2015年07月14日 內容資訊: 英文 61 Pages



第1章 報告的摘要

第2章 智慧裝置及家庭能源管理

第3章 巨量資料的有效利用

  • 需求反應的資料利用
  • 節能的資料利用

第4章 智慧裝置的有效利用:策略 & SWOT分析

  • 公用程式的問題
  • 智慧裝置利用策略
  • 公用程式中智慧裝置整合的評估
  • 合併智慧裝置的基礎設施的創造
  • 公共事業設置、管理智慧恆溫器計劃
  • BYOD計劃

第5章 服務商品搭售的機會

  • 能源監測服務
  • 產品監測服務
  • 能源、產品監測服務的收益化
  • 監測服務和鄰接家庭服務的商品搭售
  • 改善客戶獲得的產品和服務的商品搭售
  • 電力和寬頻以及其他家庭服務的商品搭售

第6章 智慧家庭機會的評估

  • 提供服務:各能源供應商
  • 能源供應商導向的競爭優點

第7章 智慧恆溫器預測

  • 預測手法、前提條件

第8章 附錄



Within the smart home, energy management is an important value-added service that provides differentiation and enables many new business models. This report examines participation of connected products and smart home systems in energy management. It includes descriptions and profiles of the evolving use of the cloud among companies and services for energy management and demand response.


Table of Contents


1.0 Report Summary

  • 1.1 Purpose of Report
  • 1.2 Scope of Report
  • 1.3 Key Questions Addressed

2.0 Smart Devices and Home Energy Management

3.0 Leveraging Big Data

  • 3.1 Leveraging Data for Demand Response
  • 3.2 Leveraging Data for Energy Efficiency

4.0 Leveraging Smart Devices: Strategies & SWOT Analysis

  • 4.1 Challenges with Utility Programs
  • 4.2 Strategies for Leveraging Smart Devices
  • 4.3 Evaluation of Integrating Smart Devices in Utility Programs
  • 4.4 Creating an Infrastructure to Integrate Smart Devices
  • 4.5 Utility-Installed and Managed Smart Thermostat Program
  • 4.6 Bring-Your-Own-Device Programs

5.0 Service Bundling Opportunities

  • 5.1 Energy Monitoring Services
  • 5.2 Product Monitoring Services
  • 5.3 Monetizing Energy and Product Monitoring Services
  • 5.4 Bundling Monitoring Services with Adjacent Home Services
  • 5.5 Bundling Products and Services to Improve Customer Acquisition
  • 5.6 Bundling Electricity with Broadband and Other Home Services

6.0 Assessing the Smart Home Opportunity

  • 6.1 Services Offered by Energy Providers
  • 6.2 Competitive Advantages for Energy Providers

7.0 Smart Thermostat Forecast

  • 7.1 Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

8.0 Appendix

  • 8.1 Index
  • 8.2 Image Sources


  • Smart Energy Device Adoption
  • Top Actions to Reduce Energy Usage
  • Intentions to Purchase a Smart Device with Energy Management Features
  • Energy Savings from Different Energy Consumption Feedback Methods
  • Familiarity with Energy Programs
  • Decisions to Integrate Smart Products into Utility Programs
  • SWOT: Creating an Infrastructure to Integrate Smart Devices
  • SWOT: Utility-Based Smart Thermostat Programs
  • SWOT: Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat Programs
  • Appeal of Monitoring Services
  • Willingness to Pay for Monitoring Services
  • Adoption of Home Services
  • Appeal of Home Warranty and Monitoring Services
  • Likelihood of Switching Electricity Provider for Incentive
  • Appeal of Bundling Other Services with Electricity Service
  • Factors and Multipliers of Thermostat Forecast
  • Forecasted Growth of Thermostats Units Sold
  • U.S. Thermostat Unit Forecast by Channel
  • U.S. Smart Thermostat Unit Forecast by Channel
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