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Trends and Segments for Home Energy Management

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HEM(家庭能源管理)市場趨勢與分類 Trends and Segments for Home Energy Management
出版日期: 2014年11月12日 內容資訊: 英文 66 Slides







  • 對「智慧家庭」概念的精通度
  • 智慧家庭用控制產品的引進情形
  • 智慧型能源設備的引進情形
  • 過去12個月的智慧家庭用設備的購買情形
  • 智慧家庭用設備:近期購買的前3大品牌
  • 智慧家庭用設備的使用情形


  • 最初購買的智慧家庭用設備
  • 最初購買包括在產品套件的智慧家庭用設備
  • 最初購買,現在仍保有的智慧家庭用設備數
  • 最初購買了恆溫器之後追加引進的智慧家庭用設備
  • 最初購買了照明之後追加引進的智慧家庭用設備
  • 智慧家庭用設備兼容性的重要度
  • 兼容性的重要度:購買的順序
  • 兼容性的重要性:各設備、購買的順序


  • 智慧型能源功能的吸引力
  • 智慧家庭服務的供應商和套組的偏好
  • 虛擬智慧型能源服務:三種定價
  • 加入智慧型能源服務的意願
  • 虛擬智慧型能源服務:附恆溫器的情況
  • 對智慧型能源服務(附恆溫器)的)加入的意願
  • 智慧家庭用設備的購買意願


  • 智慧型能源服務/設備的引進意願
  • 能源、技術的想法
  • 家庭、環境的想法
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各年齡
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:男女
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各所得
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各教育水準
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各孩童數
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各地區
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各類型住宅
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:出賃/房產
  • 智慧型能源市場分類:各用地面積


  • 智慧恆溫器:對基本型/最尖端模式的偏好
  • 高性能智慧恆溫器:功能中的局部替換的可能性
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買意願和偏好
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買意願和偏好,各年齡
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買意願與偏好,各年度整修費用
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買意願與偏好,各年度家電購買金額

Parks Associates的追加分析


Trends & Segments for Home Energy Management analyzes the demand for smart energy devices-smart home devices that help consumers manage their home's energy consumption. The research details adoption trends for smart energy devices and analyzes the importance of interoperability and the extent to which the purchase of one type of smart home device leads to the purchase of others. Next, it gauges willingness to adopt smart energy devices and services with profiles provided of current and likely adopters. Finally, the research assesses demand for premium smart thermostats.


Table of Contents

About the Research

Previous Research

  • Home Energy Management Adopters (Q2/14)
  • Expanding Residential Demand Response Adoption (Q1/14)
  • Leveraging Partnerships to Deliver Home Energy Management (Q1/14)
  • Energy & American Broadband Households (Q4/13)
  • Leveraging the Cloud for Home Energy Management (Q4/13)
  • Consumer Segmentation: Who Will Pay for Home Energy Management (Q3/13)

Key Findings


Overview of Smart Energy Product Adoption:

  • Smart Home Familiarity (Q2/14)
  • Adoption of Smart Home Control Products (2014)
  • Smart Energy Device Adoption (2014)
  • Purchase of Smart Home Devices in Last 12 Months (Q2/14)
  • Smart Home Devices: Top Three Brands Most Recently Purchased (Q3/14)
  • Use of Smart Energy Devices (Q3/14)

Adoption Chains & Interoperability Concerns:

  • First Smart Home Device Purchased (Q2/14)
  • Smart Home Devices Included in First Purchased Kit (Q2/14)
  • Number of Smart Home Devices Owned by First Purchase (Q2/14)
  • Smart Home Devices Purchased After First Buying Thermostat (Q2/14)
  • Smart Home Devices Purchased After First Buying Lights (Q2/14)
  • Importance of Interoperability by Smart Energy Device (Q2/14)
  • Importance of Interoperability by Order of Purchase (Q2/14)
  • Importance of Interoperability by Device and Order of Purchase (Q2/14)

Demand for Home Energy Management:

  • Appeal of Smart Energy Features (Q2/14)
  • Provider and Package Preferences for Smart Home Services (Q2/14)
  • Hypothetical Smart Energy Service at 3 Different Price Points
  • Willingness to Subscribe to Smart Energy Service (Q2/14)
  • Hypothetical Smart Energy Service With a Thermostat
  • Willingness to Subscribe to Smart Energy Services with Thermostat Included (Q2/14)
  • Intention to Buy Smart Home Devices (Q2/14)

Smart Energy Segments:

  • Willingness to Adopt Smart Energy Services and Devices (Q2/14)
  • Attitudes Towards Energy & Technology (Q2/14)
  • Attitudes Towards Home & Environment (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Age (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Gender (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Income (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Education (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Children at Home (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Region (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Housing Type (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Rent vs. Own (Q2/14)
  • Smart Energy Segments by Housing Square Footage (Q2/14)

Demand for Premium Smart Thermostat:

  • Smart Thermostat: Preference for Basic vs. Advanced Model (Q2/14)
  • Advanced Smart Thermostat: Likelihood of Replacing Functioning Unit (Q2/14)
  • Smart Thermostat: Purchase Intent and Preference (Q2/14)
  • Smart Thermostats: Purchase Intent and Preference by Age (Q2/14)
  • Smart Thermostat: Purchase Intent and Preference by Annual Home Improvement Spending (Q2/14)
  • Smart Thermostats: Purchase Intent and Preference by Annual CE Spending (Q2/14)

Additional Research from Parks Associates

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