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The Opportunity for Smart Home Support

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 62 Slides
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智慧家庭支援的市場機會 The Opportunity for Smart Home Support
出版日期: 2014年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 62 Slides



  • 從消費者觀點來看的勝利經營模式
  • 智慧家庭套組
  • 連網家庭系統:智慧家庭中央控制器和平台
  • 家庭保全的新一面
  • 基礎的擴大:從安全發展到智慧家庭
  • 控制互通性的家




  • 擁有安全系統
  • 通訊服務供應商
  • 電纜服務供應商
  • 安全系統的專門性監視
  • 專門的安全系統監視
  • 自我監視安全系統
  • 自我監視安全系統服務
  • 互動的安全系統
  • 家庭控制系統擁有


  • 引進智慧家庭控制產品
  • 引進1個以上的智慧家庭終端
  • 作為系統的一部分或獨立終端的智慧家庭控制
  • 2013年所購買的智慧家庭設備
  • 智慧家庭控制終端的購買理由
  • 智慧家庭設備:被購買品牌前五名
  • 智慧家庭控制終端的購買意圖
  • 針對智慧家庭設備的系統


  • 智慧家庭設備的申請
  • 3個假設性智慧家庭套組
  • 智慧家庭套組的申請
  • 智慧家庭套組的整體申請數
  • 偏好的智慧家庭套組
  • 由於價格的3個假設性智慧家庭套組
  • 智慧家庭套組的預估購買者
  • 選擇性智慧家庭服務
  • 加入智慧家庭服務的意願
  • 設備套組 vs. 獨立終端的偏好
  • 預估購買者:智慧家庭供應商的最初選擇
  • 智慧家庭套組預估購買者的人口統計簡介
  • 智慧家庭套組預估購買者的住宅簡介


  • 終端的頻率問題-前五名
  • 最常出現的問題
  • 智慧家庭設備的技術支援的價值
  • 智慧家庭的技術支援的接近價值



The Opportunity for Smart Home Support gauges the need for technical support services for smart home systems and products. It assesses the smart home market at present and its connection to the market for home security services. It quantifies the latent demand for smart home products and services, which types of devices are desired the most, and who is seeking such products. It then explores the technical problems and support needs associated with smart home devices.

Appeal of SmartHome Equipment
(U.S. Broadband Households)

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“There is clearly strong demand for smart home devices-particularly those that provide added safety and security to the home. Consumers will naturally expect high reliability from these devices, and support services will therefore play a key role in adoption and usage trends.” - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

Previous Research

  • Winning Business Models from a Consumer Perspective (Q1/14)
  • Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)
  • Connected Home System: Smart Home Central Controllers and Platforms (Q4/13)
  • The New Face of Home Security (Q4/13)
  • Expanding the Base: From Security to Smart Home (Q3/13)
  • Home Controls Interoperability: Step-by-Step (Q2/13)

Key Findings


Smart Home Services & Home Security:

  • Security System Ownership (Q1/14)
  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Cable Service Providers
  • Professional Monitoring of Security System (Q1/14)
  • Professional Security System Monitoring (Q1/14)
  • Self-Monitored Security System (Q1/14)
  • Self Monitored Security System Service (Q1/14)
  • Interactive Security System (Q1/14)
  • Home Control System Ownership (Q1/14)

Current Adoption of Smart Home Equipment:

  • Adoption of Smart Home Control Products (Q1/14)
  • Adoption of At Least 1 of the Listed Smart Home Devices (Q1/14)
  • Smart Home Controls as Part of System or Stand-alone Devices (Q1/14)
  • 2013 Acquisition of Smart Home Equipment (Q1/14)
  • Reason to Purchase Smart Home Control Devices (Q1/14)
  • Smart Home Equipment: Top Five Brands Purchased
  • Intention to Buy Smart Home Control Device (Q1/14)
  • Intended System for Smart Home Equipment (Q1/14)

Market Demand for Smart Home Equipment:

  • Appeal of Smart Home Equipment (Q4/13)
  • Three Hypothetical Smart Home Packages
  • Appeal of Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)
  • Total Number of Appealing Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)
  • Preferred Smart Home Package (Q4/13)
  • Three Hypothetical Smart Home Packages with Price Points
  • Likely Buyers of Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)
  • Optional Smart Home Service
  • Willingness to Subscribe to Professional Smart Home Service (Q4/13)
  • Preference for Equipment Package vs. Stand-Alone Device (Q4/13)
  • Likely Buyers: First Choice of Smart Home Provider (Q4/13)
  • Demographic Profile of Those Likely to Purchase Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)
  • Housing Profile of Those Likely to Purchase Smart Home Packages (Q4/13)

Market Demand for Smart Home Support:

  • Frequency of Device Problems - Top 5 (Q4/12)
  • Most Commonly Cited Problems
  • Value of Technical Support for Smart Home Equipment
  • Perceived Value of Smart Home Technical Support (Q4/12)

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