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Tech Support: International Market Opportunities

出版商 Parks Associates 商品編碼 295011
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 63 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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技術支援、服務:國際市場上的機會 Tech Support: International Market Opportunities
出版日期: 2014年10月03日 內容資訊: 英文 63 Pages





第1章 分析的摘要

  • 分析的目的、範圍
  • 資訊來源

第2章 消費者取向支援服務

  • 流通管道策略
  • 經營模式的趨勢
  • 新的市場機會

第3章 小型企業支援服務

  • 流通管道策略
  • 經營模式的趨勢
  • 新的市場機會

第4章 市場預測

  • 消費者取向支援服務
  • 小型企業支援服務
  • 市場收益總額

第5章 分析的意義和結論

第6章 詞彙表



This report analyzes the state of the technical support services industry across major global markets, including Europe and Asia/Pacific. The report assesses consumer demand for and interest in technical support services and examines trends in channel distribution and business models. The report also forecasts the five-year global revenue opportunity for premium technical support services.

Technical Support Service Purchased / Considered at the Point of Sale
(Problem Solvers within Broadband Households)

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“As the rate of ownership of mobile and other connected devices continues to grow, the need for technical support services among consumers in various regions will likely increase”, said Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “Capturing the premium support opportunities in each region will require close attention to the economic and social influences on technology adoption and the unique support needs of consumers.”

Table of Contents

The Bottom Line


1.0. Report Summary

  • 1.1. Purpose and Scope of the Report
  • 1.2. Data Sources

2.0. Consumer Support

  • 2.1. Channel Strategies
  • 2.2. Business Model Trends
  • 2.3. New Market Opportunities

3.0. Small Business Support

  • 3.1. Channel Strategies
  • 3.2. Business Model Trends
  • 3.3. New Market Opportunities

4.0. Forecast

  • 4.1. Consumer Support Services
  • 4.2. Small Business Support Services
  • 4.3. Total Revenue

5.0. Implications and Conclusions

6.0. Glossary


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