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2014 Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard Series 4 - NA & EU

出版商 Percepta Associates Inc. 商品編碼 297921
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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核酸擴增(NAA)Dashboard系列4:北美·歐洲 2014 Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard Series 4 - NA & EU
出版日期: 2014年03月18日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 摘要整理
    • 市場資料概要
    • 市場機會的矩陣
  • 調查受訪者的必要條件
  • 調查受訪者的結構
  • 實施頻率:生命科學技術
  • 實施頻率:核酸擴增技術
  • 共同實施:核酸擴增·生命科學技術
  • 容許量的資料
  • 每月的支出額·支出增加率·不同供應商支出額佔有率的預測值
  • 市場規模
  • 顧客滿意度及轉換的關注度
  • 購買意願的決策要素:產品的特性
  • 下游工程的主要應用領域
  • 產品的最好的變化
  • 附錄I:支援資料
  • 附錄II:Percepta的服務支援能力及Life Science Dashboards™可提供之資料


Product Code: 1403AMP

Nucleic acid amplification (NAA) is one of the most commonly performed molecular biology techniques and is a necessary precursor to a range of methods from gene cloning and site-directed mutagenesis to the quantitative analysis of gene expression. As life science suppliers continue improving products and services in the nucleic acid amplification market, nucleic acid amplification kits and reagents represent a significant market within the life sciences industry.

Percepta's 2014 Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard™ is the fourth in a series that characterizes the dynamic market for products for nucleic acid amplification experiments. This 2014 Dashboard provides a snapshot of the current market landscape that is compared with data from the 2011 Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard where relevant, providing an ongoing story of how the market is adapting to new products, new competitors and new sales and marketing strategies.

The 2014 Nucleic Acid Amplification Dashboard™ was developed from responses to a 24-question survey completed by 494 scientists located in North America and Europe. This Dashboard reveals key market indicators for the nucleic acid amplification market as a whole as well as for the following techniques representing market sub-segments:

  • Standard PCR: PCR with purified DNA template
  • Standard RT-PCR: PCR with RNA/cDNA template
  • qPCR: Real-time PCR with purified DNA template
  • qRT-PCR: Real-time PCR with RNA/cDNA template
  • Direct PCR*: PCR directly from the unpurified sample without the need for nucleic acid extraction and purification
  • Digital PCR: Involves the use of increased number of PCR replicates, partitioning a sample into multiple PCR reactions

* New product segment as of this report.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Dashboard “At A Glance”
    • Market Opportunity Matrix
  • Respondents Qualification
  • Demographics
  • Frequency of Performance: Life Science Techniques
  • Frequency of Performance: Nucleic Acid Amplification Techniques
  • Co-Performance: Nucleic Acid Amplification & Life Science Techniques
  • Throughput Data
  • Monthly Spend, Expected Growth in Spend & Supplier Share of Spend
  • Market Size
  • Customer Satisfaction & Interest in Switching
  • Purchase Decision Factors: Product Features
  • Primary Downstream Application
  • Desired Product Changes
  • Appendix I: Supporting Data
  • Appendix II: Percepta Capabilities and Life Science Dashboards™ Available
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