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Global TV Advertising

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全球TV廣告市場 Global TV Advertising
出版日期: 2015年04月27日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 花費時間在線性TV視聽的消費者:雖然市場變動,但是預計長期性轉移至隨選視聽將減少


  • TV廣告市場目前狀況分析
  • 配合消費者視聽習慣變化的TV廣告市場上需求識別


  • Netflix的無廣告模式:減少一般市民對廣告的接受度層級嗎?
  • 消費者在各種設備、服務、播送技術往返中,評估機關能正確掌握視聽習慣的變化嗎?
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TV advertising revenues continue to grow at a healthy rate globally - the $173.7bn generated in 2014 will increase to $224.1bn in 2020. Long-established TV players have innovated to counter threats from digital.


TV advertising revenue continues to grow at a healthy rate globally - the $173.7bn generated in 2014 will increase to $224.1bn in 2020. While digital advertising formats are providing strong competition to television, long-established TV players have innovated effectively, so ensuring the sector has successfully countered threats that may have led to TV ad revenue migrating to digital.


  • The time consumers devote to linear TV viewing will continue to fluctuate from market to market, although it will ultimately decline on a long-term basis - as a result of audiences shifting to on-demand viewing.

Features Benefits

  • Analyzes the current status of the TV advertising market
  • Identifies what the TV advertising market needs to do to cope with changes in viewing habits

Questions Answers

  • Is the ad-free model promoted by Netflix reducing public tolerance for advertising?
  • Are ratings agencies adequately capturing developments in viewing habits as audiences flit between devices, services, and distribution technologies?

Table of Contents

1. Summary

  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

2. Market status

3. Market dynamics

  • TV advertising resists the digital storm
  • TV innovates to deprive digital of a USP

4. Market outlook

  • New metrics needed to capture TV innovations

5. Appendix

  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author

Figures & Downloads

  • Figure 1: Global, TV advertising revenue, 2006-20
  • Figure 2: Global, TV advertising, CAGR growth rate for selected markets, 2015-20
  • Figure 3: Global, TV advertising, average spend per TVHH for selected markets, 2014-20
  • Figure 4: Global, TV advertising, free-to-air vs. multichannel, 2005-20
  • Figure 5: Global, TV advertising revenue CAGR by region, 2014-20
  • Figure 6: Global, total TV ad revenue vs. total digital ad revenue, 2011-18
  • Figure 7: Global, traditional TV ad revenue vs. Internet-based video ad revenue, 2011-18
  • Figure 8: US, OTT video revenue share vs. disc revenue share, 2005-19
  • Figure 9: Selected markets, average TV viewing minutes per person per day, 2005-14
  • Figure 10: US, average viewing minutes of video per person per day, 1Q13-4Q14
  • Figure 11: UK, average viewing time via TV set per person per day, 2014
  • Figure 12: UK, TV and video viewing activities, 2014
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